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Steve Willard

"Oh great..." -sigh- WIP

0 · 213 views · located in The Kingdom of Winterfall

a character in “The Twelve Guardians”, as played by The Protagonist


Steve Willard

Role: The King's Brother.

Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Love Interest: None
Password: Dog

Appearance: Steve doesn't care much about his appearance with little effort being put into it. Usually, he wears jackets and simple pants which looks acceptable and is practical but it's not what you would expect from royalty. He often has a bored or irritated expression on his face.

Preferred Clothing:
Jackets and pants, clothing in general that doesn't get in the way. Preferably in dark colors.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Steve had been born into wealth without many hardships and so (for the most part) he never had to work hard. This shows in that he would much rather be at the Kingdom laying down or playing chess than having to be out with his brother while he does his political affairs or whatever. Quite sarcastic and snarky, if you aren't careful enough then you might be in for a humiliating verbal beatdown and he won't hold back any punches either. So you could say that the best word that would describe Steve in a nutshell is "Lazy" and that is often correct. Slacking off and generally giving people a hard time, even his brother. Steve has no interest in taking up the mantle of King one day and is only interested in the wealthy, luxurious life that comes with being the King's brother.

But do not think that he will abandon his family or friends. He will NOT let anyone hurt his loved ones. Whether it would be his brother, his sister-in-laws or his nephews/niece he WILL do everything he can to protect them. Whenever he makes a promise, he makes sure that he keeps it because, while he does give his family a hard time and can act like a spoiled kid at the candy store he cares deeply about his family and he will give up his life if that is what it takes to stop someone from killing them.

Oddities: Tends to scratch himself even if he doesn't really have any itch.

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So begins...

Steve Willard's Story