Vincent Sequester

A Bitter Scientist

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a character in “The Unnatural Game: The Playtester”, as played by Vercerigo


Vincent is a bitter young controversial scientist who does not appreciate the bothersome concepts of ‘morality’ and ‘ethics’. They get in his way, and he does not approve of such trivial, primitive ideology. He is fascinated by anatomy, the psychology of the criminal mind (with which he is well-acquainted), and the intricate workings of clockwork. He also plays the violin, although only on the rarest occasions. Since he does not feel obligated to follow the guiding principles of right and wrong, Vincent has no problem performing experiments that some would deem inappropriate or cruel, and as a result has been exiled from many laboratories, most of which have done their best to disrepute him afterwards.
He is very snarky and sarcastic, and has no issue with admitting that he does not care much for others.
At the very top of the list of human actions that displeases and annoys him, none causes him as much displeasure as being told what to do. Vincent considers himself an independent, free man, and will revolt furiously against anyone or anything that represents a threat to that freedom, or tells him what to do.
Unless you pay him, of course.
Although many doctors have prescribed several forms of medication and therapy for him, he relied very heavily on alcohol to chase away his depression, if only temporarily. As a result, of course, he quickly became addicted to drink (although he will not admit it). When inebriated, he may either delve even further into his bitter depression or transform into someone so happy and reckless one could hardly ever believe he was the same person before the drink.
Vincent has a knack for mechanical objects, and spends his days locked up in a inn alone, printing counterfeit money to pay his bills, tinkering with small automatons, or mixing volatile chemicals to create bombs, or dissecting whatever poor soul he managed to catch that he believes no one will miss.

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