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Daylin Greyston

[quote]I'd kill for perfect luck. Mind you, I'd kill for a lot less than that, but still.[/quote]

0 · 88 views · located in Wing City

a character in “The Universal Aperture”, originally authored by DemiKara, as played by RolePlayGateway


87 Daylin has plain brown hair and plain brown eyes. In fact she really and truly works hard on making herself as nondescript as possible Dark blue jeans and a plain purple shirt with a good pair of black calf boots with a brown leather jacket to finish off her outfit. She wears no jewelry and carries no purse. Her hair is shoulder length, neatly brush, and straight though it curls at the bottom. After all, just because you're trying to remain incognito doesn't mean you can't at least look well put together.



Bright and playful, Daylin has a fire in her soul and isn't afraid to admit it. It's with joy and zest that she does practically everything. Though her attitude about life can get rather annoying in large doses, she doesn't really mind that people can't handle too long of her. After all, he philosophy on life isn't just to seize the day. It's the seize the day as if it were a bucking bronco and to have fun while you do!


As the daughter of assassins and part-time assassin herself, Daylin carries what most would consider a full arsenal on her. This includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Three small knifes strapped to her left arm, hidden under her jacket.
  • One long knife in each boot, outside edge
  • Two small pistols, on under shirt, the other generally in her right jacket pocket
  • One revolver on small of back
  • Kevlar vest, slim underneath her shirt
  • Swiss army knife in left jacket pocket
  • Lock picks in inner pocket on jacket

    Recent Additions Include:
  • A Flip belt that allows her to sit or walk on the ceiling as well as increases her agility
  • An anti-grav field generator that has time limit of twenty minutes and must recharge for ten minutes before another use.
[*] A Shuriken Pistol
[*] Aspect Armor
[*] A Banshee Mask
[*] Fusion pistol
[*] Harlequin's Kiss
[*] Neuro-disruptor
[*] Plasma pistol
[*] Powerblades
[*] Holosuit
As for tools, the ever paranoid Daylin knows very well that being recognized would be a hassle. Thank to her unique heritage she is able to shift her features if she so chooses. This has led to the creation of 3 fake identities. To go along with that, she keeps the ID card plus a credit card for each name in her inner coat pocket. It's a feature she rarely take advantage off, using magic to disguise the existence of that inner pocket entirely.

Being only half-human, Daylin has the unique ability to change her features into anything she wants. She could ever change her species if she so desired, though she normally doesn't. She's not quite strong enough to change her gender, but having seen what happens to the people who do that, she really doesn't want to anyway.


Daylin is the adopted daughter of two dangerous assassins. Being adopted shortly after her birth and kept a relative secret until her teen years, she considers her childhood to be a bore. Most people though would probably consider being kidnapped 10 times by the time you turned thirteen however to be just a little bit of excitement. She's trained most of her life to be an assassin and now that she'd grown is demanding her parents, now multi-billionaire heads of an assassin organization, give her as many jobs as they can.

Overprotective as they are though, she keeps ending up with more paperwork and assigning other assassins jobs instead of the work she truly desires. She refers to herself as part-time secretary and part-time assassin because of this. Currently her favorite activity is actually getting kidnapped which has started to happen on average of one week, mostly because her parents know she can handle it herself.

If you're kidnapped that often, does it start to become a hobby? Or is it the escape that makes her so happy. Because it is then she is free to utilize her killing skills and trust me on this one, Utilize them she does.

Recently, much to her amusement, Daylin has been trained by the Eldar Harlequin. she had two main reasons for this move. One, going really fast is really fun, and Two, who didn't want a plasma gun? She was trained by the Howling Banshees, though he ultimate 'goal' is to join a Harlequin troupe she has been introduced to by her rather insane friend. Vircus.

So begins...

Daylin Greyston's Story