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Katarina Blackheart

Despite appearances, not a FF Black Mage. Katarina was as close to a 'Witch' as traditionally taught magic can take you even before she was exiled for delving into less legitimate areas of study.

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a character in “The Universal Aperture”, as played by Arrow


Katarina 'Blackheart' Cassidy
'The (not so) Wicked Witch of the Woods'

by *horrormove of deviantart
Name: Katarina Cassidy
Alias: Katarina Blackheart
Age: 31
Race: Human
Class: Dark Mage


Curse Bolt: A simple and universal attack spell, a curse bolt burns and dissolves material/flesh when it impacts, like an acid, corrosive and painful.
Fire Bolt: The name says it all, doesn't it?
Lightning Bolt: Self explanatory, again.
Ice Bolt: Lah dee da...
Stone Shards: I'm feeling inventive at this point, really.
Poison Bolt: A bolt of green energy that does no damage visibly, but penetrates the target's skin, inflicting them with a fatiguing and nausea-inducing poison that will eventually cause paralysis.

Entropy: - unless otherwise stated, all Entropy spells can be resisted with sufficient willpower.
Weakness: A spell that seizes the foe, and makes their muscles jelly, afflicted with apparently heavy limbs and fatigue.
Sleep: A spell that attempts to place the foe in the grip of sleep.
Nightmare: Only effective against a sleeping foe, this fills their dreams with nightmares that can cause them physical harm (depending on what their nightmare is, clowns aren't any more dangerous than real life, for example [thought they have a mean left hook, I hear]).
Pain: This spell fills the foe with agonising pain, though it does no physical damage.

Portal: This spell can create a portal to a pre-designated location. Only pre-designated portal sites can be travelled to, and a complex ritual is required to create a portal site.
Open Lock: Does what it says on the tin.
Breathe: Allows breathing in adverse situations, such as underwater, in a vacuum, etc.
Move: Minor telekinesis.

Black Magick:
Curse: This spell lays a curse on another, with varying results.
Immolate: The foe is set alight with dark flames, which are formed from black magical energy rather than actual fire, but produce a similar effect.
Shadow Bolt: A bolt of pure dark energy.
Life Drain: A traditional life drain, with the addition that it can be used to draw on the life force of those around the mage to increase their magical power.
Summon: The mage can summon a variety of demonic entities.

Magickal Limitation: Katarina has a limited pool of magickal energy, or mana, to draw upon. When this is used up, her spells fail.
Light Magick: Due to the corrosive and cursing nature of her spells, any light wielder can dispel them before they achieve their full effect with restorative and healing abilities. In addition, Katarina’s Dark Magickal protections are less effective against Light Magick offensive abilities, unless otherwise specified (although the opposite is true as well, her offensive spells are more effective against Light Magickal protection).



A Black counterpart to the Celestial Ascendancy ability, Katarina is capable (with enough power, more than she normally holds, thus requiring the aid of magical artefacts/stores of energy) of transforming herself into a powerful Dark Magickal entity (not a demon, mind!) formed largely of pure magic. Growing in size, and sprouting large wings, Katarina also gains access to an entirely different, and more powerful set of abilities.

Black Lightning: Katarina calls forth lightning of pure black magic, that can arc between up to four foes, delivering a vast shock alongside dark magical searing that targets the soul (or for soulless entities, whatever they have beyond physical form).

Black Fire: Katarina can employ huge bursts, novas and cones of dark fire - unfettered by water - that sears the flesh through heat as well as through dark magic, targeting the inner being of its victim in a similar manner to Black Lightning.

Black Ice: Katarina summons blizzard-like storms from herself, that can either be unleashed on an area or targeted more specifically. This storm's cold not only freezes physically but also slows and debilitates the essence of those within it, both targeting the soul as the above spells and also serving to combine Weakness, Sleep and Nightmare while it is maintained.

Black Earth: Katarina manipulates the earth itself with black magick, altering it into a shadowy, tar-like pit from which dozens of grasping hands reach up (up to two stories high) to latch onto (stickily, like strong glue) the limbs and body of a victim and drag them down into the earth to be encased and suffocated in the tar. Within the tar, the victim suffers from a constant Life Drain.

Black Night: The most powerful of this form's abilities, Katarina can launch highly focused, finger-width beams of pure black magick, that cut through the air like a crackling knife and cause massive explosions of darkness upon impact initially, before the exploded energy implodes, drawing the target and the surrounding area inwards like a gravitational vortex, in which the dark energy becomes focused for a second time before dissipating, all the while subjecting them to the soul-assaulting damage of black magick and the physical burning of the energy itself.

So begins...

Katarina Blackheart's Story