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The Unwanted Ones

The Unwanted Ones


Whispering Pines Boarding School was created to help the unwanted Creatures and Monsters. Usually dropped off by parents, or showing up on their own, they need or want help. The goal is to learn to control themselves and relax in a safe environment.

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Whispering Pines Boarding School is more than just a school, It's a safe haven for unwanted creatures and monsters. A place for them to live and hide away from the real world, until they are ready to return to a life that will be set up for them by the school.
The creatures here come from different backgrounds. Abused or just scared from being alone most of their lives, those who come here stay until they are ready to leave.
Each creature has a different background and attitude towards their being there. How they ended up there depended on the person, either they came on their own free will, were sent there by the government or their parents/friends signed them up and sent them off. Few humans in the real world know about creatures, and most end up at the school to deal with their knowledge of the monsters.
Whispering Pines has a very relaxed vibe, though has some strict rules, those who disobey will be punished.
Rule # 1 of Whispering Pines: Do not EVER tell a human about the school.
# 2: Never ever give out the location of the school.
# 3: Any fights will be dealt with by the Head Mistress and automatic suspension, no leaving the school grounds or going on trips.
# 4: You MUST attend your classes, even if you pretend to pay attention, you must be in each class for the whole class unless told otherwise or actually sick.
If you follow these few rules your stay at Whispering Pines will be pleasant. Though, I must warn you, if you stay at this school be prepared for the unexpected, because this year is different from any other year, the creatures have become 'mutants' from their parents being different species of monsters/creatures, and the Government has become very aware of how much of a threat they could be. Prepare for a school year like never before.

Toggle Rules


1: Feel free to use your own characters, just run them by me first in this form{Or a form of similar kind{Or with pictures}}, please. Also, you are allowed to play one or more characters, though don't push your limit, if you can only handle one character, use only one character. Ages allowed go from 13-28, I would rather keep them in a closer age range. :D
How/Why they are here~
Other~{Here put dislikes, likes, fears, or random stuff, this is optional}

2: Please be considerate of other peoples posts, and please keep you own at about three or more sentences a post, and keep it literate and readable. No p0sts lik dis. Thanks.

3: If you are going to leave, please state so in a post, and try to post more than once a week. Don't just leave and not return, thanks.
Also if you are going to post out of your character, use ooc or () or some form of this.

4: You can choose to 'room' with another character or have a separate room.

5: The school will have classes and a lot of free time, which will be used to interact with all of the other people. If you would like you can choose to play a teacher or random student time to time, that would be appreciated, but do try to interact instead of waiting to be interacted with. Also NO controlling other peoples characters other than your own or ones you make up that are simply in passing. God Modding is also a big NO.

6: Only occasional fights, no killing, mild swearing and no sexual stuff please{Kissing, cuddling, hugging, hand holding, stuff like that, is ok xD}

7: If I ask you to leave, please leave, otherwise I may have to report it, which no one wants. Dx {But I will only do that if it's necessary.}

8: Have Fun when you're roleplaying, try to keep the posts entertaining, otherwise it will become dull fast.

Thanks. :D

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"Ok im on your team then!" Xavier said to Skylar, standing up and standing next to her. Turning he asked. " When do we start? Now?" He asked eagerly. "Im dieng to stretch my legs." He laughed.

OOC: okay just wanted to make sure thanks!

Great. Now she was a leader. Keira had never been a team leader ever but she needed those passes bad, and if that meant trying to get a load of social outcast kids with powers to work together then she would do it. This is not going to be easy.

Skylar picked the guy who spoke earlier. Damn! He would have been good to have with running being his strength. How was she supposed to pick a team when she didn't even know anyone or what they could do. Keira scanned the crowd and came across a girl a little younger than herself with white hair, Keira couldn't remember ever talking to the girl but she knew her name was Tiffany. She stood out and from her body language Keira could tell she really didn't want to be here which is just what she needed, someone else desperate to leave.

Keria heard the guy Xavier say something about stretching his legs but before Skylar could answer Keira made her first choice.

'I want her' she pointed at the young girl and smiled 'It's Tiffany right?'

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"I want her." The new captain pointed at Tiffany. All heads in the cafeteria seemed to snap in her direction, seeing who the second captain had just picked.

OH, GREAT. Just wonderful, she thought. Don't even know what game this is and I'm picked first on a team. Just great.

Her face remained blank as she stepped forward confidently towards the girl. Yes, she had no clue what she was doing, but might as well not look dumb.

'It's Tiffany right?' The girl asked Tiffany as she took her spot beside Keira. Putting her hand on her left hip, she nodded, pursing her lips some. "That's me," she responded. Her voice came out blank and harsh, it's natural tone.

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Skylar smirked and looked at Xavier. "Okay. So, I want..." she pointed to some random kid. (Idk who is left...O_o) "you." She smiled, jumping off the table.

(Sorry had midterms didn't have time to post)


She watched the students pick their teams and out her hands in her hips."so skylar why exactly did you want me to come with you?" Her hands slipped over her hips. "I do have classes that I need to set up you know" Her hand went to her chin thinking for a moment. "Do you need me to be a ref or something? Wouldn't one of the gym teachers work instead?"


Jake was the only one that wasn't on a team, for most of skylar's announcement he stayed in the back with a hood on listening to music. He couldn't careless about going to the outside world. That's where he was from and humans where nothing but a bunch of whimps. His eyes looked at her pointing finger before rolling up to her face. "Me? Babe you'll win for sure with me on your team" He said as he took off his hood revealing his face and walking up to the table. He couldn't resist a game.

Aria was one of the last to be picked. She sighed, and sat on the table with her knes up to her chest. She has a black hoodie on, adn was listening to Radioactive on her Iphone. Aria was used to being last, after all everyone hated her. he had no idea why, maybe they were scared of her.

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Skylar giggled quietly, "Oh, Emma, why don't you play too." she said. Her hair falling over her face. "Babe?" she snickered quietly, shaking her head.

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