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Dallas Reiger

A powerful priestess and the last of her clan, she seeks to rebuild what has been lost.

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a character in “The Universal Aperture”, as played by MgeoftheWhtBst


Species: Lahanian. The rough equivalent of humans from another aspect of the Multiverse. On sight alone, there are no differences between humans and lahanians. She has three marks on her face- one under each eye and one on her forehead- that distinguish her as a priestess of the Lahanian Empryea.

Age: She appears in her mid-thirties, just starting to show signs of age. In reality, she has lived for at least 400 Lahanian years. Her travels have caused her to lose exact count.

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: What a rude question to ask of a lady!

Eyes: A true, royal blue

Hair: Long white locks that are typically kept unbound

Garments: She has adopted the style of a sleeveless japanese kimono top for travels, a dark blue, with plain white trousers. It is belted with a simple piece of rope, from which is hung her satchel of tools. A quiver of arrows is always slung across her back, though she carries no visible bow to use them with. She is usually barefoot. Rarely seen, she dresses in flowing white ceremonial robes for special occassions.


The priestess is a peaceful soul, and yet a powerful force of justice in the cosmos. She always prefers to settle disputes through mediation rather than violence, and she is a champion of the weak. She is deeply commited to the credos of her order, above them all mercy, justice, and dignity for all beings. She will never attack unless first provoked, and even then prefers a defensive strategy to an offensive one. She is not, however, a wilting flower. Dallas has an intellectual mind, trained as sharply as her body, balancing religion with reason.

Likes: Flowers, reading, meditation and conversation

Dislikes: Those who prey on weaker beings

Greatest Desire: To recruit enough apprentices that they can restore the Empryea to its former glory

Greatest Fear: Dragons

Greatest Strengths: Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence

Greatest Flaws: Her intelligence can occassionally cause her to be less-than-patient with those who are not as quick as she is.


Weapons: Reishinken ("divine soul sword") - A magically forged sword that has the ability to shift to three distinct weapons:
* longsword
* staff
* longbow

All the forms of Reishinken are black, adorned with several small blue gemstone and etched bolts of silver lightning. Often, Dallas will also channel her magics through it.

Nature's Guardian- An ancient artifact bestowed with the power to attract or repel metal objects. Its form is a compilation of leather armor, which Dallas currently wears.

Magical Abilities: As a priestess, her attacks center around divine power, purification, and healing. They are most effective against beings of evil, chaos, demons or undead.

Other Items: Teleportation Necklace: A small pendant that grants her the power to return to the Antongrad Seaside Towers at a moment's notice.

A pouch that contains her magic and healing tools:
* several small crystals
* mortar and pestle
* various herbs
* vials of pre-made salves and healing potions
* small candles


Dallas's Journal

Dallas was recognized for her potential at an early age. Born into a prestigious clan of powerful priestesses serving the Lahanian kingdon, she was schooled from her early youth in the ways of the Empryea. She trained rigorously across several weapon techniques, and primarily discovered a love of the bo staff and longbow, though she was adept with a sword as well. In her training, she also discovered a deep-seated fount of holy magic, which her studies honed and intensified to their current level.

When Dallas reached the tender age of 12, a great evil fell upon the realm. Every last citizen was called upon to defend the land from the wickedness known only as "The Dragon Mistress", and among the first volunteers were most members of the Empryea. But even their great magic and sharp battle skills proved no match for the Mistress, and countless were slain in her wake. Dallas was youngest among the survivors, numbers who were too few to restore the Empryea to its former magnificence. One by one the last priestesses faded into history, until only one remained. The old ways fell into obscurity, retold only as fairy tales to the young of the land. Only one woman remained true to the gods she had known her whole life.

And it was that woman the gods cursed with the task of restoring the Empryea. She would wander the multiverse, to realms innummerable, unable to go to the rest of the afterlife until her mission was fulfilled to their satisfaction.

And so she wanders...

The Lahanian Empryea
In days long past, the Empryea were a powerful and respected force in the realm of Lahan. The clan of priestesses held many positions of leadership in government of all levels, and also put their efforts towards humanitarian causes and social justice. They were ambassadors, doctors, advisors, teachers...wherever evil and ignorance existed in the world, they were there to combat it. Above all, however, they were the religious leaders of all the peoples in Lahan. They lived their lives in the service of Lahan's many gods, the creators and protectors of the realm.

The Pantheon
  • Viseron: Lord of the Dead
  • Daena: Lady of the Born
  • Sike: Lady of the Mind
  • Uronis: Lord of the Heart
  • Rhynia: The Hunter
  • Lemari: The Grower

Also, the demi-gods Ailato, Myreen, and So'oken.

The Meerlaa (Code)
The key tenets of the Empryea are in the form of vows taken by each and every member when she comes of age, usually at 12. They are:

  • Feed the hungry
  • Give drink to the thirsty
  • Clothe the naked
  • Shelter the homeless
  • Care for the sick
  • Visit the imprisoned
  • Bury the dead
  • Instruct the ignorant
  • Counsel the doubtful
  • Admonish sinners
  • Bear wrongs patiently
  • Forgive offences willingly
  • Comfort the afflicted
  • Pray for the living and the dead

So begins...

Dallas Reiger's Story