Elizabeth Margo

A human hunter who is adept at using druidic magic

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a character in “The Valleys of War”, as played by sifsand


Elizabeth Margo

"I am the predator of these wilds."


Full Name
Elizabeth Marco

Child of wolves, otherwise she has no human nicknames




She was born and raised in the forest, taking on a protector role to it and only taking what she needs and never more.

Neutral as most predatory beings would be, but is willing to protect outsiders should they lack agression toward her and her kin.




As a human a modest 5'9" but she is capable of taking a much larger or smaller size by shifting into the local wildlife

Approximately 170 lbs composed mostly of lean muscle.

General Description
Having been raised in the wild she has a rugged exterior molded by having to hunt for her food. Her clothes are primarily composed of plant fiber, though she has added animal pelt to keep her warm. Her hair length is dependent on the current climate, though very crudely groomed due to no cosmetics.



Elizabeth is a mostly reclusive person, having lived alone in the wilds for quite a few years. She is initialy hostile and agressive to things unfamiliar to her, but is still prone to curiosity things not openly harmful to her. She is very much in tune with nature, showing little cruelty toward it save for when she needs to eat. She takes very little from the forest, and only takes what she needs and tries not to waste anything. She is quite social despite her initial hostility, acting like an unwitting guardian to the forest. She is also not very lingual, only able to speak scarce english.

[βœ”] Hunting
[βœ”] Sweet foods
[βœ”] Animals
[βœ”] Meat
[βœ”] Bonding with those she views as kin
[βœ”] Archery

[βœ–] Being challenged
[βœ–] Fire
[βœ–] cold weather
[βœ–] unnecesary cruelty
[βœ–] People being overly affectionate

When she isn't hunting or tending her territory she enjoys basic herbalism and due to using druid magic enjoys just playing with the local wildlife

As far as she is concerned her only goals are to survive and protect her territory in the forest. Though she won't outright admit it, she also hopes to someday find the cause of her mothers death and perhaps even find her father.




Physical Strengths
When she is without her bow or spear she will rely on the environment to get by in combat. She can make basic traps but they have to be prepared ahead of time because they take a bit of time to make.

Physical Weaknesses
As is natural with a human she doesn't have many natural defenses, and is somewhat reliant on her weapons. Despite being well muscled for her size she is also still relatively weaker than a man of roughly the same size or larger though this hasn't stopped her from fighting much larger.

Magic Strengths
Being partly druid she is able to seamelessly shift into the forms of the local wildlife, having been observed to become a wolf, elk, and a Jaguar.

Magic Weaknesses
She is very much unfamiliar with magic thus she doesn't know how to react to it, though she is familiar with her own druidic magic though she doesn't think of it as magic.
Weapon Skills
She can make her own bow and spear from materials found in her forest, she is quite adept at both. They are both made with a mix of wood, stone, and plant fibers.

Protection Type
She wears clothing made from plant fiber and pelt from animals local to her forest. The hide she commonly wears is of either elk or Jaguar.

So begins...

Elizabeth Margo's Story

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0.00 INK

The door went suddenly open and two tall figures walked in. As they went into the reach of the lights, it was revealed that these are two men, one wearing a mage's robe and a pretty silly hat, while the other one, a real mountain when it comes to height, was wearing an armor made out of some strange material no one in the room could recognize. Both took a seat at one of the free tables, contemplating the warmth and the cozy atmosphere the Jackall had to offer.
β€œNow that's some lovely place, don't you think so, brother?” asked the mage, smirking the whole time. β€œPerhaps I can make it even lovelier. Hey, bartender, tonight all drinks go on me!” he yelled, so everyone present could hear him. β€œNow that's how you attract their attention.” he said quiet towards his companion.
β€œWas it really necessary, brother?” the tall man made himself more comfortable on the table and took off his helmet.
β€œWell, if you want people to notice you, you have to first pique their interest. And that's what I did. You need a job and this place looks better like an orc's yurt, so stop complaining.” the mage also took off the silly hat.
β€œI can't say you didn't pique their interest. I just can't stand all those people looking at me like that.” the warrior noticed too many stares coming their way. This wasn't going to be a peaceful evening, for sure.
β€œWell, I only threw the bait, now I'm waiting for the catch.” the mage didn't see that bothered, smirking a lot. Oh, this evening will be interesting, for sure.

The setting changes from the-spicy-jackal to Ebozon Woods


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1.25 INK

Stop the Grokk

Within the twisting, winding paths of an unforgiving forest lies the culprit to the much talked about issue that has risen within mainly BleakMouth City. Multiple people who venture throughout the shady town at night, are being attacked by a mysterious creature, only known as "Grokk".

Many of the towns folk who have personal relationship with the victims have been begging travellers that look well prepared for a fight, to help them out and kill this monster. Not much is know about the creature since the victims seem to be far too ill and petrified to speak of the issue.

This issue has caught your attention. Whether it be out of the goodness of your heart; feeling sorry for the helpless victims; perhaps you seek a challenge? Or perhaps you want people to know your name and see you as a hero? Or maybe you're just in it for the delicious bounty. Perhaps you want to study this creature and learn more about it for your own personal projects and teachings. You could even be simply following someone who's interested due to trying to discover their skills and weaknesses.

What ever your motive, you find yourself deep within the forest of deathly looking trees. The fog has grown thick, the air is sharp and cold. Hopefully you have a form of light, or else who knows might attack you by surprise?

Quest: Stop the Grokk!
Reward: 10.00 INK! (100g IC)
Location: Ebozon Woods
Zone: For pvp - Neutral. For monsters - aggro

Monsters you will come across:


Strength - Venom and Fatigue debuffs
Weakness - Fire, Abdomen

Loot - Venom to coat weapons, legs for alchemy and/or food, websacs for trap making
The larger ones usually hunt alone and attack from trees or if found roaming the floor. The smaller ones also roam trees but hunt in groups and ambush players.


Strength - Can causes excessive bleeding; infection; teeth and claws
Weakness - Defeating the alpha of the pack; fire; eyes and nose

Loot - Pelts for armour, claws for armour or jewelry
They usually hunt in groups of 3 but if one howls, more will come to aid the group.