The easily angered, arrogant, former heir to the throne of Longbao.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization III”, as played by PirateofPie


Appearance: Worn, beaten. He stands at six feet with his hair tied in a braided ponytail behind him. His figure is lanky. He generally sports Longbaoan Imperial robes.

Personality: Lun is arrogant to a fault, often putting only himself and the Longbaoan people above all others. Prone to brash actions and spur of the moment decisions, Lun is the former leader of the antagonistic organization, the Lunatics and the former Emperor of the Longbaoan Empire. In the past, Lun has concidered anything to be fair game on his quest to regain his throne from his weakling brother and killing his treacherous uncle who had successfully planned his father's death months ago. However, accomplishing the latter had caused him to re-think his past actions.

After realizing both that he only truly had one family member left, and the fact that he had possibly doomed Longbao in his lengths to grab the throne, he decided against killing his brother. I fact, his last memory before everything went dark is him attempting to rescue his brother from falling to his death.

Occupation: Former Emperor

Weapons: Skilled in hand to hand fighting and swordsmanship. Is a water phoenix who specializes in converting his limbs to dangerous, solid watery weapons.

History/Bio: Lun was the Emperor of Longbao's oldest child, among his younger brother and sister. He was always an ambitious sort, wanting to impress his father with his leadership abilities, hoping to one day show him how a true ruler would command his kingdom. Although Lun live on Longbao once, a world seemingly cut off from every other system, he dreamed of traveling to other stars and leading Longbao's armies into conquest over them.

He and his sister, and uncle, the treacherous adviser Ebiman set off to explore the rest of the galaxy. Unfortunately they were not prepared for crossing the dangerous chunk of space that blocked Longbao from the rest of the universe. They soon crashed on an unknown world. Lun's sister was nowhere to be found while Lun and Ebiman were forced to hide and live among the weak and destitute of Sor.

Lun grew to hate Sor. Everything about it, it's people, it's rulers, it's government. Years later he and Ebiman managed to gather a gang powerful enough to steal a ship to get back to Longbao. A ship the UO was traveling on. Though he was successful in returning home, a series of events led to Ebiman poisoning his father behind his back, him becoming Emperor of Longbao and beginning to lose a war with Sor. He was forced to forge an alliance. And that's when things went downhill...

So begins...

Lun's Story