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Lucifer Rakewood

Approach with caution, I might just destroy you.

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a character in “The University of Sanguinary”, as played by Duchess-Zombie


Full Name: Lucifer Rakewood

Nickname: Lucifer (Lu to his friends)

Role: Vampire, Student 7

Picture(s): Image

Written Appearance: Lucifer has relativity tanned skin for a vampire although he is still pale. He has dark red eyes with pupils that are like cat slits. He has the roman numeral for 13 tattooed on his left wrist inside the card for the ace of spades. There are three piercings in his right ear and a single stud in the top of his left ear.

Height: 6'1

Weight: 170

General Body Structure: Lucifer is slim but don't let that fool you. His body his lean and well muscled. He likes to exercise to keep his body in shape even though he doesn't really have to as a vampire.

Personality: Lucifer is as mean as his namesake. He enjoys teasing and hurting others, toying with women and generally causing discomfort for those around him. You would never guess from meeting him though. He has learned to hide his cruel nature behind a charming facade. He can get anyone to trust him withing minutes of meeting him.

Likes: Blood Tea, Novels, Breaking Hearts

Dislikes: Clingy women, weakness, being hungry

Fears: Falling in love and true death

Quirks: Lucifer keeps a pendant with a picture of a woman he cant remember and wears it around his neck all the time. Although he doesn't know the woman he knows he can't be with the picture.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Crush: No one

Biography: Lucifer was born just over a 100 years ago in England to a lady of high birth and a stable boy. His mother's family, shamed by her slanderous actions, cut her out of their lives and sent her away from the royal court and into the country. As she had been born into money and had never had to work a day in her life Lucifer's mother couldn't cope and died shortly after giving birth leaving her son nothing but her locket and the name of the devil. He was raised by a peasant woman and her husband on a small farm but it seemed as if he knew there was blue blood in his veins. He attended the local school along with the other local village children but he always believed he was better than them. He was well know as the class bully by the children but was never caught by the teachers and so he never go into trouble. As he grew older Lucifer got better and better at hiding his cruel attitude.

When he turned 17 a beautiful young woman came to the village. None of the villagers knew her and treated her with caution telling the children to stay away. One evening one of the village girls came to Lucifer and confessed her love for him and he crushed her. As the girl left in tears the young woman stepped out from behind a building laughing. She had been watching the whole thing and had really enjoyed the performance. She asked Lucifer his name and when he told her she became even more delighted and offered to take him away from the boring little village he had grown up in.

Lucifer was turned when he was 18 and spent the next 100 years learning from Morgan. She taught him how to read, write, how to dance, how to seduce women, how to brew and drink blood tea correctly and everything he would need to live life as a vampire. The combination of his own cruel personality and Morgan's training turned him into a dangerous and unpredictable character.

So begins...

Lucifer Rakewood's Story

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#, as written by Rift
Jayden eyed a suspicious girl as he walked down the hallway, she looked... uncomfortable, as if nervous about something. "New entry obviously..." He muttered. He could have said something rude about her obviously meek attitude, but he took pity on her... and so decided he would do it later instead. He approached the door to the lobby, he could hear the voices of others, it made him worry, there were more than just new people, there were others, people who were returning and probably knew him... not a single one in a good way. He gulped slightly before entering. *Remember Jayden just don't get into a major argument until you get your schedule...* With those thoughts Jayden pushed open the doors. But alas, people instantly remembered him and he was suddenly the receiver of countless angry glares. Jayden sighed.

He was walking up to the table where he would receive a schedule when a large, brutish boy stood in front of him, blocking his advance. "Where do you think you're going Crane?" He asked jeeringly. "Not even going to say hello to and old friend after not seeing me for so long?" There was sarcasm dripping from his words. Jayden stared up at the brute. "Fat face, a crooked tooth, shaggy, greasy black hair and a nose so squashed it looks like your mother attempted to dash your brains on the floor as a baby and your nose cushioned the fall.... I'm sorry do I know you? I don't honestly think we've met, I'd remember someone as disgusting as you." Jayden said calmly, as if he was speaking casual conversation. The boy was instantly thrown aback by his insults, covering his nose before flaring up with anger. "Crane!!! Every time you mock me and every time you forget who I am!!!" The boy began walking towards Jayden angrily. "I'm... GRAAAH!" *Thump* The boy fell to the ground winded after Jaydens fist had buried itself deep into his stomach. "Not so close fat nose, I don't enjoy people breaching my personal space. The boy wasn't about to speak again as Jayden side-stepped his winded body.

He approached the table where the schedules were being handed out just in time to see a boy giving a cheesy compliment to before leaving and winking at the woman who was handing them out and she giggling in response. He let out a loud groan which snapped the woman back to attention. "Honestly mam, if that's all it takes to get you giggling you've really got to work on your self-dignity..." Jayden said, perhaps a little louder than he should have. The woman cringed and blushed slightly before speaking. "Ahhh... Master Crane... how, lovely, to see you... here you are, now please lets not mention this to anyone else alright?" She said with a forced smile. Jayden grunted and accepted the schedule before begrudgingly walking towards the lobby doors, attempting to get back to his room as soon as possible.

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While Guy was explaining Terra what the night classes were, another person joined them, a vampire, Selena noticed. "The night classes are for students who need extra help right?" the Vampire said, shrugging. "Oh, I'm sorry, that was rude of me. My name's Lucifer. It's my first year here and well, I was beginning to feel lonely over there." Selena was about to introduce herself when Guy looked at her with a weird look in his eyes. Fear? "Can I talk to you alone fopr a minute?" Guy asked and without waiting for Selena's reply he took her by the arm and pulled her to the hallway.

He turned and looked at her. "That was a Slayer. I can tell. No normal human would come near someone like a Vampire they don't like how you people look they make fun of your pale skin." A Slayer? Her in the school? That thought made her shiver. How could they let a Slayer enroll? That must be a mistake, she thought. She was surprised when Guy pulled out a sword. "You better stick with me. We need to get to the Principal and tell him." She was about to protest when another Vampire approached them, grabbing Guy by the wrist.

"My God you're an idiot aren't you boy..." the Vampire scowled, "Guy Pheonix, am I right? I recieved the letter like everybody else but if you're a person who wants to protect us then I honestly think we're better off on our own. Honestly, just because a girl seems a little bit suspicious and is a little friendlier than others does NOT mean she's a slayer... sure she might be, anybody MIGHT be but you have no definite proof, you're just suspicios! If you go to the principal and he agrees to investigate then what happens if you're wrong? I'll tell you what happens, an innocent human girl gets searched for no reason and when nothing comes up? You run the risk of suspension or expulsion for falsely accusing someone of being a slayer!"

He relased Guys wrist. "If you want to keep an eye on her than do, but I swear if you act like an imbecile and waste the time of a higher authority than I will have no problems with ripping you in two!" He turned to Selena. "And you! You're a vampire you should know better! You weren't honestly going to let him go through with this were you?! Honestly, the two of you should be ashamed! Now I want you, Mr. Pheonix, to tell me that you won't even think about doing something so idiotic unless you have proper evidence! Now!"

"Of course I wouldn't let him. I never would accuse anyone without the evidence. And there must be probably a mistake, she doesn't look like someone who would be a Slayer. " Selena looked at the Vampire with a serious look on her face. Sure, Selena sensed something strange about Terra, but still there was no evidence.
"I won't tell you that But i will apologize for being rash. I Have a felling though, A gut feeling there's something about that girl. I need to keep an eye on her though that's for sure." Guy said. "And trust me you need help. Those slayers are everywhere. And if she is one. then you are in trouble."

Selena felt a slight headache as her thoughts stirred in her head. She needed to be alone, she needed peace. She only arrived to the school and there was a possibility that a Slayer is attending the school, too. "If you'll excuse me," she said, "I need some time to think." she walked away, leaving them alone. She entered her room and locked the door behind her. Leaning on the door she slowly slid down to a sitting position. She put her head between her knees and took a deep breath to calm herself down. This was a habit, from when she was still a human, that she did whenever she felt troubled. A human? A slayer? This thoughts circled in her mind making her for some reason feel like she was in a roller-coaster. She stood up and went to lay on her bed and closed her eyes. Let my head be clear at least for an hour, she thought as she slowly fell asleep.