A revenge-driven vampire.

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"Remember my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker" Bram Stoker, Dracula


Full Name
Lord Kirnon of Dace, 18th Lord of Dace

Traitor, Bloody Deer of Dace (due to his family crest showing a deer)

Lord Kirnon looks like he's in his mid-/late- thirties, but he has no idea how long took his transformation, so he is probably older than this.


I'm not even sure how to answer this question due to him being a walking, talking but still a corpse.

As the Lord of Dace, one of the smaller towns in Rand, he spent most of his life in the town, occasionally leaving it when his duties to the Alliance required it. The town is currently in the possesion of Lord Kaldark, a friend of Kirnon, who took over the lands to prevent people who betrayed Kirnon from taking it over.

He used to be with the Alliance, but now he only cares about executing his revenge on those who have betrayed him, so basically neutral.


November 2nd



He's 5 ft 9 in tall.

He weights around 171 lbs.

Eye colour
His normal eyes are brownish, slightly golden, except when he's enraged, then they become red and glowy.

Hair colour
Lord Kirnon has long dark hair, which sometimes seems to move itself even without a slight gust of wind.

He's incredibly pale, well, even for a vampire.

He speaks with a slight Scottish accent.


Also none.

General Description
Lord Kirnon is a man of tall posture, with long hair and a pointy beard. The pale skin is usually visible once he had taken off his long coat that covers most of his body. He has few burn scars here and there, probably from the first time he realized that the sun might be quite deadly for him. He usually wears a decent armor which seems to have seen many battles, but is still in good shape.



Lord Kirnon is very cold towards others, except those who betrayed him, for those he can only feel burning hatred that keeps him going. He looks down on people who betray others trust and punishes them, even if it might get him into trouble. He doesn't want to give in to hhis bloodlust, but day after day it gets harder for him. The demonic entity inside him seems to also grow stronger every day, affecting his actions more and more. He tries to stay an honorable man towards those who he hasn't a grudge against.


He fears two things: that traitors remain unpunished after he meets the Final Death and that he gives in to the demon, becoming a demon as well.

It might seem weird when looking at his dark past and not a very bright present and future, but it the time when he isn't tracking down someone, Lord Kirnon likes to sit down in a tavern and enjoy some good music.

Kirnon wants all of those who betrayed him eradicated from the world, especially if he can do it personally. He can't tell now, what happens if he achieves his goal.



Trophy Hunter. He uses the class's skills to hunt down the traitors. It also somehow connects to his vampirism, making him stronger after everytime he drinks the blood of the prey.

Physical Strengths
As a vampire, Kirnon is stronger and faster than an average human. His dead body is also tougher than that of a mere mortal, so he can take some beating.

Physical Weaknesses
The sun burns easily the dead body of Kirnon, just like fire does. He is also allergic to garlic, which isn't actually that common amog his race.

Magic Strengths
Kirnon has the ability to read auras of his prey and to call creatures of the night for help. He can also turn into mist for few minutes, but it exhausts him greatly.

Magic Weaknesses
As most undead, light magic affects him in the most devastating way. He also is weak to fire magic.

Weapon Skills
Lord Kirnon uses a longsword (a longsword is a two-handed weapon!!!) and a hand crossbow in most of his fights. He also learned a thing or two about tactics and beating people up with martial arts.

Protection Type
Kirnon wears a set of heavy armor except for a head piece and a long cloak, which he sometimes uses to disarm people by allowing them to stab into the mantle and then pull it out of their hands.




Short Version
"Die! Die, die, die, like the pig you are, you fool!" That and immense pain were everything Kirnon remembered from the moment he got stabbed by Lord Daubeny and other Lords, who were at the meeting. He didn't remember how they've planted a raw demon's soul in his body, expecting him to either die or become a mindless slave of the demon. The blood demon had other plans though. He melted with the new body and soul very quickly, creating a vampire, still sentient enough to remember his past, but with his personality twisted due to the demonic soul inside of the body. Now the vampire is hungry for revenge and barely anything could stop him from achieving his goal.[/center]

Long Version
Kirnon of Dace was the only son of Lord Phaeron of Dace, the 17th Lord of Dace. His childhood looked like the childhood of most young lords at this time. He never bothered too much, learning his responsibilities and doing (in his opinion) the boring stuff that landlords have to do. Not many things changed after his father's death. He still got bored with his duties, even war wasn't something thrilling enough to stop his boredom.
The moment when his life truly changed happened rather late. He took care of young lord Daubeny, son of Daire, when the lad got lost in the woods. Little did Lord Kirnon know, that the young man wasn't actually lost, but had a vicious plan, he wanted to perform together with his comrades. They wanted to use Castle Dace as a place to perform some dark rituals involving summoning demons. When everyone on the castle was asleep, they kidnapped Lord Kirnon, as he seemed to be a good sacrifice for the demon.
The demon seemed to have some other plans, as it seems. He modified the barely alive body of Lord Kirnon to better serve his purposes. The cultists didn't see that coming, so they ran away, before the demon could even get up. They flee for their lives, leaving both the demon and Lord Kirnon confused in a room filled with blood.
Kirnon threw himself upon his own blood, licking it off the stones, trying to satisfy the vicious hunger which awake inside of him. After he noticed what he has done, he knew he wouldn't be welcome in his own home anymore. He fled as well, few days later realizing that someone should take care of his people. He wrote a letter to his friend, Lord Kaldark, not ready to face him in person. He described what happened and asked for help.
He then pursued the trail the cultists left behind, especially that he knew one of them. Seeking revenge, he learned the arts of tracking down people, which will greatly increase his chances against Daubeny and the others.[/center]

Currently none and Kirnon isn't now interested in any. His only friend is Lord Kaldark.[/center]

So begins...

Kirnon's Story

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#, as written by Zaria
Soon Gaveth, and his... companions as he now had to call them, got their drinks. Served by a good looking, and most of all busty farm girl, with ginger hair.
He took a sip of his drink, and winced. It was a ginger ale, of fucking course it had to be - ginger hair, and ginger ale. What an irony. Especially since he hates it, but to hell with it, he missed a drink for a long time.
He drank like a child drinking mother's milk, all while staring at the two, and the woman to a degree. Busty she was, but not as busty, as his queenie was.
Strangely enough, the two didn't even bother to move, nor look at the woman. Definitely there's something wrong with them, especially that big guy - how can he not enjoy the company of a woman? Just how?
Oh, right, he's dead. Still, dead shouldn't exactly mean he can't... right? Wait, what am I even thinking? - Gaveth choked on the ale. He had to reassure the woman, that he's fine for few times, before she would leave them, after the unfortunate small... accident with ale.
I hate ale, he thought, and sighed. Then carefully examined the smaller one.
Careful examination of the posture, build... could tell a lot, for example, that it was a woman after all. How he exactly knew, with all that traveler's clothes on her, well. Best left as a secret - but the gist of it involves elven women, and a joke.
Time to focus on that face of hers, or rather an old mask with tribal markings, cuts, and signs. All for the sake of a right appearence, a way to recognize to which tribe wearer belongs to, and some... other things tribes tend to do. - Niv really liked that sort of thing, now that he thinks about it...
"Are you done?" – Cold voice brought him back to reality, to the masked one, cause that's the only talkative one so far.
"Done drinking? Not a chance. Haven't had an ale, let alone a good beer in a long time."
Obviously... he'd rather drink something stronger, but beggars can't be choosers.
"No, are you done checking me out?"
"I... – he hesitated –... I would never do such a thing to my employer." – Well, but he just did. Though he doubts there's something interesting underneath, probably just bones, so it's good to see "her" in clothes.
"This is tiring..." – the masked one raised right hand for the first time, and tried to reach own forehead, obviously that would only end in touching the upper part of mask.
"Speak, or we're done."
"Yeah, well, little princess.. I would certainly speak, if I were aware of what you want to know, and... knowledge has a price."
It's hard to tell, whether the little princess part pissed her off, but he'd say yes. Her next words confirmed it.
"Say that again, and you'll be nothing more than a sack of bones!"– She hissed, catching attention of few patrons, well, more than he would hope for. - It's always bad to catch attention.
"Settle down, young one – He said, grinning, for some strange reason he enjoyed pissing her off - even if it meant death by the hands of that big guy sitting beside her.
Still, that armor has to weight a bit, how can you not move at all? - he thought.
"Tell me what you need, and I will tell you what I know, for a price." – Gaveth repeated, clearly now.
A short silence came, before she asked:
"What price?"
Oh, oh sweet maker no! Not another weirdo, that doesn't know they need to pay for information! Oh, come on! - Thought never said, but straining his mind.
"Coins, silver, gold, or copper. The most common type of money in these land, well, kingdom. Some kingdoms have different type of" - he was cut off, due to her putting on a table a type of coin, he had not seen in years.
"That's a coin from Veneria..." – he said lightly.
Kingdom, from which his second in command came, kingdom full of prosperity, and one of the first to fall. Coins such as the one he sees are rare, but worthless in current economy. Even if he were to find a buyer, it would take time, and that's the thing he lacks the most.
"Rare, but worthless."
"It's a currency, money."
"Correct, but long lost, can't use it to buy food, a night in this tavern, or any other. It's worthless, unless you find a collector." Or... reach one of the more prominent kingdoms, that could melt it, and use the materials.
"So, it has worth." – She's still pushing, understandable. But he won't, he simply won't accept it.
"No, not to me, I don't have time to travel."
Silence again, she got up, he had a feeling she's bit resigned - well, she looked like it, but it's hard to tell. Or maybe she's just totally pissed off.
"If you're so keen on getting information out of me, you could just do a quest from the board with me." – He said just in time, just when she turned with her companion to leave.
"A board?" – She asked, caught just like a fish.
"Yeah, on the lower level, there's a board that adventurers most of the time use, with quests to do. You know, like a jobs for people that are willing to risk their life."
"Why..." – she turned, intended to ask why it even existed, he's sure of it. But she never finished.
Why? Why does it exist? Good question, one, that he has no answer for. It's probably a case of who knows - maybe they are lazy, corrupt, or just found that it's best to leave it to people who want to make a living that way.
He took another sip from the cup, last one, with it the cup was empty.

The setting changes from the-spicy-jackal to Aruan


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