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"Nomad, that knows no words, but reads body language quite well"

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a character in “The Valleys of War”, as played by Zaria


-(Others will have to name her^^)

"... ... ..."
Sonera - Thomas Bergersen


Full Name
(Probably everyone will just call her Noma)
Looks young, in her twenties maybe?

Looks female enough. ^^


Somewhere in the north.


Looks human enough.

(Can't have a birthday, she's a nomad, why would they care about that?)



(Add later)

As light, as feather.

Eye colour
Foggy, white. - She seems to be blind.

Hair colour
Long black hair, combed to the back.

Rough skin.

She never spoke before - language that is. So her voice, if she makes a sound is bit rough at the edges, other times tone is equal to light humming.

Well, no?

Yes, on the neck. Mark/tatoo of a nomadic tribe.

General Description
If anyone told me, that we would almost die today, and that we would met a weirdo, no, better call her Stalkie. I would laugh in their face. But here we are, and I'm trying to get her to wear something - simply torture.
She's young, at least looks young, but her body is rather... scarred, by weather? I'm not sure. Still her skin is pale, hell snowy even. Legs well built, but she must've ran into something really unpleasant, considering the amount of scars on them. I won't mention the butt, why would I mention the round butt? Ah, hell.
Putting that aside, she seems thin in the middle, but her muscles are noteable, when something scares her. Like lightning for example.
Few more scars around the chest, back, and one on the cheek. What was she doing? Going through tight edgy corridor? I guess, that may be it.
Speaking of the cheek, well face. Reminds me a bit of a heart, catches attention with her long hair, combed to the back. Black, black hair. I think that's the only black thing on her. Cause her eyes are... foggy, almost as white as her skin. Is she blind? I hope not.



Questions for fun:
— Do you have any spare change?
Tilts head in confusion.
— Why is your nose so big?

You get the rest.

Friendly, but cautious. She's the type that likes to fool around, and tends to be misunderstood. She's also extremly curious, and tends to neglect own safety due to it.
Fun fact, she got struck by lightining, cause of curiosty, and now she's afraid of lightning ^^

[✔] Fish
[✔] Humming
[✔] Annoying people
[✔] Cold
[✔] Pointy things
[✔] Shiny things

[✖] Clothes - "too itchyyy!" is what she thinks, more or less.
[✖] Tight places
[✖] Lack of freedom
[✖] Staying in one place for too long
[✖] Weird looking people (anyone wealthy I think)

  • Anger of the nature
  • Thunder magic
  • Lightining

  • Hunting
  • Hunting
  • Hunting
  • Stalking

She's simple minded, and bored of the known enviroment, so... it's obvious - she's looking for fun.
Besides that, she's curious where her father went, and she's looking for a place in the world.



Hybrid I think.
Hunter most likely has biggest role in it.

Physical Strengths
  1. She can land a hard punch, but it's usually a kick.
  2. Good stamina
  3. Very keen hearing
Physical Weaknesses
  • Blind.
  • Problematic, and strange wound/scar on the back, if touched... sends her into jolts of pain.
Magic Strengths
  • Has access to one type of magic - ice, limited, but powerful.
  • Fairly resistant to ice magic (thought it would be fun, if the lich got surprised by it)
Magic Weaknesses
  • Only one type of magic, and it... changes her, hurts her. So she only uses magic as a last, last, last, last resort.
  • Due to previous complications she's weak to fire, thunder, and earth magic.
Weapon Skills
Bows, stone, hand to hand combat.

Protection Type



Short Version
There was a time, when she had stayed for longer in one place, time well spent with family, with the tribe, that thought of settling down, just like their brethren called Vaga - though the latter did it earlier, in a different time, with different results.
Her life when she stayed in one place was... not as hard as one would imagine, she had an abundant amount of time, and endless amount of things to do, while she wasn't working for the good of tribe.
Sadly her mother died, and father left in search of something. Noma might've liked the tribe, the things that she had to do, and got to see nearby, but curiosity urged her to move on, to travel, and so she left the tribe.
Long Version
This is where you give more detail on why they have certain goals, what happened in their past, why are they angry, sad, hopeful, lost, confused, excited, determined. Did a certain race destroy their home? Have they be shunned by their people for their interest in a certain magic or race? Maybe they're just curious of what's out there? Maybe they're looking for a medicine to save their people from a disease? < The longer I think about it, the less I want to write it for now ^^

Her mother was a kind tan woman, she could speak in a language, that Noma never understood. Her father had similar skin to Noma, and he was far stronger than anyone she ever met.
Mother died naturally, while father... father went missing.

So begins...

Nomad's Story

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In all honesty Scott really didn't feel comfortable alone, this far from home. Yes he wanted adventure. But he also wanted to live. Two very contradicting wishes for a coward like him.

However upon arrival at the very spoken of shop, Scott found himself at ease. The wonders that were held within the walls of such a large wooden building with breathtaking. It was honestly every Mage's dream. Not just magic users seemed to visit the place. Travellers needing a cure, a pick me up, a curse removed or a place to stay the night also ventured to the shop in desperation. For a price of course. This shop keeper wasn't one to be swindled.

Scott scratched his beard then looked left, then right. Which way first? Well, he did need to stock up on some items. Especially since he took a beaten on the way to Dispel and That Spell. How many damn wolves does bloody Ebozon have? Enough to scare the shit out of Scott and make him scream like a girl, leaving an ice trail behind him in hopes of slowing the determined beasts.