Sasha Wood


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a character in “The Unwelcome Storm”, as played by Azura


Sasha Wood

134 (looks 24)



Sexual Orientation:

Emma Stone

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Height and Weight:
5' 5" and 110 pounds

Hanging out
Stuffed animals

Hurting anyone

Being alone
Her family

Personality: Sasha is normally happy but if you get on her bad side than you can see why she's a demon. She isn't the demon stereotype because she doesn't hurt and torture humans like her parents tried to make her do.

Equipment & Abilities: She has demon strength, mind control(rarely uses), and telekinesis. She can also create fire. She doesn't have any equipment but she can turn her arm into a demon's and it becomes impervious to almost all attacks.

Background: She is of royal blood. Her parents the king and queen of the demons. She had very little interaction with any other races as a child except to learn how to torture. She had a lonely childhood except for her older brother who ignored her for most of her life. She had a horrible family that wanted her to torture, abuse, and mistreat all other races but she was disgusted by that and wanted to run away. One night while she was crying in her room, she heard a voice "Do you want to be free?" She knew the answer to that. "Then it shall be. Beware freedom comes at a price." The voice said and she accepted the voices offer knowing this was her only chance to live her own life. When she awoke, she was in Caleah and it became her home and she never brought up her past again.


So begins...

Sasha Wood's Story


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Eira sighed as she once again walked through the abandoned streets of Caleah. She was feeling up for a beer, so she found herself walking into the town's pub. She sat down at the bar and looked up at the bartender, "A beer please. Doesn't matter what kind," she stated as she placed her hand out towards him, waiting for him to hand her the beer. She smirked once she finally retrieved it and took a couple sips from it. This was exactly what she needed. This was going to be a long day, she had a huge feeling about that.


Maxwell couldn't believe he's been in Caleah for a month and already seemed to find himself a place on the lake. But he just shrugged it off and plopped down in the chair sitting in his living room. The fire was roaring in the fireplace as he let out a relaxing sigh. Everything was finally going perfect in his life and he promised himself there was no going back. He licked his lips as he brought the glass filled with human blood up to his pink lips, quenching his hunger. The blood trailed down his throat in a thick yet, satisfying manor. He loved it here and honestly, he wasn't going to deny that to anyone. It was the truth and if he were to deny it, he mind as well just continued trying to find a way back to the human world. Which was definitely something he'd rather not do.