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Alurai Sakuroba

A young witch who has been alone since she was 2 years old. She doesn't mind being alone but she wishes to have friends and get along with others.

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a character in “The Unknown World of Fantalaysia”, as played by AluraiSakurobaWitch


Name: Alurai Sakuroba
Age: 19
Race: Witch
Physical Description: Long white hair to her legs that is mostly in a ponytail, sapphire blue eyes, tan complexion, curvy, medium-sized chest, Average height, wears only black and red witch outfits
Personality: Loner but helpful
Weapons: Staff
Background: Alurai was abandoned by her family that consisted of her mother, father and two older sisters and a younger brother. They were human but when they found out Alurai was different because she could use magic they made her an outcast when she was only 2 years old. Alurai taught herself and only depended on her own self and never asked for help, she got herself through school alone and also kept to herself. Many came to her but she always turned them away she did not want to feel anything and decided she wanted to stay in this unemotional state for her life but secretly wishing someone would save her.

So begins...

Alurai Sakuroba's Story


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Akio was on her way to a library to look for a art and literature book. Today she wore a long red dress and her ed hair was allowed to flow freely down her back. After walking past a café, she bumped into a person as she turned a corner. She fell over backwards with her equipment scattering across the floor. Akio quickly got up and dusted herself before looking at the person she bumped into. "Sorry..." She gave a quick bow before gathering her equipment scattered on the floor.