Nason Valkoven

A Vench Painter marooned on a desert world.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization III”, as played by Nulix


Name: Nason Valkoven
Appearance: A pale man with an intense look on his face. He's thin but still towers high at six-foot three, and is typically dressed in rich noble clothing of his era. He has brown eyes and matching hair combed back beneath his ears.
Personality: Valkoven is arrogant, both as a noble and as an artist. He believes he is worth more than those around him, either due to their ignorance for art or their status in life. Considers himself to be a very intelligent, sophisticated, and wise human being.
Occupation: Painter.
Weapons: The only remaining weapon from the crash is a small musket.
History/Bio: Born in the Vindico system to a Noble Family. His life from then up until his crash in the desert is unremarkable.

ImageName: Yuwen Lu-Tan "Fortune"

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Nason Valkoven's Story