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Khay T'Uun

Entity of Chaos, Being of the Beyond- Khay is Khay.

0 · 100 views · located in Unseen World Council

a character in “The Unseen World: MCU Archives”, as played by Khay-T-Uun


Name: Khay T'Uun
Alias(es): Khayt
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' - 8' (Avg.)
Eyes: Variable; Commonly Magenta or Fiery Red
Gender: Female
Race or Species: "Interdimensional Being"
Build: Tall/Lithe
Physical Description:
Khay, as most know her, stands at any height she wishes- to a degree, and based on the dimensional stability of whatever zone she is in. Most often she will range between Five feet and Eight, and can only go as small as six inches and as large as seventeen- to do so is to involve herself in quite the ritual in either case, to be assured.

That said, it is one of a few variables in her appearance. Her figure is usually lithe, assuming she takes care of herself while in a physical realm- toned muscles and long, slender limbs. Her face is angular, with a sharp chin, and eyes that burn bright red, or simmer dull magenta. Full, oft quirked lips hide sharp teeth, pointed all with long fangs. Atop her head is a glorious mane of hair- long black hair in dreadlocks, or dark red hair let loose in waves.

Of course, most might assume her to be an abnormal human of strange posture and mutated features... without taking into consideration her extra set of arms, as dexterous and capable as her others, and the prehensile whip of a forked tail, black and scaled unlike the rest of her light brown flesh.

Ah, and one mustn't forget the third eye; but more on that later.

This is all of course assuming one of two things.
First would be that she chooses to show her true form- it is of course possible that she has chosen to appear, for some purpose, with only two arms and no tail. In such cases they are still there of course, just wrapped tight to her back and veiled in illusion.

The other would be that she is visible at all, or entirely- in places where the Warp, the Phase, the Shift- all such things are dampened, impossible- so too does she become less able to exist, at least as a visible, physical entity. The opposite can be true as well- in places where there is an overwhelming otherworldly or interdimensional presence, Khay may find it difficult to keep herself bound to the physical realm.

  • None Mentioned.

  • Teleportation. A signature ability of hers, it is often accompanied by a Vwoomp of some kind and a cloud of coloured smoke (when leaving.) This is interdimensional in nature, allowing transit between planes.
  • Forcefield. A reactive ability, Khay can stop solid projectiles, up to the size of cannon shells, and numbering to about a score at a time. Of course, this can always fail, such is the fickle sensibility of the powers she serves. Alternatively, other projectile types- lasers, plasma, explosives- as well as some form of melee attack, can be stopped or diverted, albeit far less effectively.
  • Body veil. There are occasions- such as in the face of those who might particularly despise demonic or warp entities- where appearing as a toothy woman with four arms and a tail is surprisingly conspicuous. As a result, Khay has learned how to hide her second set of arms and her tail, alter her teeth, and make other such minor modifications to how she is perceived- rendering them invisible, if still perfectly able to be felt. Of course, touching an errant tail breaks the illusion immediately.
    Khay will usually be in this muted form when first entering an unfamiliar area... just in case.
  • Mental lightning strike. The one ability Khay usually exhibits when removing her headband, and revealing her third eye. To the outsider, it appears as if Khay is simply looking at her target with her third eye, and shooting a bolt of powerful, psionic bio-lightning at them, often with painful- if not deadly- results. In fact this is precisely what is happening.
  • Telepathy. This is a tricky one; effectively speaking, Khay cannot read minds. Technically speaking however, Khay is able to enter minds, if she is given enough purchase to do so. Being an entity of alternate dimensions, one of those dimensions to which she has access happens to be the realm of the subconscious.
    Basically, if someone is willing enough to trust her, then they may just be willing enough- subconsciously- to allow her to read and change their thoughts. She can also perform Psionic Ventriloquism, allowing her to throw her voice, allow certain people to hear her while others cannot, and certain other things like that.

Personal History

Khay's history is wrapped in layers of enigmatic falsehood and mystery; her true origins are known only to herself, but there are hints, here and there.

Wherever she comes from, Khay is an entity native to all worlds, and none; she exists in the Warp, the Phase, the Shift, the Dream- all these dimensions and more. Her first known foray into 'Real-space' was several hundred years ago, when she began seeking those with ties to the other realms- magicians, psions, sorcerers, and all those sorts.

Of course, her story has yet to begin in this realm; what awaits her here remains to be seen...

So begins...

Khay T'Uun's Story