A former Knight General with a history of violence. Currently in the UO, unfortunately.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization II”, as played by PirateofPie


Name: Zeemu

Appearance: A tall muscular elderly man. He has long graying black hair tied behind him and sports a sinister mustache. When he isn't sporting Knight armor, he wears a blue Baon pair of cfombat robes and pants.

Personality: While a brilliant military strategist and combatant, Zeemu isn't the calmest individual. He's known for his temper flaring up at in opportune moments, especially at people who are inclined to act incompetently or weakly. Though he was a Knight, he often has no care for Sor's laws often collaborating with Sor's seediest criminals for his own gain.

Occupation: Knight General

Weapons: His fists and legs are honed to be weapons.

History/Bio: Zeemu was first encountered by the UO as an opposing force on the Devil's Trident. A Knight General who had wanted them captured, alive or dead. Xane had known him as the master of his own mentor, Dragoon. When the UO escaped, Zeemu took temporary charge of the UPA during the Trident's voyage through the newly discovered systems, where he abused his position of power to mistreat and kill the Longbaoan refugees on the ship. During the Longbaoan's revolution on the Ship, Zeemu had disappeared from sight.

He reappeared later, having been found by UPA Agents Pharell Titan and Ulian Ecko. Zeemu had hidden himself well through the help of one of the Trident many criminal families. The UPA agents chased him down, and shot him through a window. Zeemu survived, however and made it back to Sor, where he once again hid himself with the help of a criminal. Unfortunately, he was ratted out by said criminal (aka Senator Antonio Campile) and was forced to go on the run again.

He recently met up with the UO again and joined with them under some sort of truce. The question now isn't if he'll betray them at some point, but when and how.

So begins...

Zeemu's Story