Xane Swipian

A former Knight with a brave and humorous spirit, off in search of hope while the universe rips itself apart.

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a character in “The Ultimate Organization IV”, as played by PirateofPie


Name: Xane Swipian
Appearance: A little over six feet tall with a slightly large frame, Xane has dark skin and curly black hair in an afro. His attire generally consists of either an open blue Baoan colonial jacket with light blue shark and floral island-style patterns covering it. Underneath that, he wears a yellow t-shirt and khaki pants. Also sports a martial arts headband occasionally.
Personality: Xane was always one who was quick to joke and sported a rash attitude, Xane often used to rush into trouble. Recently he's become more even tempered and thinks things through more. Above all, he remains hopeful, and is trying to find something to believe in again
Weapons: His fists due to hand-to-hand combat training.
History/Bio: (Under Construction!)

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