Xane Swipian

A rowdy Knight who specializes in combat.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization II”, as played by PirateofPie


Name: Xane Swipian

Appearance: A tall, slightly large framed Knight. He has dark skin and short curly black hair. His attire generally consists of either a Blue Armored Combat Specialist Knights uniform or a Baoan tunic, pants, and shoes.

Personality: Xane is a well meaning Knight, something that's often hard to come by in Sor these days, though he could care less about being a good Knight. He enjoys journeying to places he's never been before. He generally acts goofy and hotheaded in various situations, forgoing caution for whatever sounds amusing.

Occupation: Combat Specialist Knight.

Weapons: His fists and legs are honed to be weapons.

History/Bio: Xane was once an eager recruit ready, to join the Knights as defenders of Sor. Specializing in Combat tactics, he was assigned under the legendary Knight General Dragoon, who had taught him his skillz in hand to hand combat. During a mission during the War of Usin, he was able to capture the leader of the revolutionary army. Unfortunately for him, the revolutionary leader had wounded him and made his escape. Another Knight General Jakson was furious and had informed Xane that as punishment for 'letting' the revolutionary leader escape, he was to be sent back to the Capima Islands imprisoned and court-marshaled. Dragoon, however, knew the inner workings of the Knights and informed Xane that he'd most likely face death for his failure.

Dragoon aided Xane in escaping and as he made his way to try and clear his name, Xane met up with Ultimate Organization. He joined the ragtag group of adventurers and together they went on a series of dangerous and harrowing adventurers throughout Sor, Ulfire, the Dark Worlds, and beyond. Along the way, making many enemies and friends, Xane eventually faced his old mentor on the opposite side of the battle field. During a duel to the death, Xane was victorious and Dragoon died a warriors death in battle. During his adventures with the UO, Xane also met his future girlfriend Mellodia, who was a former member of an enemy force the UO had previously vanquished.

Recently, after a three year separation, the UO had reunited, journeying to and back from a mysterious new star system. Who knows what awaits Xane and his friends now?

So begins...

Xane Swipian's Story