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Jaysia Bellamy

"Help? Uhm, no thanks."

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a character in “The Twelve Guardians”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Jaysia Bellamy

Role: Rebel 2

Gender: Female; Trust me.
Title(s)/Alias(es): Jay, Roamer, Wanderer, Loner
Age: 17 years, 3 months
Race: Human; Though she is often compared to an elf, for her pointed ears.
Love Interest: No one, and she certainly isn't searching for one either.
Password: Skulduggery Pleasant

Appearance: Jaysia has a light brown hair colour, auburn in the sunlight, that is naturally straight. It is quite long, falling down to her waist, so she usually ties it back to keep it out of the way. Her eyes are a light brown colour,almost hazel, and she has long eyelashes and thin eyebrows to compliment them. She is quite small, standing at a measly 5'2, but her slight build helps her be more agile and nimble. She is also quite slim, and has B cup breasts, and weighs a tiny 90lbs. She has size 6 shoe size, and has slightly curled down toes, from years of weaing shoes too small for her. Her ears are pointed like those of an elf.

Preferred Clothing: Jaysia is a fan of the simple things in life, so her style is comfortable and casual. She usually wears knee high boots with good soles to help her run faster and a plain white top with some jeggings or leggings, preferably black so she won't stand out. She sometimes like to add in a cloak, as she feels both warmer and safer when hidden. She always wears a lace tied around her wrist, a gift from her mother, and she feels it a good luck charm.

Height: Standing at 5'2, Jaysia has always been considered short.
Weight: She only weighs 90lbs, which makes her more agile and nimble, along with her tiny size.
Hair Color: Her hair is a light brown, looking an auburn colour in sunlight.
Eye Color: Her eyes are brown, also.

Personality: Jaysia is a nice person at heart. She will be polite and mannerly to those that do so to her, and will help people in need. She is a fair person too, in a sense. She isn't biased towards friends, and if you aren't nice to her, she will make no effort to be nice to you what so ever. She was a troublesome child growing up, always the one with the cheeky comment back to the teacher, the sarcastic joke back to an insult. She never really concentrated at school, the only subjects she was good at were Art, History, Geography and Science. She didn't have any true friends, and was a loner in her class, just hanging out with anone who would let her tag along. Otherwise, she would sit down by herself at one of the yellow walls at the side of the school and daydream.

When Jaysia turned fourteen, she was bullied by a few people in the Year above her - four girls who were sort of the 'it' crowd to hang out with. She would come home from school with a bleeding lip, a black eye, and a bad mood, and never would tell anyone, as she hates to rely on others for help. The second week, she fought back, only to get caught by the teacher and be put on detention. This is most likely why she has so little respect for authority - as far as she is concerned, they usually screw up anyway, and it isn't fair or someone else to tell her what to do. It's her life they're playing with.

She was an extremely impatient child, and still is impatient. She hates a lot of things because of how tedious she finds them, and loves to jump right into the action. It also puts her off a lot of books, as they usually take some time to get to the drama. But she is still actually a lover of books, especially drama and science-fiction. She has an aversion to non-fiction books. What is the point of them? She uses books as a way to escape reality, not read about it.

Jaysia has a love of high places, strangely enough. She is usually found in a tree, or on a roof, or once sitting on top of a moving car. True, the car wasn't going very fast - but you get my point. She usually hops up there with a book and a blanket, or a flask of hot chocolate, one of the many wonders of the world, in her opinion - that, and strawberry laces.

~Jaysia can be pretty superstitious. She does whatever she can to make sure not to do anything possibly life-threatening on Friday 13, and breaking a mirror will frighten her at the thought of seven years bad luck. On tp of that, she also has a shoe lace tied around her wrist most of the time, for good luck.
~ When Jaysia is trying to make sure she doesn't cry, she will bite her lip. Not too uncommon, but it is a habit.
~ Jaysia talks to herself. Not alot, but if she has just woken up, or has a lot on her mind, she tends o mumble to herself - which could be anything, from what she is doing, to what she is thinking about, to the lyrics of her favourite song.

    ☺ Strawberry Laces; One of her favourite types of food. The beautiful tasting laces make her want to come back for more and more.
    ☺ Hot chocolate and marshmellows; Another one of her favouite foods. Hot Chocolate - a mixture of two of her favourite things, armth and chocolate. The marshmellows are just an added bonus.
    ☺ Books; She lovs to escape reality and curl up with a good book. Her favourite genres are sci-fi and action.
    ☺ High Places; She has a strange obsession with High Places, from roofs to trees. She finds it amazing to see the view, and to know that no one else can - hopefully - not get up there.

    ☹ Movies; She just finds them annoying, and a watse of money, as TV's are so expensive. Books were here first, why not read one instead?
    ☹ Non-Fiction Books; Really, just pointless. She uses books as a way to escape reality, not read about it.
    ☹ Bugs; Yes, she has a massive dislike for any type of bug, even a fly. They just disgust her.
    ☹ Hunger; This girl loves to eat, and eats frequently. It's a good thing she has such a slim build by nature, and is one of those girls that seem to stay as thin as a stick by nature, no matter what.

    ❀ Reading; Yes, this has been mentioned already, but she absolutely adores books.
    ❀ Climbing; Her small figure and love of high places have given her the ability to climb to extraordinary heights.
    ❀ Running; She used to have races with the other children in the class, and came first mostly. Her small build gives her little weight to carry, giving her a remarkable speed.

  • Bugs; Well, not all bugs. Just large ones
  • Claustrophobic; As much as this girl loves high places, and the outdoors, stuffy and underground places are not or her.
  • Clowns; Yes, we have all heard this one in the little kids nightmars, but this girl is 17, shouldn't she be over this fear? Apparently not.
  • Complete Silence; Strange enough, she finds dead silence - not even the sound of someone breathing or a bird tweeting - very scary.

Reason(s) why you want to kill/take over the kingdom: Jaysia respects what the King did; He took over the land, making the kingdom begin to flourish once again. But Jaysia is not stupid, and realizes that at least one of the other royals might be having funny ideas that could lead to a war, thus destroying the entire land for good. Jaysia plans to takeover, and then order for the other royals to be closely watched or killed if suspicious activity occurs. She sees the Kigs idea of guardians as cowardly and pathetic, making others do the dirty work and risk themselves for your safety. She hasn't realized that people probably wouldn't be very willing to be ruled by a seventeen year old girl, but she will face that hurdle when she reaches it...

How loyal are you to the king: Pretty much not loyal at all. I mean, she wants to kill him. How much less loyal can you get?

βœ” Speech: The Ability to give motivational speeches or to negotiate. Average
βœ” Cooking: The Ability to prepare foods well. Above Average
βœ” Climbing: The Ability to scale buildings and other tall objects. Perfect
βœ” Memory: The Ability to remember something for a long amount of time. Below Average
βœ” Hand-To-Hand Combat: The Ability to fight without weapons. Average
βœ” Melee Combat: The Ability to fight with close-ranged weapons. Excellent
βœ” Aim: The Ability to be able to hit small targets from long distances. Excellent

Preferred Weapon(s): Though Jaysia's preferred weapon is a long sword, she does have a dagger. And throwing rocks or stones could always help....

Power: Darkness

β˜… She is able to make the room darker, and for a short amount of time make the room pitch black.
β˜… She can influence the colours of objects she if touching them, to make them darker
β˜… If someone is standing on her shadow, she can send an electric wave through them, enough to knock them out

❑ She can only electrocute people if she is aware they are on her shadow
❑ She feels dizzy if she uses it too much, and can get sick or faint after crazy amounts of use
❑ Overuse can make her see black spots in her vision

Personal History: Jaysia was born to Scott and Alyssa Bellamy in a small, local B&B. They knew the owners very well, and when Alyssa went into labour, they called a taxi, and then the Hospital. Unfortunately, it didn't look like the taxi was going to make it on time... and so Jaysia was born in the small, stuffy room, and Patricia and Pete Focks, the owners of the B&B, became Jaysia's godparents.

When Jaysia was 7, her mother passed away from cancer. Her father was put in charge of her, and the only possession of her mothers that Jaysia got was a lace from her shoe. A pretty pathetic gift, huh? She tied the string around her wrist, in a sign of good luck, as if her mother would bless her with fortune. Her mother would tell her stories of History, and of the civil wars that had corrupted Winterfall. Perhaps a bit too violent for a five year old, but Jaysia never complained, in fact, she found the stories very intriguing. This is probably what gave her such a High IQ when it came to History. She remembered what her mother would always say - "The Royals won't be happy. This place will be banished into chaos once again." She would add a sigh at the end, and Jaysia would imitate her, making them both laugh and the seriousness of her mother's words vanish. She once repeated her mother's wise words to her teacher, who then scolded her.

Jaysia was always a loner of sorts when it came to school. For the most part, she would sit at the side of the school, back leaning against the yellow wall, and daydream. She might tag along with someone who accepted her for aday or two, or hop into a conversation, but for the most part, she didn't have any friends. When she was fourteen, she started getting bullied by four of 'popular' girls in the school. Most likely, they were popualr because everyone was scared of the burly bunch, but that doesn't matter. The girls would beat her up, while calling her names, and knocking her confidence. A week after this had started, she fought them back - and got caught by the teacher. She was sentenced to detention, and was suspended. She still wouldn't tell anyone what had really happened, though, as it made her feel weak.

When Jaysia was sixteen, her father left. No explanation why - one day, he was there, and when she woke up the next day, he wasn't. She moved in to her god parents, who lived miles away, as the family had moved since then. Jaysia started her new school, and once again fell into the 'loner' category. She has recently left the home - ranaway, even - to go hunt down the King. She is hoping to get some folowers to help her, as she is aware she will never be able to defeat the Guardians by herself.

Theme Song: Haven't found one yet


Other: N/A

So begins...

Jaysia Bellamy's Story


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Jaysia Bellamy ~ Snowflake City

Jaysia trudged along the cobblestone footpath, watching the carriages pass by. She pulled a suitcase in tow, filled with an assortment of items, and gave a sigh from the strain on her arms. As a woman passed by, she gave a disapproving click with her tongue as she glanced at Jaysia's attire. Jaysia narrowed her eyes, and yelled, "Fuck off!" as the woman passed, making her give a slight gasp and running off, while making all the other passersby look at her angrily.

Jaysia rolled her eyes. True, she may not look the most...elegant girl, what with her muddy white tee, ripped jeggings and worn-out boots, not to mention her knotty hair, but that was no reason to be giving out. And then there was of course the dagger in her belt...

Jaysia sighed again. She knew she was being stupid, and was probably just in a bad mood. But she had every right to be! She was tired, hungry and filthy. She could really use a hot bath right now. That woman had no right to be so disapproving. You won't be giving out when I save your ass, Jaysia thought, a smug smile appearing at the corners of her lips. She continued walking along the pavement, her boots echoing for every step she took.

She had ran away two days ago - packed her bag and fled. She actually found the thought quite amusing, as if she was her father, who had also disappeared from her life one day. Now she was seriously regretting running away, though. It had been two whole days and she was already a mess, and had gotten no followers whatsoever. What was she supposed to do? Walk up to someone and say, "I wanna' kill the king, you in?" No, she needed a way to speak to public crowd, without anyone knowing it was her. The problem was she didn't know ho to do that.

Jaysia arrived at a small market stall, and with the last of her change, decided to buy an apple. She thanked the man and left, taking a big chunk into the apple and smiling as she did so. She gave a massive yawn, making her eyes water. She had said she was tired.

Jaysia glanced up to see a girl around her age, perhaps slightly younger, talking to her. "Um...hi?" Jaysia replied, giving the girl a quizzical look. "I'm Violet. I just saw you wandering along and I thought to myself, "She looks sad, I had better cheer her up!" So here I am, did it work?" Jaysia gave a small laugh.
"No?" she answered, phrasing it like a question. The girl named Violet sighed, "Darn it." Jaysia smiled. "Did your mother not tell you not to speak with strangers?" Violet frowned.
"No," she replied. "Is something wrong with it?" Jaysia grinned. She liked this girl. She reminded her of a little four year old child.