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Sarah Anne Grace

"Life is cruel, but giving up lets them know they've won."

0 · 164 views · located in The Teardrop Forest

a character in “The Twelve Guardians”, as played by Fallen


Sarah Anne Grace

Role: Guardian no. 4 (Water)

Gender: Female
Titles/Alias: Aqua / The Ice Princess
Age: Twenty
Race: Human
Orientation: Pansexual
Love Interest: TBD
Password: Pink, blue

Sarah stands five foot one, with porcelain skin (pale), delicate features, and platinum blonde - almost white curly long hair. Her eyes are blue in color with a tint of grey, and she has a dreamy look about her. Her eyes as well, are quite large, so she easily (though not purposely) gives off that innocent or puppy dog look. She is about ninety five pounds, slim and slender. Sarah looks not only like a doll, but like a little ballerina with the clothing she wears. But she seems like someone who is extremely fragile. She seems dainty and like the littlest amount of harm will do her in.

In addition to her basic appearance, she has some scars on her body from what look like whippings, and thick rings around her wrists from what might have been cuffs - these same things also appear around her feet.

Preferred Clothing: Sarah tends to wear clothing that is very light in color - with the exception of anything blue, and often times included white in it. Many of her pieces of clothing is partly transparent, or needs to be layered, and is very...revealing to say the least. Tasteful yet seductive - sometimes. She wears a lot of short dresses, or two piece clothing outfits where her stomach is fully shown. She tends to go barefoot a lot of the time, though if she doesn't she wears what looks like ballet shoes or something barely thicker than socks. She wears a lot of garter belts and knee highs or accessories as well. Sarah tends to have a taste for pretty and delicate looking clothing. She is also naturally drawn to all things frilly and layered.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Hair Color: Platinum blonde
Eye Color: Light blue (With a grey tint)

Personality: Sarah is very timid and reserved. She appears to come off very shy and quiet when really she is just soft spoken. She is very kind hearted and caring to the point that it is overwhelming and annoying like that older sister figure or motherly individual. She is very sweet towards people she cares about and very protective and possessive. She is very empathetic towards others, being one of those people who easily picks up on others emotions. She has a tendency to analyze people and situations before she acts, however she can get flustered in certain situations. Sarah can be very subborn and hard headed at times, and when in a situation where she feels uncomfortable often changes in personality getting sarcastic and fiesty. When inside, she often just has a hard time dealing with things. Sarah is someone who bottles up all of her emotions, though she would tell other people to do otherwise. She embarrasses easily, but otherwise often has an either blank, airy, or serious look upon her face. Sarah is not someone to think of herself first which gets her into situations which she often gets hurt. There are times if you cross her, where Sarah turns into a completely different person and gets very aggressive and violent.

Sarah is someone who doesn't like people to worry about her, she would rather suffer in silence than know someone is spending their time worrying about her. She doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. She does however, worry a lot about others. The littlest things will make her worried, and she will stress all night hoping that someone is okay, or taking care of them herself. It would be normal for her, to nurse someone back to health of stay with someone when they were sad to cheer them up. She isn't always good with words sometimes when she's around certain people, so she struggles to say the right thing at times, though she often has it in her mind. She is a devoted and loyal individual, who would risk her life for those that she cares about. That sacrificial quality about her however, is easily taken advantage of.

Innocent or naive as she may seem, she doesn't look at the world through pink glasses. She knows that society can be a cruel place, she knows what people are capable of, and in general she sees the ugliness in the world. She often doesn't mention such things as this, but she thinks realistically when it comes to the future. She tries to take care of herself and be independent, do everything herself so no one else has to do it. This, in itself can be overwhelming, but she will never admit it. She tries to be strong, all the time. She tries not to cry in front of anyone, she tries not to look weak, and she tries not to fail. She hates letting anyone down and never would forgive herself if she did so. Because of her past, she has many insecurities, she now has many fears that she will never admit to as well. She finds it hard to talk to men, give or take one person - so she just - doesn't. The furthest she has gotten to talking to one is with a pen and paper. And that's still not all of them. In certain situations she gets very uneasy, and it wouldn't be rare for her to have some sort of panic attack.

Sarah tries not to judge most people and how they live their life. In fact, she tries to be open to most people and their beliefs or the things they do - as long as they don't hurt anyone or are dangerous to people. This makes her despise people that don't have an open mind. If people saw her for the first time, they might first call her an air head, say she's naive, ditsy, emotionless, or overall not present. They might say it looks like she's lost her soul, her emotions. But then those who know her, would say she did seem like she lost her emotions,like she was soulless. Because a lot of the times, her expressions make her lost in a daydream, or look like she possesses no emotion at all. While she hasn't lost her soul, she's just buried her emotions, and lost her innocence. She lost that quality that gives her that ever present optimistic look at life. Still, she seems to not like to be alone, as much as she may not seem like it, it bothers her to be in a room alone. There are times where she even has this need to crawl into bed with someone and hope they fling their arms around her in their sleep - not that she does this to people of course. She knows that would be creepy, but what chains did to her in the past, was give her some twisted sense of security, making her want weight on her when she sleeps.


- Sarah often carries around with her stuffed animal back-packs or bags.
- Sarah has this 'thing' for spicy foods, and you will often catch her eating them when everyone else is eating something different.
- Sarah often spaces out at random, or day dreams even while being talked to.
- She has this need to make everyone feel better, and will go up to random people and try to console them.
- She gets very uneasy or nervous when she gets touched, even a hand on the shoulder would bother her. It's not so much as she hates it more than it just scares her, so it seems.

    ☺ Music, singing, and music instruments (including people who play them): Music is a beautiful thing according to Sarah, it's how people share their soul with others, and display their feelings with words - or simply sound itself. What someone doesn't have the courage to say to another, someone can put in a song, or when someone needs to calm themself, sometimes they turn to music. In short, music is calming, and a beautiful thing. She believes musicians of all levels are talented.
    ☺ The cold, rain, snow, etc: Possibly due to her affinity with water, she likes being around the cold, and it feels extremely refreshing and even natural to her. In fact, she doesn't like hot temperatures, though has no preference for your average room temperature.
    ☺ Swimming: Naturally, she loves being in the water, so she loves swimming. She is an amazing swimmer, fast, with an unnatural grace, and this odd ability to stay under water for inhumane amounts of time.
    ☺ Animals: She loves animals, and treats them with the same affection one would their own child. She babies them to the extremity and will pick up any stray or try to nurse any lost and injured animal to health. Often times however, she finds she doesn't know how to let go of it.
    ☺ Reading: Sarah likes to read fantasy novels, and not much else. She will spend a whole day sitting somewhere reading a book, and the world around her - the house could burn down and she wouldn't know. She actually has an extreme hatred towards romance novels, and anything with violence.
    ☺ People watching: Hopefully not in the creepy sense, she likes to get a feel for people's personalities, actions, and emotions. She finds some people interesting, and likes to see what they will 'do next', so to speak. Sometimes, she will scope out the attractive looking people, but this is rare. She likes to see how one person can vary from that of another when responding to a situation, it greatly interests her.

    ☹ Those who take advantage of others
    ☹ Liars: Sarah, who was often betrayed, dislikes liars solely out of fear. She doesn't want someone to betray her again, and she doesn't want someone to lie and betray another whom is close to her. She believes said people are cowards, and have no place in this world.
    ☹ Closed minded people: Sarah tries to keep an open mind to experiences and beliefs, and she believes people who judge others on these things are horrible people, that are causing those they judge pain. Therefor she dislikes these kind of people.
    ☹ The unknown: She gets wary of things where she doesn't know the outcome, nor can she imagine it.
    ☹ People worrying about her: Sarah doesn't like to be the burden to anyone. She would rather people not even know about her issues, and worry about said people herself. She thinks people may even stress out if they worry about her too much, which in turn is bad for their health, which makes her worry - it's a neverending cycle.
    ☹ Anything that jingles (like bells or chains): Things that jingle often remind her of the cuffs or shackles she had around her wrists, or the chains she was wrapped in, she shudders at the thought and it always takes her a minute to get over it.
    ☹ Confinement: Being that she was confined for long amounts of times, she doesn't like being confined.
    ☹ Being alone in the dark: The dark has never been her friend, often times she imagines there is someone there when there isn't. This made her utterly afraid of the dark. When younger, she spent long amounts of time alone in the dark, thinking she would die there, it just brings back unwanted memories.

    ❤ Writing poetry: Sarah loves writing, but it seems like she is incapable of writing anything happy. If one were to go into her notebook, they would find very well written, poems of loss, tragedy, and death. Or dark poems about many things which most people never fathom or at least speak about with others. Occasionally, there will be a tragic love poem - it seems however someone always dies. She seems very talented in this department, but she seems unaware of this herself.
    ❤ Drawing: Sarah likes drawing recollections of candid moments. She says when people are in their raw form, when they think no one is watching, they are beautiful. She often times puts this on paper using pencil or charcoal. It seems she is talented in art too. Sometimes, she also draws the animals shes around.
    ❤ Singing: Mostly done to calm herself, or express a current mood, Sarah sings. She has a beautiful voice, but she denies it. She also seems unable to sing to any kind of music.

  • Thunder: Unfortunately she developed a fear of thunder when locked up one day - she now has a habit of curling up into the fetal position or hugging her legs while sitting on the ground when she hears thunder.
  • Tight enclosed spaces: Sarah often has panic attacks when it places she deems too tight. She also seems to see them 'closing in on her.'
  • Flying: She gets a weird feeling in her tummy that's foreign, so she believes she is afraid of it.
  • Death: Never having a real religion, and death being the unknown, she fears it.

Reasons why you want to sign the contract to serve the king: Sarah wants to serve the king because she believes he is truely the right person to rule the kingdom, she also respects how much he cares about his family, being she has to protect them also. The king is also the reason she is no longer on the street anymore, her contract gave her a home. Therefor in her eyes, the king gave her a home, and a purpose in life.

How loyal are you to the king:} Sarah is extremely loyal, as she is with anyone she cares about. She would probably die to protect the king, without thinking a second about herself.


- Lovely singer
- Great artist
- Good with animals
- Good with children
- Good endurance
- Quick and agile
- Strong willed

Preferred Weapons: Sarah in terms of weapons, favors using knuckles and gaiters for close combat, and a longbow for distance.

Power: Water

Abilities: Sarah has the ability to summon and manipulate water and all its forms will. Though most prominently water, she has control over ice and snow as well - she has tendencies however to favor the following attacks.


- Water Dome: This creates a large bubble around the enemy, which slowly lifts into the air. It's purpose, is to slowly - or quickly, drown the enemy.
- Double Wave: This allows her to create to waves of water from opposite sides, and crush the enemy from both directions.
- Pressure: This creates a heavily pressured water attack that pushes the enemy backwards with great force.
- Water Dragon: This creates a large dragon that attempts to swallow its enemy or enemies.
- Water Whip: This allows her to create whips of water that she attacks the enemy with. Whips float mid air, and can be manipulated at will.
- Body of Water: Often handy, this allows her to turn her body into water and dodge physical attacks, having them go right through her.
- Hurricane: Creates a large hurricane - area varies upon energy available.
- Typhoon: Creates a large typhoon - area varies upon energy available.
- Rain: Allows her to make it sprinkle, to pour, or even hail.


- Ice blades: This creates two blades which go on her arms that she is able to fight with like swords.
- Creation: Creation allows her to create animated or moving ice creatures or objects.
- Shield: This creates a large shield in front of her or herself and allies, with more energy, can make the shield go full circle.
- Winter wonderland: Takes various forms, spikes, roses, or creatures that come out of the ground beneath the enemy, and attack them while meanwhile trapping them.


- Blizzard: Creates a blizzard around the enemies.
- Entrapment: Traps her enemies in mountains of snow
- Snowballs - Hurls snowballs with raw force at the enemies
- Snow - In short, makes it snow.

Limitations: Most of Sarah's ice and snow abilities take more energy - unless manipulating existing ice or snow. When it comes to water, the larger and more stronger the attack, the more energy it takes up. Lastly, dabbling in all forms, water, ice, and snow, is if anything the most draining and worse idea. It also seems like when she's dehydrated, the amount of attacks she's able to do lessen - no one really knows why.

Personal History: Sarah was born to quite the poor family. Not only were they poor, but quite large in size, with five children not including herself. many of the children however, showed promise for the future, and though her mother and father were considered nothing special in the realms of talent and magic, several of her siblings were extremely talented - though she was not one of them (at the time.) Growing up her mother treated her like trash, she was the odd person out, and the person whom took care of everyone else the third parent so to speak. But, when the situation with the family became quite bad - when they weren't getting food by begging, when there were no jobs, no money - her parents looked to her. Her parents didn't have to think twice, one thing their child had going for her, was her looks, immediately they sold her - and she became a slave.

No longer did she belong to her family, she wasn't a part of any family anymore, she belonged to some strange man who bought her for some lump sum of money. She didn't know at the time, what it meant for her to be a slave, but she quickly learned. She was to do everything she did within her family and more, and when she didn't listen, she was whipped and beaten. She was put in shackles a majority of the time, especially when she slept, and she was treated like trash, worse than when she lived with her family. She was this man's play thing as well as his maid. While dying inside, she was determined, to run away, determined but she didn't know where to. It was that determination that seemed to make her abilities surface, one day when refusing to do her duties, that main hit her, and when closing her eyes and screaming it seemed she had drowned him. She saw a bubbled spill open and him land on the floor, motionless. She then ran out of the small little house, and looked for some kind of shelter. The details of those years were neither here nor there, she thought, and it was something she forced herself to forget - and to some extent, some of the pieces of that puzzle are truly gone.

Sarah lived on the street for some great amount of time, until someone found her and told her they had an opportunity for her, that they had been watching her and knew what she was capable of. Reluctantly, feeling she had nothing to lose, she went with this person, and was astonished when the person who wanted to contract her was the king, feeling quite humbled, she accepted. She wanted to be part of something greater than herself, the city hadn't done well in the past few years, she had learned - she hadn't known before due to being locked away, and she wanted to protect people - in this scenario, the king. She learned she would have to protect the king's family as well, and at first she was reluctant, the word family wasn't a pleasant one to her. However, his devotion towards them and how protective he was made her want to do so. From then on, she was housed by the royal household, as they didn't want any harm to come to her, or of course, she would be of no use to anyone. But they treated her kindly, and this was something she was not used to.


Theme Song: My Dearest: Supercell

Source(s): Zerochan

Other: Sarah chooses not to speak to most men (the king being an exception), making some people think she is mute. However, if you can break through her walls of china around herself, slowly she opens up - or possibly she does, she hasn't gotten passed writing to men with paper, she still has yet to talk to a guy since her past.

So begins...

Sarah Anne Grace's Story