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The Doctor

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a character in “The Under Chamber”, as played by tezza


Name: Unknown but is mainly referred to as "The Doctor".
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Retired doctor/scientist
Personality: Sadistic, sick, and twisted. This doctor finds death amusing and has a very colourful history growing up with just a mother. He laughs in someone else pain, he is basically insanity.
Appearance: Bald, black glasses that never show his beady brown eyes. Chubby man, always wearing a white lab coat covering up jean overalls and a red shirt. Although sometimes he wears disguises such as wigs and other clothes.
- Sight of blood
- Death
- Being in control
- His daughter
- Dark places
- His experiments
- Losing control
- His wife
- His grandfather
Fears: He has no fears
Other: Has a daughter.

So begins...

The Doctor's Story


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#, as written by tezza
Rissien L'Regge
Unknown Time

Thud. Landing right next to him and instead of on top of him this time, a girl fell to the floor, a mass of white hair covering her face which was now becoming dirty, blood staining the innocence of white. Rissien couldn't find the energy to move, his limbs in too much pain. He looked to the other girl who had landed a top of him, Kiara, who was already moving towards the small mass of limbs. The girl seemed to be knocked unconscious. The girl with the brown hair and black framed glasses was checking for breathing, and a pulse. She gave a sigh, Rissien took that as a sign of relief; the girl must be okay. Kiara lifted the girl from under the shoulders moving her down the slope a bit, out of landings way. From then, Kiara didn't move from the girls side, and sat there, watching for signs, making sure she was okay. On the other hand, Rissien looked upon his own wounds, only finding a few bad grazes, nothing too serious. The way he had landed was obviously from the previously taught barrel roll. He managed to stand, wobbly on his legs from the pressure he had absorbed.

Walking forward, Rissien had taken for assumption how small the room was. The room, in fact, was much larger than he previously thought. "This room would have to be able to hold a couple hundred of people," He said out loud. Loud enough for Kiara to hear.

Thud, thud. Two more body masses landed on the hill of rubble. "Wha...Where..." A female build, slowly unwinding herself from a tire "What is this?" A croaked voice came from the female. Rissien turned around to see a male land beside the female - obviously having to be related. "Genesis!" The girl called out. Rissien walked over, slowly to the new fallen people, being aware of his wounds. He nodded towards them; doing what he could only do, wait for a reaction as he had no answers to their questions. He was speechless. A reply came from the male, "Tasmin, what did you do?" He groaned. The male looked around at that point, seeming to have noticed the other people in the room, he stood. "Who are you? I'm Genesis," he announced happily. Rissien winced, this was nothing to be happy about. "Rissien, that's Kiara," Rissien said blatantly, pointing over the brown-haired female who gave a little wave in their direction.

Kiara Wilson

Unknown Time

Kiara waved over to the new comers and the next question came from the male, Genesis he had stated. The girl beside him, looking much like him, seemed to be called Tasmin as he had called her earlier. "Where the heck are we?" Kiara felt hesitant, having already known what the place was after much consideration. The place was large, and round shaped. She had read about it once in a book, and then again in a newspaper article about some guy who got rich from a dead relative. Speaking up quietly, Kiara replied. "An under chamber, I'm not sure. For all I know, this could be some guy's basement..." Kiara was quiet, looking down as she spoke.


Another body hit the floor, only inches away from the people before Rissien. "Does...Does anyone know where I am...?" The voice came from the boy after he recovered. He was wearing glasses, and started rubbing his face. "Under chamber?" Kiara said again, more uncertainty in her voice. The girl beside her still hadn't moved a muscle, but was still breathing. She bent down to check for her pulse again, which was now beating at a normal healthy pace. For now, Kiara found it safe to say she was going to be alright. Looking towards the new group of people she found she would be situated with, she decided that she should best know her surroundings. Walking out of the light that everybody seemed to drawn to, Kiara walked outside of the circle that the light provided, where it felt much cooler, colder, as if the light was the only source of heat they had. Walking outwards, Kiara dragged her feet, knowing that if someone were to follow her, they could hear her footsteps.

"Hey!" Came that familiar voice of Rissiens, "Don't go to far! I think we should stay as a group!" His voice sounded unnatural against the stone walls, covered in moss. The silence was deafening, making Kiara feel nauseous. She should be use to silence, working in a library and all. But this silence felt unnatural, she missed listening to the turning of pages in a book and the sound of buzzing computers, the tapping of the keyboard and scribbles of pens. She stopped in her tracks, turning to face the voice. The five people she was leaving behind were illuminated by the light that was coming out of the ceiling. For some reason, Rissien looked nervous speaking so out of place. He didn't look like the type to talk out of place, probably the more reserved type.

"But how else are we going to get out of this place?" Kiara's small voice came in reply.

"How do we know how large this place is?" Rissien pressed back.

"How will we find out?" Kiara crossed her arms over her chest, knowing she'd already made up her mind. "We can't just sit here. Besides, that man that hit me unconscious could be back." Kiara realised that was the first time she had remembered him.

"Did some guy hit you?" She asked suddenly. Rissien's body froze. "Uh, yeah. White coat, black glasses, bald." Rissien's description was vague, but it didn't match Kiara's so well, but it was almost accurate. Silence hung in the air for a little while, realistion settling on their shoulders, in their mind.

"We should move as a group," Kiara said matter of factly. "If we find an escape, we can't just split up, hoping the other half will find their way out," She consulted with herself, finding it would be the most reasonable thing to do. She started to walk back to the people before her. Rissien nodded in approval.

"We need to wait for the girl over there to awaken," His voice was back to being soft, calm. Reserved.
Kiara sat back down beside the girl on the floor. "Did anybody else get hit by a man?" Kiara asked to the whole group this time.
"More specifically, I got hit by a bat. He had actually walked me to a strangers house...I wasn't going to let a stranger walk me to my own home," Kiara defended herself from the looks she copped from Rissien.

"He stalked me to the local shops, hit me with a bat too," Rissien nodded, agreeing.
Kiara and Rissien awaited answers from their new fellow comrades.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kiara Wilson Character Portrait: Rissien L'Regge Character Portrait: Tamsin Taylorson Character Portrait: Holly Fortein Character Portrait: The Doctor Character Portrait: Genesis Taylorson
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#, as written by tezza
Rissien L'Regge and Kiara Wilson
Sanity: Crystal Clear

"Now, hold your horses everyone. Going out into the open without a clue of where an exit is, is just stupid... We need to plan this out first now. We know the man isn't in here, so he's probably somewhere out there. Waiting for us to try and escape." Olivers voice came crisp and clear.

Kiara raised an eyebrow, looking at Oliver as he continue to speak. "We need some defense in case we run into him again! Does...Does anyone have a knife..?" Oliver stopped talking, silence consuming noise.

Kiara shook her head, "I'm sorry, but what defense is there?" She wandered over to the huge pile of dirt that everybody had landed on. It was just one, huge pile of dirt in the middle of the room. Lazily, she took of her glasses, wiping them on her shirt as she spoke, "Oliver, we're more likely to die waiting, than trying to find a way out. If he wanted us dead, we'd be dead," She replaced her glasses back onto her face, pushing them up the bridge of her nose. "And, simply because we aren't dead, means yes, he could be waiting somewhere, but it doesn't mean we can't try to escape," Kiara said sternly. "The only thing we'll get out of waiting is death, starvation and thirst," And with that, she crossed her arms tightly across her chest.

Rissien remained silent, watching the debate between the two. Rissien was slightly forming a plan on his own accord anyway. Clearly he was considering a lot more things than the two before him put together as he wasn't trying to rush things. He sat down against the hill, legs propped up at 90 degree angles, his elbows on his knees. What was out there? They wouldn't know as they hadn't even explored the entire room yet, and they hadn't bothered to even listen to the silence, trying to maybe listen for something that isn't there, or maybe hear any footsteps or voices other than their own. Were there doors to the under chamber? Obviously with something as old as this, people wouldn't just drop to the bottom without not having a way out. That would just be plain stupid. Rissien was actually certain there had to be doors leading to some where. But between himself and the others to whatever door that may be around the room was a lot of darkness. And that generally wasn't a good thing seeing as nobody had a light on them, assuming everybody had things taken away from them.

Rissien considered the possibilities of exploring the room as a group or as a separate group. As a group, they wouldn't have to double back to get the others if they found a way out, but separated they would. Being separated in general appealed to be a stupid idea on it's own. What if the mad man was waiting for them? There was now six of them and one of him. Surely they could think of some plan that could injure the man himself to escape if he was waiting. Rissien sighed at all the possibilities before deciding he should probably speak up.

"Well, Kiara is right," Rissien stated, speaking up. Kiara smiled, pleased with herself. "She's right about waiting. The only thing that can happen is starvation; ultimately death," this scored Rissien a raised eye brow of Kiara. Obviously not the sentence she was expecting. "We do need to explore this place, whether it's dark or not. It's an under chamber. Years ago it could have been used as something else. How would people come and go from this room?" Rissien left the question in the air, not expecting an answer.

"Doors," Kiara replied quickly. Oh she was smarter than Rissien thought. He smiled, "Yes, doors. Somewhere in this room, has to be a door and if we can find it, we have found ourselves a way out." Rissien concluded his little speech, looking back to Kiara.

"But we can't see anything, we don't know what's out there. We can't naively go out there unprepared," Kiara knew she would gain approval of this statement from Oliver. "But again, we can't keep sitting here."

Rissien sighed, fearing Kiara might go on a ramble around in circles about how they can't keep sitting here. Obviously they couldn't; that was suicide. What if the mad man came back to check on them? Rissien then stood. "Let's go," He said, authority coating his voice, a statement that sounded like it shouldn't be reasoned with.

"We can't see!" Kiara protested, clearly in conflict with herself. Rissien shook his head, "Doesn't matter, our eyes will adjust. Maybe it's not as dark as we think it is in contrast to the light," Rissien then started walking forward into the dark.

Sanity: Uneasy

The Doctor
Weather: Rainy
Time: 7am

Rolling out of bed groggily, the man slipped on slippers to protect his feet from the cold wooden floors. He was smiling, unlike normal people when they wake up in the morning. However, he had something to truly smile about. He had done it. He had captured all six of them. Perfect specimens for his next grand experiment. A pout crossed his lips, remembering how his last experiment had turned out. It could talk, unlike all the others and what it had to say was noting coherent. It was pure nonsense and was useless for the doctor. It's body parts were far too stretched, for one it's mouth touched it's chest and it's stomach was located somewhere in the lungs. The doctor smiled mischievously, "Oh but how it turned out so well!" He clapped his hands at the thought, heading out of his small bed room into his office located down at the end of the hall from his bed room. He was to check on his experiments today and see how they were fairing, not even concerned of the prisoners he currently held captive.

Peering at his computer, looking down the nose of his black glasses, he had seen that no progress was made by his experiments, still lying down on their steel benches, not moving. They were definitely talking, which the doctor was so very pleased about this time round, but they weren't as pretty as the old ones. These ones heads were placed too perfectly, their legs matched too closely to that of their legs. Too accurate. The doctor frowned. "They were meant to all be different this time," He was slightly peeved at this fact, before peering at his true four lines of eight beauties.

Encased in large glasses, big enough to hold a fully grown man, were dolls. Dolls that were so life-like that they could have been real people. But oh no, the doctor knew for certain that they had been real people. 'Had been' being the key phrase. "Hahahaha," The doctor laughed happily. "Oh you all look so beautiful today! So perfect! Oh how I wish you didn't struggle. You would at least be able to talk like your cousins," The doctor then glanced back to the page which viewed his yellow and greyish forms of mass. One of those experiments was now trying to move it's fingers, groans and incoherent babble leaving it's lips. Its left eye had sunken in, as if it could not blink - which it wouldn't because it had no eye lid - and the other was too large to fit in the socket, hanging off the nerve. This didn't seem to bother the experiment. The doctor smiled, so pleased with himself. Like a father looking at a new born child.

As the world child entered his mind, he remembered of his daughter. But as quickly as he remembered her, he just as quickly forgot.