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Xavier Parsons

0 · 959 views · located in Whispering Pines Private School for Creatures

a character in “The Unwanted Ones”, originally authored by Wolflover2217, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Xavier Josphew Parsons. (Za-vi-er)
Age: 18
Race/Species: were dragon





Attitude/Personality: Xavier is a playboy, and likes to show off to girls. He has a great personality, but a short temper, which may set off his dragonform.

How/Why they are here: The police caught him yelling at a person who attacking him in the streets, and he turned into a dragon.

Other: He likes storms, when he flies in them. He likes dogs, espicially wolves. He has a soft spot for andimals.
Xavier is EXELCENT at drawing. Like AMAZING!
he hs a huge sketch book, where he draws his pictures. Here are a few of his.
He basicly draws anything.

So begins...

Xavier Parsons's Story

Keira was one of the last people the enter the cafeteria and stood towards the back in a empty spot the crowd had not claimed. she wasn't really listening to Skylar who had gathered than all here it was probably just another 'Welcome we hope you enjoy it here feel free to come talk about your problems' crap. Instead she quietly slipped in her headphones and watched a Skylars dragon Oboro did she call him? Being petted by a girl and a boy she didn't really recognise.

Suddenly Skylar caught her attention, well what really caught her attention was what she was holding, she had the passes. She yanked her headphones off just as the boy stroking Oboro spoke "what do you do if you wanna play?" We have to play to win a pass? Keira wanted no needed a pass. She needed to get of campus to run, to fly anything to clear her head its the only way she knew how, being stuck cramped up in this stuffy school was suffocating her. she needed to win. Now she gave Skylar her undivided attention.

OOC: okay just wanted to make sure thanks!

Great. Now she was a leader. Keira had never been a team leader ever but she needed those passes bad, and if that meant trying to get a load of social outcast kids with powers to work together then she would do it. This is not going to be easy.

Skylar picked the guy who spoke earlier. Damn! He would have been good to have with running being his strength. How was she supposed to pick a team when she didn't even know anyone or what they could do. Keira scanned the crowd and came across a girl a little younger than herself with white hair, Keira couldn't remember ever talking to the girl but she knew her name was Tiffany. She stood out and from her body language Keira could tell she really didn't want to be here which is just what she needed, someone else desperate to leave.

Keria heard the guy Xavier say something about stretching his legs but before Skylar could answer Keira made her first choice.

'I want her' she pointed at the young girl and smiled 'It's Tiffany right?'