Sienna Llewellyn

"Any chance we could take a paved road...and a carriage?"

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a character in “The Valleys of War”, as played by Ersatz Creed


Sienna Llewelyn


Full Name
Oceane Auguste De Chambrun is her real name

Bright Witch

Asexual, although she could merely by innocent and uncorrupted.


Lawful Neutral






Sienna is a meek lady. Quiet and reserved. She speaks very little and she does it is in a hushed tone. The voice inside her mind is the opposite. It rants boisterously about what she wants to say, didn't say, should have said and everything in between. When not lecturing herself on how she could have approached the conversation better (or at all), her mind is often exploring ideas and theories. Most of these are completely impractical or merely nonsense propping itself up as philosophy. Sienna's unwillingness to speak goes away when she feels comfortable, at which point she will latch herself close and talk you're ear off. Her teachers often commented that her pursuit for knowledge is noble but it's also extremely annoying.
[✔] Books
[✔] Alone time
[✔] Meat
[✔] Magic Theory
[✔] Burning things
[✔] Cute things
[✖] Conflict
[✖] Overly Outgoing/Energetic People
[✖] Vegetables
[✖] Being Wet
[✖] Burning people

Meditation, testing out whatever applicationless magic she thought up (like the magnifying glass of ant speak...that only works in direct sunlight...)

Balance out her Fire Lust.



Physical Strengths
Quick thinking. Is not bothered by cold conditions.

Physical Weaknesses
The Stereotypical Mage. She lacks in the overall strength department and does not make up for it with Endurance. She only runs away from things and towards the aroma of delicious cooking meat. She is also not very strong mentally, in that she cannot endure pain of the physical or mental variety.

Magic Strengths
Sienna's strength, as her nickname suggests, is her fire magic. It's the only magic she is any good with but she is quiet something. She also posses an abnormally large mana pool for her to play with.

Magic Weaknesses
She is absolutely worthless in every other magical department. Most of her experiments in magic theory (to include her magnifying glass of ant speak) are done with the help of other Mages. After so much flame is cast, she begins to fall prey to Fire Lust (Pyromania and change in personality ie the opposite of who she is). Early warnings of Fire Lust are fires spontaneously combusting over her body, a crazed look in her eyes, and growing boldness/aggression.

Weapon Skills
Wands, Shortswords
Protection Type
Mage's Robes of Negate Fire (resistance to fire for when she starts to succumb to her Fire Lust), one pointy hat, a lucky necklace her brother won at a gnome's carnival game, and two lesser rings of protection against arrows. [center]

The Story so Far
If restrained, Fire is an asset. It can fend off enemies, illuminate the dark, and ward against the cruel winter cold. When fire is left unchecked it is the opposite. A danger. That was a truth Oceane learned from firsthand experience. In her youth, she was neglectful in the foundations of a good mage. Meditation and training. The life of a noble was one of luxurious indulgence. The comforts spared for her were more alluring than the teachings of some old pointy hatted weirdo. She could control her magic just fine. Then on a trip to a cousin's estate, they were ambushed. The bandits subdued the guards and they were clear they merely wanted a ransom, not blood, but the young lady De Chambrun panicked. Her fire burned rampant and they burned indiscriminately. The ones who threatened to kidnap her were but ashes as were the guardsmen who first boiled within their armor. Much to her dismay, she could not stop herself...she enjoyed it all. Setting everything she could ablaze. The Fire Lust took hold of her. Using their influence, her parents managed to salvage the situation but while coin could make men keep secrets. It could not make her forget. Oceane ceased to speak to others save for her teacher and on occasion her brother, her whole self becoming devoted to mastering her magic in hopes of taming the Fire Lust but this did not occur. With every spell she cast, with her flame she lit, she could feel it. The longing to see everything burn. Oceane ran away from home to look for answers and even if she found none, she was convinced she have her spark extinguished long before her fire ever reached home.

The only relationship she cherishes is the one with her parents though it is strained and the one she has with her younger brother. She has not felt romantic feelings for another person, her mind perhaps too fixated on finding a way to tame the Fire Lust that afflicts her.

So begins...

Sienna Llewellyn's Story

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Dispell and that Spell. A delightful play on words and an appropriate name given the target audience of the shop. Perhaps not the largest consumer base however, given the nature of the items mage's needed for their craft, they would need to buy them or find them. The convenience of purchasing them often beat risking life and limb looking for it and even if the price was encumbering, someone did possibly risk their life for this. However it wasn't the items and ingredients for sale that brought Sienna here (though she for sure had a blast looking at them). She had come for the library.

It wasn't a very odd sight at all, a young lady with the robes of a mage surrounded in a fortress of thick books. Users of magic were often studious. After all, if they lacked the knowledge then they would certainly lack competence. The subjects were all pertaining to fire magic:

Fantastic Flames and How to start Them.
The Life and Times of A Pyromancer
Conversations with Elementals

and more.
Yet these had proven to not be very helpful. Her inner monologue did not hesitate to remind her this.
"You know...this stuff is interesting and all but".
...You've done more reading then you have done you've done for your written finals. A lot of this stuff isn't even what you're looking for and you can tell just by the titles! Just ask someone. Ask anyone! They might even recommend you books that aren't a waste.

The central tower of the fortress, her pointy hat, rose ever higher as she peeked over the walls of reading material she had gathered. It was not as if the library was completely vacant. Others were present reading their own books, mumbling in
underneath their breathes about this or that, and or roaming about the shelves for the reading material they were interested in.

"Pick someone! Any of them will do."

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Scott knew what he needed and wanted. It was much cheaper and efficient grabbing the ingredients needed for potions and making them yourself, over just buying the potions outright. Cloth, white sage, bay leaves, carnation flower petals, mint, salt, tiger's eye, black tourmaline, some vials among many other pouches and bottles of herbs and crystals.

After paying for the items at the checkout, he decided it would be nice to settle down in the library for a while. He didn't want to run off into danger again. It may even be best to stay the night where it's safe and warm. Make some potions too with what he bought.

The male's pale, grey blue eyes peered around at the tall shelves full of books and tomes; but his, call it male instincts, beckoned him to look at the young female who seemed to be subtly looking around. Was she searching for someone? Or avoiding someone? Nonetheless, Scott thought she looked cute in her iconic witches hat, surrounded by books with her beautiful, thick, chestnut brown hair. She seemed so innocent and sweet. Scott almost felt like he shouldn't approach a woman like her considering how, tainted, he was. Nonetheless, Scott ran his fingers through his dark, chocolate brown hair, a grin peering through his lips, and approached the little witch.

"What's a beauty like you doing all the way out here?" A confident questions shot her way as Scott took a seat across from her, elbow rest on table, jaw comfortably rest on his balled hand. "You hiding from someone?" His words almost hinting at himself. Might have sounded like a threat but Scott was simply being playful.

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A new face entered the library. If Sienna had been a fan of the fabled adventure chronicle titled "More Dungeons and Less Dragons!" or had genuine experience in romance, she may have been able to guess at his archetype. The sauve fast talking pretty boy. Her lack of experience made her clueless in this regard but cluelessness was also a means of defense in these matters.
"Him! Pick him! Just pick anyone really but stop reading this garba_"

"What's a beauty like you doing all the way out here?" A confident questions shot her way as Scott took a seat across from her, elbow rest on table, jaw comfortably rest on his balled hand. "You hiding from someone?" His words almost hinting at himself.

" Wha?...Maybe we shouldn't ask this guy?"

At the sound of his voice she ducked down, her heart pounding in her chest from anxiety as she struggled to formulate full sentences in her head. This only made her more nervous as she realized she was being rude and peeked up over the books. Only her eyes were visible and like the windows to the soul they were, they did not hide how uneasy she was.

" seriously i know i said ask someone but dont ask this guy. Hello? Im your conscious? Listen to me i know better ok?"

"Uum... tha-thanks. I-I...I need help." A soft voice like a mouse's whisper. It was an appropriate volume for a library but the stranger sitting across from her didn't know that this was her outside voice.

" Am I a joke to you?Everyone else is minding their own business and this guy walks right up to you! You didnt even make eye contact and comes to YOU, YOOOUUU...why is that? Hello? Are you liste_ Why do i even bother with this girl"

Seinna continued, ignoring the warnings of the voice inside her head because the gentleman seemed nice enough. Besides, if she didnt ask for help she would spend the next few days reading volume after volume of things like.
"A Series of Unfortunate Wildfires."

She continued onward. Taking a deep breathe to soothe her nerves, inching forward in her seat, and even leaning in a little (she was aware her voice was a hushed whisper at best.).

"I need a book on curses. Preferably stuff on curses that can only afflict Pyromancers and their casting... Can you, can you help me?"

Completely oblivious to the male instincts that coerced him to approach her or possibly ulterior motives, she asked for his help though given her innocence it may be misinterpretted to her beckoning him. With an expression like that of a child lost in a crowd, she her eyes wondered to the books infront of her, the shelves around them and then locking back with his. "I dont know where to, where to find them."

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"Sweet Irish Spuds. She's so cute." Scott thought to himself, as the little witch peered over her books. All he could see were her big, innocent eyes. He could tell she cautious, he could sense the worry and concern from within her. His previous assumptions seemed correct at this point, but he couldn't help but take interest in that innocence.

Once the female opening her mouth to speak, soft angel like whispers parting from her lips, Scott couldn't help how much his heart fluttered. Anyone would want to scoop the witch up and cover her in bubble wrap before keeping her locked away in a tower from danger. Just like the old tale of Rapunzel. Scott still found it slightly difficult to hear her. It was good that they were in a quiet Library other wise it might have been near impossible. "What can I help you with?" Scott felt confident in the fact she was asking him for help, but he was also curious about what she was doing here, such a dangerous place to get to. How did this little witch manage when it was such a struggle for Scott? Then again, Scott was a coward.

The witch prompted with what was needed. A book on curses. Scott was not expecting that from a girl of her demeanor. He had a bad habit of underestimating those he fancied. His smug expression turn to one more serious and concerned. He himself knew a bit too much about the arts of curses. And he wished he didn't. "May I ask, why you're after such a book?" Scott could tell she was serious about it, judging by how she inched forward in her seat, leaned in, just to make sure the mage would hear her clearly. She was aware of her hushed voice and her goals. Scott had been there once, so he couldn't help but be concerned. "You do know what you could possibly be getting yourself into?" Perhaps he was being too nosy, and prude, but the idea of such a beautiful and sweet girl, falling to a bad fate, he just couldn't forgive himself for not giving any warning.

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Mugi made his way towards the library of Dispel and That Spell, carrying a whole bunch of books his grandfather gave him to sort on the correct shelves. The boy most definitely wasn't made for this task, so some of the mages he passed by seemed to have a good laugh at the poor young man, struggling with a pile on books in his arms. He finally managed to get to the door of the library, opened it with his foot, even though he knew that his grandpa won't be very pleased with this fact, and rushed into the door. Even though he walked this way multiple times in his life, he absolutely forgot about the one stairstep and he fell right into the library, books flying everywhere. He picked himself up very quickly, noticing he might've interrupted a conversation between a man and a woman I the middle of the room.

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#, as written by Zaria
Dranten was holding the door for the entire party they created for now. Him, his brother, the shabby old soldier Gaveth, the weird woman and her mute companion, a bunch of weirdos, entering a shop with even more weirdos in robes, or should he rather call them mages? The shop was just filled with men and women wearing those freaking dresses, reading books or looking at the ingredients inside of jars that looked way too much like humanoid body parts.

"So as I said before, just stock up on needed stuff. Two books at maximum, we ain't got much." Gaveth said while entering, behind him girl in a white dress with white hair and a mask... accompanied by the strange looking giant of a fellow. Who wore a full plate dark, and somewhat rusty armor, all while carrying a two handed sword on his back.

Last person to enter was Kerpheres, the mage, following the masked man, one of the poor creatures condemned to strive as undead. The man was explaining something to the poor guy, who didn't give many sounds from himself. “So, you see, I'm not sure if the Soul Shards might really help you or if they are just a legend. Also, I've heard stories about more types of those Shards, so even if we find some, it doesn't mean they will help you in any way. But we still can help you figure out something about yourself first, if you want.”