Caithe Azleir

A friendly girl uncovering the missing pages of her past.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization IV”, as played by Kiyokojordie


Name: Caithe Azleir (aka The Bookkeeper, aka The Wordsmith)

Appearance: She is 5'5 with a soft, lean figure. Her hair is dark blonde, which now flows well past her shoulders, and gentle green blue eyes. Despite her pretty features Caithe is generally quite clumsy and awkward looking, often covered in dirt, sweat and blood through her and her teammates many battles. If there is anything she has gained throughout these past six months it did not include femininity at all.

Personality: Caithe is...naive to say the least. Innocent, friendly, loyal and optimistic are all good words to describe her at first. It takes a lot for something to even remotely bother her; the complete opposite of judgmental. She does, however, have a darker side which doesn't show very often and it's rare that any of her companions have seen it.

Weapons: An assortment of living books and a short sword.

History/Bio: Found in the World of the Dead by The Ultimate Organization with nothing but a book, Caithe had no recollection of her past and who she once used to be. Even now she searches for tiny memories that will shed light on the confusion she still faces, however it is now more important than ever that she uncovers the missing pages of her past, as it has vital importance on clues for the mysterious book that she carries, The Murshlatan. Another book, given to her by a man named Azull, holds information of her past self that she has used to find remnants of memories littered throughout the galaxy. It has been a tough six months, barely managing to scrape through life with her companions and survive the constant Seed forces trying to obtain the book, but it seems that their search for a major clue is close to revelation......

So begins...

Caithe Azleir's Story