Stregon Oscuro Lunare Ribelle

A nine tail fox dude that reincarnates after he dies.

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a character in “The Valleys of War”, as played by Reggie_Haosului


Constantly hyper all the time yet has a very strong and leading voice when needed, will try to comfort those in distress.
NineSword: A sword made out of his most powerful past lives
Endless Jug: A jug filled with Moonshine that restores his mana if he is an adult if a child is filled with Monster that restores his mana.
Self brain healing
Mastery over mana
Complete seal creation mastery in "Demonic, Ancient, Holly, and regular magic"
Historical Background:
First life had gained immortality through reincarnations after his daughter was pulled free from marrying Satan.
This life, he is a humanized kit that was spawned in a forest and learned to defend himself.

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 “ Uh ok, then I will make one. (My nine tails sway behind me as I smell around the area for anyone else that might be near me) ”