Mellodia Tigris

A rare example of a mildly rational person within the UO.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization II”, as played by PirateofPie


Name: Mellodia Tigris

Appearance: A northern Baoan girl, with tanned skin and high cheekbones. She is of average height, with her hair usually being kept in a ponytail. Her clothing consists of a brown sleeveless flak jacket from her days as a soldier in Tul Raijin's army, which she wears over a light green shirt and a standard Sorillian pair of shorts.

Personality: Mellodia is fairly level headed and often is only able to barely tolerate her friends' (but mostly Xane's) antics, but she believes that their cause is ultimately the right one as they've shown constantly in the past. Once they've stopped goofing around. Little known to the rest of the UO, Mellodia, having some knowledge of how law works in Sor, keeps tabs on their various offenses to the government as they set out to save it such as the constant ship crashings and collateral damage. Her reports are extremely detailed to the point that most Sorillian judges don't bother to read them anymore and just pardon the UO anyway.

Occupation: Former military strategist, lawyer.

Weapons: Skilled in hand to hand fighting and firearms, especially customized UPA combat rifles.

History/Bio: Mellodia was once a soldier in the ragtag army of Tul Raijin, a would be conqueror of Sor, having signed up after her grandfather had been killed mysteriously after the UO had visited the hotel they ran together. Tul Raijin had taken notice of her skill and told her that the UO was to blame for her grandfather's deaths and by joining him, she could avenge him. And so she did, quickly climbing the ranks due to her skill and overall confidence. Eventually, she came into conflict with the UO, especially Xane as the two began to fall for one another. Eventually, she discovered that her grandfather's killer had been one of the 'Four Gods', someone under Raijin's command. She turned against her former leader and disappeared for a while.

She later, reappeared, gaining a desk job at the UPA whilst trying to assist the UO from behind the scenes. Eventually, she was recruited among others to join in the UO's final battle against the then serious threat of the Brotherhood, after which, she and Xane got together.

Three years later, after a long absence from the UO, Xane and Mellodia have joined the ragtag group of zany adventurers once again. What quest could possibly lay in their future...?

So begins...

Mellodia Tigris's Story