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"I'll defeat you for a cause, I'll slay you to set an example."

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a character in “The Twisted Rapture.”, as played by CussingChild


Name: Charoum

Gender: Male

Age: Looks to be about 24 despite being thousands of years old.

Appearance(Pictures allowed and appreciated): Charoum is 6'1" and lean muscle covers the expanse of his body. He's scarred for every miracle he's granted to the people of Earth. His eyes are piercing light grey. His hair is shaggy and hangs over his face, dark brown. He's beautiful, if not modestly so. He would stand out in a room of men, but not a room of angels. He has a boyish charm about his face and his eyes shine with vigor and life, hiding a tortured soul. There is a splash of black staining the skin over his right ribs that looks as if it's erupted from a wound. His smile is crooked but stunning. And he's well known for the empty mindedness of his facial expression and body language. But his violent shaking and animalistic behaviour in anger. His wings are composed of dark feathers, dark grey and distorted. Image

Personality(Paragraph expected): Charoum is witty and charming despite his social discomfort. He's calm and collected unless his rage gets the better of him. He is a determined soul, and kind at heart. He doesn't know how to back down from a challenge. He is a loyal and devoted person to a friend. And has a strong morale standing. He is usually silent unless he feels something is in need of being said. He's merciful and does his best to avoid violence, despite his struggle with anger. He's courageous and tough, his will cannot be broken.

History(Does not have to be extremely detailed): Charoum was created as they all were, and he was not well noticed by God until he shown himself worthy of praise when Lucifer rose up against God, Charoum defeated many foes and was stabbed in the ribs by Lucifer and nearly died by the effect of the blade. He continued his life training and studying the people of Earth, granting as many miracles as his body could endure. He was one of the first to volunteer to be let loose upon the Earth, he believes it's a worthy cause.

Character Alignment(Human, Angel, Demon): Angel. Devoted to the cause and saving of the Earth.

Equipment(Weapons or objects worthy of note): Charoum wears a seraphim long sword of beloved detail. It's blade is the purest shade of grey, with fine yellow lines crawling up the right side. The hilt the same pure light grey as the blade. He wears it at his back. He also has a seraphim dagger of little note at his hip.

Apparel: Black leather Trojan styled sandals with steel shin guards of black metal. Black leather armour skirt. He wears s black leather trojan styled armour top, and golden bands around his biceps and black metal sleeves on his forearms.

Combat Strengths: Charoum is more agile and parry based. He doesn't like to block or attempt strong arming his opponents. He is an excellent and cunning swordsman of fine accuracy. His will and determination, courage and spirit ultimatley allow him to pursevere in combat.

Combat Weakness(es)(Must have one.): He has a weak spot, the place where he was stabbed by Lucifer, the black splotch at his ribs. And his unruly anger issues bring out a reckless animal that makes poor decisions, but makes for a more relentless and ruthless opponent.

Abilities(If you're a demon or angel. Limited to one ability or "power."): Charoum is blessed with the power of Cryokinesis, or the manipulation of cold or ice. He can project streams of ice or cold. It gives a possibility of freezing completely.

Skills: Extremely agile and good with a sword. He's a well speaker and an angel of powerful character.

So begins...

Charoum's Story

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The angel raised it's sword into a defensive stance, regarding Darren through narrowed, hostile eyes. "You dare to assault an angel? Blasphemer!"

Darren gave the angel one of his are-you-really-that-fucking-stupid looks. "Seriously? You just had your sword at my neck, threatening to behead me. Don't go getting all high and mighty. What the hell did you expect me to do? Smile and hold still?"

"Do not take that tone with me human! You dare lay your filthy hands on a holy blade, and then you attempt to thwart your judgement by assaulting an angel?" The angel shook it's head pityingly, readying itself to strike. "There is only one thing you can do now. Pray. Pray to God, for forgiveness. You were not taken in the first wave, but he may yet grant your soul redemption. You had best do it now, for I shall be delivering your soul to him shortly."

"Bite me."

The angel struck. It clearly wasn't expecting any resistance from Darren. It was a reckless lunge, and the angel had telegraphed the movement far ahead of the actual attack. Still, it was faster than Darren had expected, and he almost didn't react in time in his surprise. But he managed to dodge it, diverting the tip of the blade with his angel short-sword while moving in for a strike with the demon long-sword. It slashed down and the angel reeled back at the last second, the blade leaving a red slash down the angels right cheek.

The angel had dodged in time, but it was a desperate, last second thing. He was off-balance, left open to attack. Darren pressed the attack, and the angel beat a desperate retreat, back-peddling desperately as it tried to regain the advantage. But Darren was near as fast as the angel, and he took full advantage of the angels desperation. His attacks were fast, vicious, and merciless. The two swords came at the angels seemingly independently, not allowing the angel to develop any sort of rhythm.

Frustration replaced the shock that had been on the angels face, as he struggled against this human. The angel had never heard of a human that could resist an angel. Humans were weak, to be guided and manipulated by angels or demons. They did not take a stand. They did not resist. No human had ever blocked an angels attack, let alone launched a counter! Oh no, the angel thought to itself. What if this human beats me? I would be the first angel ever to die in battle against a human! I am a servant of the lord! I will not have such an insult befall my lord and father! Lord father who art in heaven, lend me strength to smite this demon in mans-flesh, so that I may drive back what ever strange new evil has allowed him to resist me!

The angel fought back more fervently, and cleared enough of an opening to dart back. A strong beat of it's wings carried it further backwards, opening up a gap between the two contestants. The angel glared at Darren, barely concealed hatred and contempt on it's face.

"How did a human gain such power? What manner of demon have you whored yourself out to?"

"The only demons I ever whored myself out to wore mini-skirts and tank tops, and I don't think they had anything to do with my power," Darren said with a wink. "How about you big boy? I'm guessing you're more the choir-boy type."

"You dare mock me? A mere human, laced with corruption and sin?!"

"I'm sinful? You are wrathful, arrogant, prideful, and murderous. At least I recognize my flaws, and do not claim holiness and divinity."

It was amusing to watch the angels face. His eyes bugged out in rage, and his nostrils flared. Darren wouldn't have been surprised if he had started frothing at the mouth. Disappointing. I thought angels were supposedly a 'better race'. I know that to be false, but still, I had expected better than this. So simple, so easily manipulated. He's so angry he's not even trying to hide his movements. Look at the way he's tensing up. He's going to launch at me with an overhead smash, I'll bet you anything.

Suddenly the angel darted forward, a flap of it's wings propelling it into the air, to come smashing down towards Darren. Bingo. As Darren brought his blades up for a counter, he spotted something. Another angel, watching them. Shit.

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To some, it might seem that Darrens luck had changed. Darren, however, doubted that very much. Granted, this new, smiling stranger had just ripped the attacking angel away. But this smiling stranger was also an angel, and Darren wasn't inclined to believe he held Darrens best interests at heart. The most dangerous enemies were often the ones that started off smiling at you.

Darren considered, just for a moment, trying to make a break for it, but thought better of it. With the power pouring off this angel, he knew he'd stand no chance if he was caught, not even for a second. Besides, those wings looked a lot faster than his legs. No, the only way out is talking.

"Your buddy over there got a little pissy because I had laid my 'filthy human' hands on an angels blade. I found it on a dead angel. Fool had flown in front of a bus in the early days. It wasn't like he was going to be using the sword. Wait-" Darren said, with sudden recognition, "- you were the angel fighting Steve - I mean, that big ugly demon - just a few moments ago. Did you kill him? What happened?"

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"Belial huh?" Eh, I prefer Steve. But I'll remember that in case I ever meet the demon again. No point letting this angel know about me and Belial's little chat earlier.

The angel sheathed it's sword, but Darren let his stay where they were. No doubt this angel could draw and cut him down before he could bat an eyelid, but 'Baziath' was not so quick. If he attacked, Darren would at least want to be able to defend himself.

This angel at least seemed far more understanding and reasonable, but that alone didn't make him trustworthy. Darren would tread carefully.

"Darren. Darren Lee Taylor to use my full name, though names haven't been much use recently. I suppose I owe you thanks, for pulling Baziath off me. Someone should keep him on a leash. With a choke chain, preferably." He cast a glance at Baziath, who was currently being escorted by the Hellhound that had accompanied the other angel. That was odd. An angel and a demon working together. Maybe that meant this angel wasn't quite the mightier-than-thou type that he'd come to expect from angels.

"It is nice to see there is still someone who would spare those that mean them no harm. There are too many creatures nowadays who would hurt others simply for the fun of it. What is your name then, angel, that would spare a lowly human?"

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Darren smiled slightly at the angels little jibe. Seems we've got a witty one.

"Look around us Charoum. All there is, as far as the eye can see, is destruction and devastation. Mindless slaughter and chaos. Perhaps, in such circumstances, you will allow me to savor some joy in my own petty witticisms. I have yet to find any anywhere else." Darren gazed out across the city, sober for a moment. He had been living here for the past 6 years, and the city felt like home. Seeing it like this reminded him of... things best forgotten. "It is so easy to lose yourself to sadness and hate. We all need something to cling to, or we lose sight of who we are."

Darren looked the angel over. To be frank, he was a mess. Mismatched armor, blood and dirt still covering him, and wings that were crippled and malformed. Yet he still carried himself with absolution, and purpose. Despite this he managed to look at ease. Well, not truly at ease. Years of Karate and self-defense classes allowed Darren to recognize a defensive stance. Power or not, Darren knew that without that knowledge and skill he would have long ago perished. He also knew that that knowledge and skill would be for naught against this angel. He sheathed the swords, to show that he meant no harm. Besides, Azrukhal was in no shape to attack anyone.

"Thank you, for giving me the benefit of the doubt. I have seen enough of demons first hand to know that I would gain nothing serving them. I would either become one of them, or, when I had served my purpose, I would perish. Speaking of demons, I see that you are master of a Hell-hound. How did that come to happen?"