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A fantasy world where demons, goblins, elves and humans alike, coexist with one another in an endless battle. For justice, for revenge, for power. What are you fighting for?

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Character Portrait: Ceirce Ceirce is the illegitimate son of a duke. Wanted for his "Father's" murder. Lost an eye in a duel.
Character Portrait: Mugi Yuto Young boy wanting to go on an adventure of his life.
Character Portrait: Sienna Llewellyn "Any chance we could take a paved road...and a carriage?"
Character Portrait: Scott Donovan A cocky guy scared of loud noises
Character Portrait: Aoife Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell
Character Portrait: nangor a little boy about 12 years old raised by the monster queen he was killed and reborn over the years to keep him alive but it changed his appearance and skills so far he is 2 millenniums old in almost every monster village he is considered a savior
Character Portrait: Quynn Usually kind elf who really does not like being told what to do.
Character Portrait: Kirnon A revenge-driven vampire.
Character Portrait: Moonlight Driftwood "All the world's a stage, don't ruin the play by looking behind the curtain"
Character Portrait: Nomad "Nomad, that knows no words, but reads body language quite well"
Character Portrait: -
0 sightings » - played by Zaria
"Nomad, that knows no words, but reads body language quite well"
Character Portrait: Bellemere "To vow for the silence, is to swear on the grave." - A Silent Sister saying
Character Portrait: Gaveth "Why is everyone looking at me like that? What's wrong with my cooking?"
Character Portrait: Ein Crowley "Blood is thicker than water"
Character Portrait: Elizabeth Margo A human hunter who is adept at using druidic magic
Character Portrait: Kerpheres The Jester in Violet
Character Portrait: Skelly, the wandering skeleton Quite unusual, for a skeleton
Character Portrait: Dranten To die or not to die...? What a stupid question!
Character Portrait: Lich "Can't I have like... two seconds of peace? No? I hate mortals, always pissing off the wrong person."
Character Portrait: Makana Valhai Half Orc Half Human. Her dad was a ballsy Human.