Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell

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a character in “The Valleys of War”, as played by Chloe De Luca



β€œRevenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.”



Full Name
Aiofe the Last of the Dionosa Tribe

25 years old



She was born in the forests of Nilahal in the Dionosa village. The village is located deep in the forest near the Great Falls. She spends the first nine years of her life in the village with her parents until the raid. After which human monks find her on pilgrimage to the Great Falls Temple. They take her home with them to Jihan Temple, where she remains until her journey begins.

Neutral to begin. Her journey is one of personal revenge; she chooses the path the leads her to goal quickest.





General Description
Petite and slender with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pointed ears. Often she is barefoot and wears very little armor. She relies on her speed and stature to avoid attacks.


Aoife is reserved and quiet. Her stoic nature is fueled by her desire to take in the situations around her as opposed to timidness. Naturally guarded, she finds it difficult to trust others. She carries the guilt of her failure to the tribe because of her chatty nature as a child. Though her main objective is to somehow avenge her tribe and family, she is happy to be away from the temple and exploring the world beyond its walls.

[βœ”] Aoife is an avid reader and spent a lot of her childhood in the library, studying herbs and healing remedies. She loves books and the tranquility of quiet places.
[βœ”] She has a soft spot for sweets, especially honey sweet rolls and sweet cream in her tea.
[βœ”] Nature in all forms. Her ancestry and tribal tradition give her a connection with forests, rivers, trees, animals, etc
[βœ”] Dark Corners and shadowy places, she prefers to remain unnoticed.
[βœ”] Mornings, she finds peace in her morning tai-chi and chai-tea.
[βœ”] Walking, being on horseback gives her motion sickness.

[βœ–] Paladins, she distrusts them. Her only interaction with them was the rogue raiding party on their personal crusade, but she distrusts them nonetheless.
[βœ–] The sound of cutlery scraping against plates and metal against metal. It causes sensory discomfort.
[βœ–] Crudeness, having been raised on the company of monks most of her life it is vulgar and sometimes shocking to her.
[βœ–] Intense heat or deserts. She is most comfortable near sources of water and lush forests.
[βœ–] Confrontation, she prefers to do her work in the background and remain unnoticed.

Tending to gardens, tai-chi, reading.

Aoife's main motive is the find justice for her tribe and her family, though she has no idea where to start at this moment. During her journey, she also hopes to find a place where she belongs and can learn more about her elemental ability and tribal heritage.


Aoife is a monk with latent elemental powers as the daughter of a powerful Shaman. Without proper training, her elemental skills are limited to what she learned from her tribe as a child. However, she trained with monks for most of her life and is very skilled with a staff. As her power comes from nature due to her lineage, she cannot control chi as a monk, which is an inner power.

Physical Strengths
Without her staff, she is not an exceptionally strong elf. Her skills in acrobatics and ability to utilize the momentum of her weapon make her a fierce opponent.

Physical Weaknesses
She is quick; however, a few well-landed shots can quickly leave her unable to continue in the fight. She relies on her speed and acrobatics to dodge her opponents instead.

Magic Strengths
As the daughter of a Shaman, she has elemental power ingrained in her lineage, giving her exceptional sway over nature around her.

Magic Weaknesses
Since the fall of her tribe, she has had no training in her elemental ability. Her skills are limited to the basics she was taught as a child and the trial-and-error of her self-taught abilities.

Weapon Skills
A monk's staff

Protection Type
Light armor, monk battle attire


The Story so Far
Aoife was born into the Dionosa tribe of elves who guard the Great Falls. They are primitive people who possess a deep connection with nature, relying on magic as opposed to modern technology. Her mother, a Huntress and right hand to the chief, a powerful Shaman. She was born out of complete and devoted love. The tribe thrived with little distraction from the outside world. The Great Falls sat on one of the highest peaks on the continent, and the forest was thick and unruly as far as the eye could see. It was difficult to survive the journey; only a select few of the strongest monks would make the pilgrimage every year. These monks were the only contact the tribe had with the outside world, but they were welcomed visitors and would often stay with the tribe as their final stop before they convened at the Great Falls Temple to perform a blessing.
When Aoife was nine years old the monks came for another visit, she and the other children ran to the edge of the village to welcome them by throwing flowers and giggling with glee. The monks ran to them, invigorated by their smiles and trifles even after a long a treacherous walk. The rest of the village followed suit, taking their bags and handing them bowls full of water. Two of the monks approached Aofie's father directly and bowed their heads to the Shaman Cheif. Aoife's father laughed heartily and raised them up as old friends, ushering them and their new companions to the large table where the tribe feasts. They would spend the evening dancing and eating merrily, a celebration of the successful journey and fueling their souls for the blessing of the falls.
It was during this celebration that Aoife bounced joyfully on her stool as she ate a sweet roll, one of the gifts the monks bring on their journey, and one of the new monks approached her. He sat next to her and pulled out another sweet roll, extending it out to her and smiling. She grinned in glee and accepted, snatching the roll from him and tearing off a large bite with her teeth. The man smiled and asked her lots of questions about her people. He asked about what they ate. He asked about how they hunt. He asked about how they harness their powers as druids and how much more powerful her father was as a shaman. Aoife just smiled and answered his questions as they came, enjoying her sweets. He asked if she had ever seen the blessing the monks perform. If she had ever seen the inside of the temple. When the monks usually left for the temple. Aoife, a young and naive child, continued to answer his questions without question. She had no idea what the monks were doing in the temple. That her little tribe was guarding one of the most powerful natural sources of elemental water magic on the continent.
The following morning, after the monks left for their journey to the temple, a Paladin raiding party attacked the village, Aoife's new friend leading the ranks. The raiding party was one of corrupt Paladins who were blinded by the desire to restore the light to the alliance. They were driven to succeed using whatever means necessary, and their current objective involved harnessing the power of the Great Falls. After following the Monk Pilgrammage party through their secret passage through the forest, one disguised himself as a monk and infiltrated the party. The monks rose early to continue their journey, leaving the village in their hungover stupor vulnerable to the Paladin's attack. The villagers were caught off guard giving the raiding party enough advantage to overpower and slay them. They were merciless. Aoife survived by hiding in the trees. She wept as she looked down over the bodies of her family and watched as the raiding party continued up the mountain to slay the monks in the temple. She heard their surprised cries and the sounds of fighting. They didn't last very long. She jumped from the tree and began to run through the forest, tears streaming down her face until she could run no more. She climbed into a tree and fell asleep. Approaching footsteps stirred her from her slumber. Clinging to the tree she watched and listened until a human monk stepped out of the shadows. He immediately looked up to her, sensing her magic aura in the treetops.
"Little one," he called out to her, "I know you are there. I know you are scared, but please come down." His voice was calm and soft, she recognized it as one of those who were friends with her father and climbed down the tree. He took her in his arms and she began to weep.
"I will care for you child, I will not leave you here alone," he said, and they walked together back to the Jihan Temple.
Aoife lived in the temple with the monks and the disciples from all over the continent. As a child, she served them their food and provided innocent entertainment between lessons. She would tend to the gardens or play in the library most days until she was twelve years old and ready to join the training. From then on she was no longer seen as a child, but a disciple. She trained for many years on both her fighting skills with a staff but also her inherent gifts as the daughter of a Shaman. After sixteen years with the monks, she has finally decided to venture on her own and find justice for her tribe and family.

Aoife has never been in any form of an intimate relationship, her upbringing at the temple was focused more on honing her skills than matters of the heart.

So begins...

Aoife's Story