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Desidra DewGahr

The Dark Mage

0 · 182 views · located in Wing City

a character in “The Universal Aperture”, as played by MgeoftheWhtBst



The jagged edges of her raven locks appeared as though someone had taken a razor to them in a frenzy. Deep chocolate-brown eyes were tainted by a faint ring of red just around the pupil. Her skin was a ghastly white, as though she didn't get much sun at all. Around her neck hung a heavy silver chain with a pentacle pendant, tiny red stones set into the metal at the five points of the star. She wore several layers of dress in varying shades of black and purple, looking altogether overdressed for most occassions. She carried herself with an air of grace and elegance, if a bit of arrogance.

Species: Human

Age: 24

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: What a rude question to ask of a lady!

Eyes: A rich, deep brown, with a small ring of red just around the pupil

Hair: Short, razor-cut black

Garments: She wears several layers of majestic looking dress and magely robes in all shades of black and indigo


She's a mystery, a chameleon having the sense to do absolutely anything and everything for the furthering of her own selfish interests. She is haughty and vain, thinking herself among the most powerful, although always wishing to be even stronger. She follows no rules, no code of honor, and serves only herself.

Likes: Toying with victims, the rush of gaining more powerful abilities

Dislikes: Being insulted

Greatest Desire: To seek out those with powers she desires and relieve them of those powers

Greatest Fear: TBD

Greatest Strengths: She is cunning and clever, and very good at blending in with her envirnoments to serve her goals

Greatest Flaws: Really?


Magical Abilities:
~ Soul Drain: a contact-required ability, it brings slow death to anyone she touches while using it. The longer a person is touched, the more energy is drained, until they are weakened, and finally killed by lack of energy to keep their bodies running. In turn, her own energy and abilities are refreshed an rejeuvenated using the stolen energy. It is her only innate and most basic ability.

~ Magic Drain: A modified version of Soul Drain, this ability has the same effect, but operates only on a victim's innate magical abilities. (Learned abilities do not count.) This ability is not fatal, but completion results in the person's magic ability being completely wiped from their system. However, if the process is interrupted at any stage, she can copy their ability only for as long as she managed to touch them.

~ Fire manipulation, level 3: Her first stolen ability. She can summon fire from a nearby source and increase its intensity by ten, but she cannot create fire from will. It also grants her protection from other fire-based attacks.

~ Shadow manipulation, level 2: The same as fire manipulation, though with shadow energy instead of fire elemental. At this stage, she can convert shadow into matter, but only for a short period of time.

~ Self-regeneration: a healing ability that applies only to herself. Small injuries heal within moments, larger ones take longer to repair, though still faster than an average human's. Fatal strikes are still fatal, as the power is not innate but has to be used with some measure of will and concentration.

Other Items: a small purse of coins


There was no question that little miss Desidra Gallian was destined for greatness. Born to middle nobility in a kingdom known at the Crossrealms, Lady Desidra was raised as any other noble, taught to read and write, and granted almost anything her childish heart could desire. She grew in grace and beauty, and was betrothed to another noble's son to unite their lands. Alas, our little Lady had a mild case of rebellious princess syndrome, choosing instead to participate in clandestine meetings in the land's local taverns. At the tender age of fourteen, she wed her true love, Derrik DewGahr.

Despite their best efforts to disappear and elope, her Lord father hired several bounty hunters, who eventually tracked the happy couple down. Derrik was killed in the struggle, and Desidra was whisked away to her father's dungeon for bringing such shame upon the family. While prisoner in her own castle, she met a fellow prisoner, a heretical priest who claimed to offer her power unimaginable, enough to overthrow her father and take her rightful place. And it was under the guidance of this priest that she began her training in the dark arts. It was he who discovered her awesome power, and he who was the first to succumb to it. On the night they were to escape, she killed him, absorbing his firemancing powers and setting the whole castle ablaze. Her parents, her siblings, her old friends, they all perished in the inferno she wrought upon the castle- the inferno from which she walked away without so much as a burn.

Having tasted the fullness of her powers, as well as the satisfaction of taking another's life, all in one night, she set out to wreak even more havoc across the multiverse, leaving a trail of death and destruction as she seeks out those with the abilities she lusts after.

So begins...

Desidra DewGahr's Story