Vitalia yu la Sora

The Fifth Princess of the Kingdom of Sor.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization II”, as played by Nulix


Name: Princess Vitalia SostexImage
Appearance: Vitalia is a petite woman who stands at five-foot eight. Vitalia's appearance is very important to her, and she has spent large quantities of money on receiving various beauty treatments. Her normally brown hair she had gotten coloured magenta by the juice of a fruit imported from a rogue world on the farthest edge of Wild Space and treats her skin with a special Phoenix powered light bath to prevent it from tanning. Her most extreme beauty treatment however was getting her naturally hazel eyes dyed green by a Witch Doctor in the Luranian starsea, partially blinding her in the process.

Personality: Vitalia is perhaps not a nice person.

Occupation: Fifth Princess of the Kingdom of Sor, Duchess of the Free-Llian

Weapons: She carries on her body several sets of throwing and close combat knives.

History/Bio: Vitalia was raised in the city of Sor, more by the King's advisor than the King himself, who collectively trained her to seek perfection in everything she did, be it her combat lessons her diplomatic practices or her political studies. Upon reaching adolescence Vitalia was driven to be perfect in everyway, which is why in her teenage years she began to obsess over her appearance. Now, at the age of Twenty-Six, Vitalia has become the Duchess of Free-Llian, an entire world, and is considered among the nobility of Sor to be perhaps the most politically aware of the Royalty. With the common folk however she has been forgotten in the midst of her military hero Prince brothers and her sister Princess Anora, known among the populace for her marriage with Artemis Maximus. Vitalia now looks upon the Sora System with cynicism, citing it as an imperfectly run government in need of fixing.

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