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Tessa Cartner

0 · 156 views · located in Wing City

a character in “The Universal Aperture”, originally authored by Tiko, as played by RolePlayGateway


*I did not create this image, masterbimo of deviantart did.

Name: Tessa Cartner
Age: 17
Height: 5'7
Weight: 128 lb.
Species: Human

Physical Description:

Tessa appears to be in her late teens and has a pale complexion, red hair and hazel eyes. Her wardrobe is highly variable, though her eccentric personality and flare for vibrant colors leaves her often clothed in brightly colored outfits.


Tessa is a rather extroverted person, cheerful and perpetually spunky. She can be quite a klutz when it comes to matters of magic, but what she lacks in aptitude, she makes up for in attitude and determination.


Being rather hopeless in matters of magic, Tessa was quite a handful when she discovered her talents. Impatient and often reckless, the damages that followed the spunky child around were extensive, and her mother finally relented that Tessa was just too much for her, and sent her to live with her more magically inclined aunt, Katarina Blackheart, at the age of ten.

At the age of sixteen her aunt was murdered by a demoness named Nyx Alurane, and it was the headmistress of Academia Celestia, Scarlet Dae that took her in and gave her a place at the academy. Though still quite the magical klutz, the formal training and schooling has her improving, as well as private tutoring from a demon by the name of Plures.


  • Magical amplification: Tessa is in a sense, a magical amplifier. Spells she cast are amplified beyond their normal limitations, creating often times uncontrolled and chaotic situations from her inexperience and lack of control. Tessa can be used to amplify other mages spells in addition to her own.

Black Magic:
Tessa favors black magic and demonology.

  • Curse: Places a curse over her victim. The magnitude and/or duration of the curse influences the necessary energy and focus needed to cast it.
  • Life Drain: Standard life drain spell, can be used to rejuvenate herself by draining those around her.
  • Mana Drain: Standard mana drain spell, can be used to replenish her own magical reserves by draining those around her.
  • Blind: Temporarily blind an opponent.
  • Silence: Temporarily silences an opponent, negating their ability to speak, or cast spells requiring verbal components.
  • Summon Demon: Summons forth a demonic entity of varying types.

Misc spells:
Though she specializes in black magic, Tessa is versatile in many areas of magic. However, she lacks the same level of efficiency outside of her area of expertise. These are merely her most commonly used spells, and within the realm of elemental and arcane magic, she's reasonably versatile.

  • Elemental bolts: Standard bolt style attacks, including the four traditional elements: fire, air, water/ice and earth/stone; as well as some non traditional types: shadow, poison and lightning.
  • Polymorph: Can turn a target into a random animal, though rarely the animal she intended.
  • Dispel magic: Dispel a magical effect or ongoing spell.
  • Counter spell: Counter a spell mid cast.
  • Inferno: A ten meter zone surrounding Tessa is engulfed in a fiery inferno. Very damaging to her environment as well as any allies within the zone. Tessa remains safe within the center of the inferno, though can succumb to overheating should she maintain the spell for too long.


  • Staff:
  • Spells: Plagued with an unfocused mind, Tessa finds memorizing spells quite difficult and often carries notes on her person. When casting a spell from a note, the chance of success is greatly increased.
  • Plures' Spellbook: Aside from her own spell list, when she has this item in her possession she can access Plures' spells in addition to her own.

Tessa can summon a few demons to her aid, though she is still too inexperienced to control anything too powerful.

  • Razbit: Tessa isn't really sure what it is, but it's cute even if it doesn't seem to do anything useful
  • Tokarattihael: Toka doesn't have much in the way of abilities beyond a knack for skulking about and causing mischief.
  • Sesataapraz: The most powerful of Tessa's summons, Sesa wields a combination of elemental fire and demonic hellfire. For the sake of elemental resistances, hellfire is not fire, but rather a demonic dark energy.

So begins...

Tessa Cartner's Story