Nulix Princeton

A strange, energetic man with an eye for money and questionable morality.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization II”, as played by Nulix


Name: Nulix Dorian Redalisc Princeton


Appearance: A thin, lanky man with olive skin who stands at five foot ten. He has a curved nose and a straight brow above bright green eyes. He has straight, white teeth that he cares for deeply and full lips that and usually pout or form a large, douchey smile. He has large, outward ears and messy brown hair that, when grown out, hangs down in long curly locks.

Personality: A strange, energetic man, Nulix has a mind always working to get an advantage, for whatever the situation be, and is always looking for shortcuts to get him to his goals. Nulix is a fan of comedy, and often thinks himself funny, which sometimes, by accident, he does indeed manage to be. He is very blunt in social situations, contrasting his deceitful nature in most other things. Nulix, while not strong, or powerful, is very nimble and is quick to dodge and hide in battle.

Occupation: Former Co-Founder, Adviser to the Chairman and Co-Managing Director of the Princeton Corporation.

Weapons: Nulix previously had a gold coated revolver, which he lost, and has since been using all means of badly improvised weaponry to defend himself. He also carries with him a machete which he uses to cut through vines.

History/Bio: Nulix is a Kingsmen, an ethnic group who, over a hundred years ago, were once Neahian who betrayed their Empire and joined Sora when the two systems were at war. The traitorous Neahians were gifted by the King of Sor a planet of their own. Since then their culture had grown on the small world of Iceveng that's rugged landscape and natural resources made it an industrial powerhouse, attracting many immigrants from all across the Sora System. Nulix was born on the Fifteenth of May on the planet of Iceveng, in it's largest barony, the Fals. Nulix left the planet after his parents off world and he and his brother escaped the chaos of a growing civil war. He went to become a freelance starship driver and generally man of illegal trickery. His criminal adventures eventually led him to meet the Ultimate Organization, who, despite his protests and attempts to escape, forced him to become a member. In the year 2246 he managed to work with a U.P.A. agent named Lexx to legally steal over one million Trinari, the Sorillian Currency, from the U.P.A. With this money, and the help of many interested investors, Nulix create the Princeton Corporation, a large starship manufacturing and shipping company. With his company formed Nulix left the UO and lived a lifestyle of comfort for many years until the UO attracted criminal maniacs who stole his newest ship, marooned him on a desert rock, and forced him to once again adventure with the UO, many of whom he had a less than stellar relationship with. Happily the UO are once again on their way home, on a Sorillian Dreadnaught called the Devil's Trident, whose history is perhaps the richest of any character Nulix has encountered...

So begins...

Nulix Princeton's Story