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Nulix Princeton

An intellegent pragmatist bent on surviving the passing storm.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization IV”, as played by Nulix


Name: Nulix Princeton
Appearance: (Coming soon!)
Personality: (Coming soon!)
Weapons: A large barreled pistol.
History/Bio: (Coming soon!)

"Character quote"

ImageName: Mir Qavien Rova Al’zar Yusil
Sex: Female
Age: 43

Physical Description: Mirova is bizarre looking, her skin a sun-deprived mix of white and red, her eyes pupils matching, and her hair long, wavy, silver strands. Her soft skin (the result of constantly care), albino features, and firm body make it very hard for onlookers to pinpoint an age, race, or even region on Mirova – though in the last few years a few wrinkles have begun to set in.
Clothing: During the day Mirova is fully covered from the sun, head to toe in exotic paper bindings, robes , hoods and face veils. At night however she is free to wear whatever she likes, and she takes advantage of it, adorning extravagant, revealing outfits collected on her adventures. She also owns several robes of the Naima, ceremonial outfits of red and silver and a headpiece littered with gold and jewellery.
Height: 170cm / 5’ft 6¾”in
Weight: 55kg / 121lbs
Skin Colour: Reddish White
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Red

Occupation: Mir of the Naima Clan
History/Bio: Mirova was born in the city of Grand Yusil, a child of the ruling Yusil populace. Her parents both worked in the Royal Court, and while they were on the lower end of the wealth spectrum for Clan Yusil they were still well above the non-Yusil clans that inhabited the city. Mirova, however, was born with a curse.

Albinism in the Sea of Sand was deathly, with the sun becoming an even bigger foe for Mirova than it was most. During the day she had to stay cloaked as not to burn, hiding her skin away. Her lack of sun durability made her a burden in the outdoor events of the Royal Court, and in the bustling, regulated society of Grand Yusil she found herself isolated and falling behind in every way. A bad friend, a bad student, a bad child of the court, a bad Yusillian, and according to one tutor a fundamentally bad person, Mirova struggled growing up in the world of Clan Yusil, her disease both a real reason and convenient excuse for her not to engage in the Yusillian culture of the day.

Instead she found herself in the dark culture of the night, in the lower quarters where she could wear anything she’d like. Whilst in the court the she looked strange, cloaked, and out of place, in the lower levels of the city she was just a drop in a multi-clan sea of strange. There she found her calling, spending her days asleep and her nights in the city. She was not beloved, superstitious clans thinking she was a witch. But Rova did not mind, it almost made her feel special.

In Grand Yusil Clan Naima was legendary, even after their fall from grace, and Rova was amazed by their sorcery and wisdom. When a member of Clan Naima would speak, no matter how amazing the story, you believed it. You believed they were magic. And so, when Clan Naima was expelled from the city for good, Rova followed them – abandoning her parents and stalking the Nomad clan into the Sea of Sand.

Mirova would join Naima clan during their voyage to the Western Sea of Sand, determined to become the most magical Nomad of all time. During that voyage many adventures were had, many legends unearthed, and many lives lost. They reached the West eventually, with most of their numbers lost. Now, years later, Mirova is the last surviving member of Naima clan, and, by default, the clan leader. And though she knows all the legends of the Naima, she cannot chase those legends alone, and instead remains contempt travelling clan to clan in the Western Sea of Sand.

Home Town: Grand Yusil
Native Clan: Yusil Clan
Population: The number of people in the clan.
Settlements: The names of the town or towns the clan controls, if they control any. Your characters home-town is most likely one of their clan's settlements.
Location: Where in the desert your character’s native clan comes from. (For example: Sea of Sand, Qafar Desert)
Description: A brief description of the clan, including how they are ruled.

Personality: Mirova is a performer: magical, sensual, and with a quality of threat.
Fears and Desires: Her desire is to be that magical witch the people see her as, and perhaps her greatest fear is that she will end up dying alone in the desert because she is not.

Equipment and Weapons: Mirova carries and emerald dagger but is not usually one for weapons.
Styles and Abilities: Mirova cannot fight, but has learnt to be very fast.

So begins...

Nulix Princeton's Story