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Aden Malkini

A manly Knight General, Commander and politician.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization II”, as played by Nulix


Name: Aden Malkini
Appearance: Malkini is a muscular man who stands at six foot one. He has neatly cut brown hair, which often looks messy and pushed about due to the amount of physical activity in Aden's average day. He has hazel eyes, chiseled features with a hint of fat beneath them and heavily tanned, harsh, rugged skin. He has a very confident, self assured look and demeanor about him, and often has a smile on his face.
Personality: Malkini is a soldier's soldier with a love for woman and fighting. He is quite crass and brutish, making him disliked by the High Society he now finds himself surrounded by. His soldierlyness also makes the Nobility and politicians around him think he's simple, or unintelligent, an estimation he often uses to his advantage. While he lacks subtlety and guarantee his plans are often grand in scale, which has led him to many high positions in his life. He takes bigger risks than most and they mostly work out, and when they don't he just plows on with the next one. Malkini is also a very physical man, very capable in combat and prone to violence when provoked, and when the situation is appropriate, of course.
Occupation: Senator of the Lords for the Capima Islands, Former Knight Elder, Knight Commander, Knight General, and Legionnaire.
Weapons: Malkini is skilled in swordplay but can also handle a weapon. As a Senator he is mostly unarmed but always makes sure to carry some sort of concealable weapon wherever he goes.
History/Bio: Malkini was born the son of a peasant family on Bovum. While poor, his father was still an avid reader, and had been formerly educated, and education which he passed on the Aden throughout his childhood. At fourteen Malkini joined the workforce at his local star-ship yard for the Sorillian military. He worked there for many years with other boys and girls, the rough environment and frequent fights harshening him up and shaping much of his outlook on the world. Out of the shipyard the workers would fight in makeshift tournaments. After a few years Malkini had become the champion of their arena and had caught the attention of a Knight Prefect come to inspect the warships. The Prefect, so impressed with his skills, wrote Malkini a letter of recommendation for Knighthood training. Malkini, prompted by his father, accepted the opportunity and used almost all his money to buy a ticket from Bovum to the Capima Islands. There, at the Knight Offices, he presented them with the letter, and they accepted and assigned him to the Urakas Academy. He trained there for two years and at the end had failed to score high enough on any of the tests for Knighthood, expelling him from the Elite. He instead was offered a position as a Legionnaire Captain, which he accepted.

Malkini served in the western armies for many years, stopping many small wars and battle criminal systems along Bako Bay. During one particularly bloody siege on a world in Dark Space the Knight General leading Malkini's Legion perished, and Malkini himself took control of the army. He defeated the enemy forces and led the decimated 31st Legion back to the Sora System with no contact or communication available to the Knight High Command. Upon returning Malkini was praised for his actions and offered Knighthood. He accepted and became the 31st Legions new Knight General. His career as a General was spectacular, and he was known to win battles at any cost. The High Command learned to send him and his growing number of Legions to any place where the resistance was thickest. Knight General Malkini saw action all over the Sora System and the North-East Space, becoming one of the most renowned, if not violent, General's the High Command had ever seen. And then he made the one mistake a man in his position couldn't afford to make. He lost, badly, and survived.

His four Legions, one-thousand men each, were almost completely decimated while dealing with a minor peasant uprising in the Helexicon fringe. After a three-day battle Malkini was forced to retreat back into orbit with his one remaining ship, that could only house twenty men, leaving the other survivors on the surface to be massacred. Having lost three-thousand nine-hundred and eighty Legionnaires, as well as sixteen accompanying Knight Elites, three Knight Commanders, and seven Knight Prefects, Malkini was expelled from the Knight Order of High Command. He was then accepted into the Knight Order of the Elite as a Knight Commander, the older, experienced Knight's who led the newly Knighted Elite's until they were ready to work on their own. Malkini reluctantly agreed and is known to have completely hated his new position. Still, under his reportedly poor and unhappy Command, Malkini's squad managed to stumble upon some of the biggest mysteries and adventures ever seen by an Elite. After two years and many adventures Malkini granted each of his remaining Elite's Prefecthood and resigned from the Order of the Elite. Malkini, intent on settling down on Capima, was once against contacted by the Knight's, this time by Order of the Elder Council, the governing body of all Knight Order's. Malkini's sketchy passed had been outweighed by the amount of success he had both with his Legions and with his squad. For his wisdom he was offered the position of Knight Elder, one he happily accepted. He was expelled three months after joining for reportedly sleeping with a more respected Elder's wife, which thus marked his end with the Knights.

After that Malkini once again attempted to retire, but soon grew complacent and decided to launch a political career. With many bribes, threats, and a marriage into the Altrove Noble family he managed to gain the prestigious position of Senator of the Lords for the Capima Islands. Within the Senate he is looked down upon, as a wild beast, unintelligent but threatening and violent all the same. Malkini's opinion of the other Senator's is not much better, with their constant manipulations and self-concerns giving him a growing hatred of politics. Still, he feels he worked hard to gain his Senatorial powers, and will use them to the best of his ability, until he is satisfied.

So begins...

Aden Malkini's Story