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His plan was working flawlessly. Hana didn't appear to be even slightly hesitant in them eating at The Mark and it was even better when she mentioned how the Quinn's did have a room there reserved for them. He was in. This was going to be it. He'd show Lexi that if she didn't want him, he didn't want her either. Who was she to think that she could break up with him, anyway? Sure, he had cheated on her, but she didn't know that when she ended things. If it was anyone who should feel guilty for how their relationship turned out, it was her. She was the one who should be trying to make an effort to stitch things back up and since she clearly wasn't, there was no harm in testing the waters. Besides, it wasn't like he wanted anything more from Hana than a night in bed. He wasn't looking to replace Lexi, just pass the time until she came to her senses.

"Nah, I'll come up with you," he said coolly. He had paid the cab driver, so now he stood outside of the grand Mark Hotel was Hana. She was looking considerably cold so he took the lead and opened the door for her. The lobby was gorgeous, but Logan didn't expect anything less from a five-star hotel in Manhattan. It was beginning to get late, but the lobby was still populated by a few stragglers and to the left, he spotted the entrance to the restaurant and bar, which still seemed to be bustling. If Hana ended up insisting on eating before they got to the good stuff, he decided that he wouldn't really mind. A nice piece of steak would only put him in a better mood before he showed her a good time.

"Damn, if I were you I never would've moved out of the place," he commented as they stepped into an elevator. He was now allowing her to lead because honestly, he had no idea where he was going in the place. "So Mr. Quinn just keeps a suite in all of his hotels for you guys? Like, the place is pretty much empty all of the time, expect for when one of you are staying here?" He wasn't so much as interested in learning how their family worked as he was in making sure that Katherine's father wasn't going to walk in on them later on.


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"Have fun!" Katherine chirped as Annelise left their booth. She wasn't surprised that Annie was leaving to go socialize with the younger guests. They had probably been dying for an opportunity to talk to her all night, and at some point, someone was going to have to check on Lexi anyway. Katherine was never great with advice and definitely not in this state, where she was even more focused on her own self than normal. Annelise would handle that - and everything else - like she always managed to do.

Katherine took the opportunity of being alone to gulp down the rest of her drink. She was tempted to flag down one of the cocktail waitresses to request another, but surprisingly, her conscious managed to overpower the desire for more liquor. She was drunk enough and in the back of her mind, she knew that by morning, she was going to be horrified with the amount of calories she had consumed tonight. In the past twelve hours, she had gotten by on a few bites of food at Annelise's, but she knew she was more than making up for the calories in mixer liquid and alcohol. The mere thought of it made her want to crawl into bed and sleep for a year, but as she looked around, she knew that it would be lame to leave now. Plus, Hana had left not too long ago, and the last thing that she wanted was to be grouped into any category with that loser.

She did her best to put the worrisome thoughts to the back of her mind and headed for the dance floor. As she moved through groups of people, Katherine lost track of how long she had actually been dancing. She was having fun and would have kept going, had she not suddenly felt more faint than she had in weeks. Although she tried to convince herself that it was just the stress of school and Hana, and all of the dancing that was making her head spin, she knew that her lack of nourishment had something to do with it too. Although she didn't want to give in, she decided to sit down. The closest booths were taken, and even in a bit of a frenzied state, Katherine wasn't about to sit with losers. Luckily, she found Cliff seated alone in one not to far away and dropped onto the seat across from him. She was always dramatic, and now obviously drunk, so her lack of control wasn't too alarming, and she was glad. She didn't want to raise any suspicion. If anything, she was glad that she could just blame her bad feelings on the alcohol though.

Her head was spinning faster than it had been before, but sitting down helped. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back and after a moment, returned to a more normal position. More than before, she wanted to go home and sleep, and now, she wasn't even concerned with what anyone else thought of her. However, she doubted that she would be able to make it all the way out of the club without the mixture of alcohol and dizziness causing her to fall on her face. In the best move she had made all night, she hailed a waitress over. "Would you get me some chicken fingers?" Katherine doubted that they were on Annelise's pre-determined appetizer list, but she didn't wait to see if the woman would object. If she was going to eat something, it was going to be something that she actually enjoyed. For the first time since sitting down, she finally glanced over at Cliff. "I think I drank way too much tonight," she confessed. It was true, but she also wanted to blatantly blame the way she felt on the alcohol, so no one would need to look into it further.


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#, as written by royals
Cliff Parker

It was almost immediately apparent that Lexi wasn't okay. Her body language and tone were enough evidence for Cliff, but in a matter of seconds, tears began to fall and that made it more than obvious. The cause of all of this was clearly Logan, and although he hated seeing her this upset, he was still secretly glad that he had pushed Logan towards Hana. If he could hurt Lexi this badly, when they weren't anything anymore, there was no telling what harm he could do if they actually got back together. The happiness was short lived though, because as she began to rant about how horrible Logan was, Cliff knew that Lexi's feelings for his friend were stronger than he imagined. Hours ago, it seemed like she had moved on but if Logan could come back so suddenly and instantly send her to a crying mess, it was unlikely that she had ever really gotten over him to begin with.

"Come on, Lexi. It's alright," he pleaded, reaching out to comfort her. He hated seeing her cry to a point where it actually caused a physical pain in his chest. She was like his little sister and whenever she was upset, he felt like it was his responsibility to fix it. He instinctively wanted to knock Logan out, just for causing this reaction, but there was no justification behind that since he was the one who had egged it on. He couldn't get another word out before she got up, ending the conversation with the demand that Logan stay away from her no matter what. Fair enough. That was exactly what Cliff wanted anyway.

He considered chasing after her to comfort her, but he didn't think there was anything left to say. He hoped this was going to be enough to show Lexi Logan's true colors, and if so, he figured that it might just be better to let it play out. If Logan was back for good, which was hard to say considering his track record, then Lexi was going to need to realize that he wasn't ever going to be the person she wanted him to be. While he did think that this was going to be necessary eventually, he wished he hadn't gotten himself tangled in the web. On the outside, he really hadn't done anything wrong - all he did was introduce the two, but Cliff was close enough to Logan to know that he didn't want to chat with her over pizza. He knew it, and that was why he had introduced them in the first place.

With an audible sigh, he rested his head against the back of the couch that he had moved onto to sit with Lexi. Senior year was already proving to be too exhausting for him, and it was only day one. He figured that it would be best to lay low for the remainder of the night. Lexi would undoubtedly be taken care of by Annelise and he would feel to guilty to stand around and watch her sob about something that he provoked. After a few minutes of solitude, he pulled his phone out to text Lex, but found that he had replied to him about his earlier text minutes ago.

To: Lex Manning
Close... Benson. Where are you? Don't say with that Hana chick bc that whose tongue is probably down his throat rn.

Cliff wasn't as concerned about Lex's whereabouts as he was curious, and he was ready to get up and go find him himself when Katherine approached. She was clearly out of it as she carelessly threw herself onto the couch opposite to him. There was no 'hello' or acknowledgment of any sort, even though they were the only two in the section. He narrowed an eyebrow as he studied her expression, but his frown twisted upwards a bit when he realized that she was apparently wasted. He had seen her in similar states frequently and it was dark enough where he couldn't notice how irregularly pale she looked tonight.

His smile turned into a cheeky grin as she remained leaning back with her eyes closed for a good few minutes. He liked Katherine. She was demanding and spoiled rotten, but he always found her to be amusing. Her very frequent wasted nights were no exception. She was the type of girl who had to go big- there was no drinking to get tipsy with her, only to black out. When she finally came through, she still didn't acknowledge him until after requesting chicken fingers from a passing staff member. "And water, please," he added to their order. Her request for chicken fingers was pretty random and Cliff strongly doubted that the lounge even served that type of stuff, but the woman hurried away, so he supposed that they would find a way to make it happen. "When do you not drink too much?" he chuckled.

There was a part of him that wanted to confide in Katherine about his role in Logan's whereabouts, but he wasn't sure if Katherine actually hated Hana enough to support him on this one. What he did to her was pretty low, and although he didn't know the girl enough to feel an alliance, he still knew it was wrong. No one deserved to be taken advantage of by Logan. He just would rather it be her than Lexi. Katherine was probably drunk enough to not remember any of it tomorrow morning, but he still kept his mouth shut. Just in case.

The waitress returned with the two waters first. Cliff chugged his fairly quickly and pushed Katherine's closer to her. "Here, drink some. You're going to have a bad hangover tomorrow if you don't start hydrating," he advised. She would probably be sick all morning anyway, but maybe it'd help a little. If he couldn't directly help Lexi tonight, he would at least help Katherine.