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Tanis Tenderfoot

For every life saved... Another is lost.

0 · 201 views · located in Elismeria

a character in “The Valian”, as played by Varnis54


Name: Tanis Tenderfoot
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Age: 237 (Looks to be 19 years of age.)
Why he joined the Valian: Not liking the queen's Rule, Tanis decided to put his healing powers to help keep the death toll down to a minimal.
Position: Healer
Weapon: Elven style long sword, Elven long bow.
Armor: Basic leather armor to help deflect attacks, and help him maneuver easily.


Tanis does not like to engage in combat, but to rather stay back and heal those in needs of healing. He is a kind and gentle hearted soul, but will attack if he needs to. He will do what ever it takes to defend those he loves, and cares for, never wanting them to get hurt.

So begins...

Tanis Tenderfoot's Story


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Maria is running through the forest in the stealthiest way she could, she finally reaches her destination the camp of the last refugees in the area hopefully the one with the one person who matters Nightshade. Maria stops at the outskirts of the camp and looked around first she thought I will check the tents as she thought this she peeked into the nearest tent only to see it held the one she was looking for, Maria burst into the tent and nelt before her saying " It is an honor to meet you Beleger!"