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The Twelve Guardians

The Teardrop Forest


a part of The Twelve Guardians, by Berwald Oxenstierna.

The Forest surrounding the kingdom

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i have the idea from a naruto fanfiction i have read a while ago...this is the link.


Rumors say there're many types of magical creatures living here...and who knows, maybe this is the liar of a witch or the rebels?
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The Teardrop Forest

The Forest surrounding the kingdom


The Teardrop Forest is a part of The Kingdom of Winterfall.

3 Characters Here

Shadow Lord Umbrazk [2] "Your greed was your own parasite, your deception shall be your undoing. There is nothing that you can say to salvage your lies."
Bloodshed [1] "Behold the Pluvia Mortis, a weapon without equal!"
Sarah Anne Grace [0] "Life is cruel, but giving up lets them know they've won."

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Character Portrait: Shadow Lord Umbrazk
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Shadow Lord Umbrazk ~ Approaching Teardrop Forest

Wind licked at the Abomination’s unfeeling, immortal face as his weighty tread crunched the snow beneath him. He followed the trail left by the draszk in his command with grim amusement, but arrived to his guided destination. The Shadow Lord looked over the peak of the mountain, spying down past the grassy plains to the ancient teardrop forest. Hatred and rage burned through his soul as he looked down at it.

“How dare they defy my will, and keep us from what we seek!” he cursed into the wind, as if with that simple statement his enemies efforts would cease. The statement prompted a strange emotion within him, a whispering presence in his mind that quickened the dark energy flowing in his veins. Umbrazk's eagerness hastened him to return to camp to prepare for the coming war at hand.

His hastened pace allowed him to arrive soon at his army’s camp. He looked at the forces he commanded, draszk littered all over the place moving about ready for battle and blood and select groups of the blighted Drow. An urge from deep within him pushed him towards a group of Drow archers, who were gathered in a circle. As he came near the dark skinned and haired elves, they eyed him suspiciously. The Abomination was not a Drow, nor was he truly any race of being but in his past life he had been a human, but amongst them he was an untrusted Abomination whose orders were to be followed. The blighted elves were standing in circle gathered around another of their kind. Umbrazk pushed past them and looked at the elf lying there. Her blood was slowly dripping out a partially opened wound and puss was gathering all about the infection. The wound was terribly gruesome and no Drow could survive it, and this one was no exception; Umbrazk was sure she wouldn’t see it through the night. The darkness willed him to stare into the elf’s eyes. Already they were becoming transparent, looking as if they had already fallen into the abyss, and yet they held no fear nor did her expression show any anxiety about her death. Now the Abomination spoke, his words reeking with the aura of death.

“Do you wish to live?” he asked her in her own elven tongue, though he truly had no interest; it was his promise that willed this, and he could not defy it if he so chose it. Her eyes lit up slightly as if his words were bringing her back from the abyss.

“Death now looks upon you through my eyes. You are chosen, and power beyond belief can be yours” he knew she could not fully understand his words, too close to the abyss to let this world’s plight concern her. Yet a fire in her eyes continued to pull her away from the abyss and was bringing her back into this world if only but for a moment.

“…I would…live” she managed to respond past the chokes on her own blood.

“So be it. Here is your blessing.” Umbrazk smiled and it was a ghastly parody. The Abomination removed his breastplate, unknotted the cords binding his severed chest, and ripped free a large shard of everlasting essence that was stabbed into his heart. He could feel himself weaken at the loss of his gift, and he hungered to keep it for himself; but he pressed on. His enormous right claw for a hand grasped her firmly and easily lifted her off the ground, and in his left he held the athanac, his life force. Her blood poured from the open wound and was already staining the snow and forming a small pool that was quickly freezing. He thrust the shard through her chest and straight into her heart. Her eyes shot open with a sudden awareness and the glaze that covered them evaporated as the fire burst through. Blood was profusely pouring out the new wound, but none of that would matter she wouldn’t need it soon. She no longer choked on her words and her voice was clear in the scream of sheer agony. The Shadow Lord smiled with sinister pleasure as he recalled the unbearable agony it had caused him; he recalled his flesh and soul’s rejection of the athanac and the unending blight's overbearing presence in his mind. It was a truly terrible fate.

“You are reborn. You now serve me once again.”

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Character Portrait: Bloodshed
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Bloodshed ~ Somewhere in the forests near Snowflake City

Alban Chastain had been out in the depths of the forest, enjoying the views and tranquility. Well, that is what it looks like anyways. Truth be told, his blade is hungry and it needs more souls. Anyone would believe that he is just taking a walk and looking around the forests, why wouldn't they? He's one of the most trusted figures in Snowflake City. After a little more walking, he had reached his destination; a small but open field. After a few moments, two knights had shown themselves and both of them had a lowly scoundrel handcuffed and carried over their shoulders.

"Sire, we have captured some worthless filth like you requested." One of them had spoken with a small hint of nervousness in their tone. "Good, now leave." they had dropped the two scoundrels on the ground and paced out of Chastain's sight. The two were squirming on the dirt with the handcuffs in place. "W-why did you bring us out here?! What do you want?!" One had demanded. Chastain had a sinister smile on his face, "I am just needed some replenishment is all. Here, I'll help you those." Chastain had unlocked the handcuffs and they had gotten back up on their feet. "Thanks man, I've heard that you are one of the richest guys in town. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, nobody is ever gonna find you!" One had thrown a punch but it was stopped by something that felt strange...

The scoundrel had been blocked by a seemingly mutated arm, the scoundrel had a visibly horrified expression on his face. "What's wrong?" Chastain had asked, mockingly. His eyes began to glow red and a slasher smile was seen before an evil suit of armor had covered him. A zweihander was wielded in his left hand and although zweihanders are meant to be held with both hands, he didn't seem to have any trouble using only one to use it proficiently. Chastain grabbed the man with his mutated arm and slammed him into the ground with his scream only being interrupted by his finishing blow, a quick stab through the heart. The second ran away as fast as he can but with him not paying attention to where he was going had tripped and fell into the ground. The man was paralyzed, "Who are you?! WHAT ARE YOU?!" A small, evil laugh had been heard by the demonic knight. "I... I am Bloodshed, far from the first but superior to the others. As for this blade, it is the Pluvia Morts, a weapon without equal!" Before the man took in the fact that the myth was true, that the Pluvia Mortis existed, Bloodshed was standing right in front of him and quick stab ended it right there. As their souls had been absorbed by the blade, he took a moment to relish their deaths and continued demise. "Ah, your suffering. How it does sooth me."

Bloodshed returned to his normal persona and returned to Snowflake City as a rich and highly respected member of the community. There was much to be done and little time to waste. King Jelani, the tyrant the murdered his daughter has recently promoted twelve guardians to protect him. How troublesome but no matter, he still believes that he is just a wealthy member of Snowflake City and nothing more.

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Character Portrait: Shadow Lord Umbrazk
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Shadow Lord Umbrazk ~ Approaching Teardrop Forst

The abomination supervised the industry of his army from a jutting precipice of the mountain overlooking what he claimed as his camp of convenience. The snow had ceased its relentless downfall to a gentle sprinkle of light flakes; the wind remained a cold biting force against all. The sun was high, and elves moved all about the camp, continuing to make preparations for the battles ahead. They looked bees at work in the hive, moving with purposeful deliberation. Even many of the Draszk worked to help with the preparations, demonspawn moving the largest of the caravans and supplies. Most lingered about the outskirts of the camp impatiently awaiting the command to kill. Umbrazk could feel their bloodlust as he tapped into the mind of one. His time was beginning to run out. His allies were becoming impatient, and Umbrazk himself was growing irritated. The brief connection of mind he had with Teldrun, the elf he had left in charge of another small ambush party to keep the Treants or Trolls at bay, had dawned much needed information onto the abomination. With the Trolls and Treants working together, they posed a dire and real threat to the path of Glory for the Shadow Lord. The abomination eyed his forces below and tried to estimate the possible Troll forces in the forest. The more he thought about it, the more he doubted his army.

The time is now… the abomination thought to himself. The Abyss completely dominated Umbrazk’s mind briefly, flooding it with images and information in a flash, and it felt as if a knife had been slammed through the abomination‘s skull. The darkness around him broke the mental connection in the next instant, twisting the knife as it was yanked free. Umbrazk fell to his knees, panting and trying to recover. The abomination had his will delivered and it would be carried out. He smiled sinisterly pulled himself out the snow and rose to his feet; he raced down to the camp in a frenzy, shouting out commands here and there and pushing his mind out to give commands else where. There was much to be done, and so little time to do it in. The abomination extended his mind outward, searching for the other two blessed, chosen ones. He found their unique minds with ease and intruded into their well guarded minds; Lilyth freely allowed him to enter her mind, but Zels put up so much resistance Umbrazk was only just able to break into his mind. In the end he was the dominating force in their minds and his words echoed down to their very core.

“Meet me at the head of the camp. We have much to discuss and little time to do so.” The Shadow Lord told them and then severed the connection, delivering a similar fate to them like the one he had just received. Umbrazk peered down the mountain at the forest below, cursing the filth below. He could hear snow crunching behind him and then it stopped. He turned to find the two chosen ones standing beside one another seeming to be waiting for their orders.

“Our time has come. Treants and Trolls within the forest block our path, but I will not allow such petty barrier keep us from our lands. I will not fail in my promise. Not now, not ever.” Umbrazk began to tell the two. Lilyth seemed to absorb every syllable spoke by Umbrazk and Zels seemed to ignore it all. Umbrazk seized up the `arrogant` Orc, attempting to choke him but failing.

“If I had not sensed the strength within you, I would kill you now. I will not do anything that can work against my promise, but should there ever come a time when you choose to disobey your Lord I will kill you without hesitation." Umbrazk released Zels, and Zels said nothing in response, but the Shadow Lord could feel rage within him. Umbrazk carried out his orders and made sure the two were precisely aware of their crucial role in the upcoming battle.

“If either of you should fail, it could ruin everything we have worked so hard to gain and could even completely destroy the path to righteousness and glory for us. So set out and do not fail or you will damn us all.” Umbrazk finished, walking calmly and confidently away from the two.