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The Valleys of War

Ebozon Woods

0.25 INK

a part of The Valleys of War, by AppleSauce.

The ominous woods that engulf Ebozon. All must venture via the run down paths to get to the city known as BleakMouth

AppleSauce holds sovereignty over Ebozon Woods, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

this rp has been heavily inspired by games such as wow, skyrim, dragon age and other rpgs as well as dnd, lotr, and other high fantasy medias.


The Woods of Ebozon surround the state and are the only way through to other locations. The paths that lead the way through such unforgiving territory are unrefined, rundown, crooked and faded. Splintered wooden signs point the way to go. Stay on the paths if lit by dim torches if you wish to avoid the creatures that lurk in the shadows and fog.
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Ebozon Woods

The ominous woods that engulf Ebozon. All must venture via the run down paths to get to the city known as BleakMouth


Ebozon Woods is a part of Ebozon.

1 Places in Ebozon Woods:

2 Characters Here

Makana Valhai [4] Half Orc Half Human. Her dad was a ballsy Human.
grolokk pendragon [0] goblin

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Character Portrait: Makana Valhai Character Portrait: Hilda Vaulke Character Portrait: Moonlight Driftwood Character Portrait: Ein Crowley Character Portrait: Bellemere Character Portrait: Elizabeth Margo
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1.25 INK

Stop the Grokk

Within the twisting, winding paths of an unforgiving forest lies the culprit to the much talked about issue that has risen within mainly BleakMouth City. Multiple people who venture throughout the shady town at night, are being attacked by a mysterious creature, only known as "Grokk".

Many of the towns folk who have personal relationship with the victims have been begging travellers that look well prepared for a fight, to help them out and kill this monster. Not much is know about the creature since the victims seem to be far too ill and petrified to speak of the issue.

This issue has caught your attention. Whether it be out of the goodness of your heart; feeling sorry for the helpless victims; perhaps you seek a challenge? Or perhaps you want people to know your name and see you as a hero? Or maybe you're just in it for the delicious bounty. Perhaps you want to study this creature and learn more about it for your own personal projects and teachings. You could even be simply following someone who's interested due to trying to discover their skills and weaknesses.

What ever your motive, you find yourself deep within the forest of deathly looking trees. The fog has grown thick, the air is sharp and cold. Hopefully you have a form of light, or else who knows might attack you by surprise?

Quest: Stop the Grokk!
Reward: 10.00 INK! (100g IC)
Location: Ebozon Woods
Zone: For pvp - Neutral. For monsters - aggro

Monsters you will come across:


Strength - Venom and Fatigue debuffs
Weakness - Fire, Abdomen

Loot - Venom to coat weapons, legs for alchemy and/or food, websacs for trap making
The larger ones usually hunt alone and attack from trees or if found roaming the floor. The smaller ones also roam trees but hunt in groups and ambush players.


Strength - Can causes excessive bleeding; infection; teeth and claws
Weakness - Defeating the alpha of the pack; fire; eyes and nose

Loot - Pelts for armour, claws for armour or jewelry
They usually hunt in groups of 3 but if one howls, more will come to aid the group.


1 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Makana Valhai
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0.25 INK

After being unable to enjoy her time at Bleakmouth due to many random patrons approaching and begging her for help. She gave in to the requests. Many seemed to approach her due to her appearance, as well as the cliche of Orcs always being brutes that'll take on anything. Partly true in her case. You see, it all depended on the mood. And tonight she wasn't really in the mood after trekking for so long to get to the damn place to begin with.

Complaining aside, the pale, murky green, half orc found herself deep within the Ebozon Woods. Wooden torch in hand out in front as she waved it around occasionally. Her golden yellow hues glancing around. It was far too quiet. Was it because of the cold or the fog? Surely not; creatures within the forests must have adapted to these conditions long ago. Lucky for her the cold wasn't a bother really, especially with the torch projecting a fair amount of heat.

It wasn't long however before the female start to come across thick loads of webbing, strung down and around trees. Grabbing her axe with her free hand she hacked away at troubling webs that got in her way. Not realising the vibrations she was sending off within the long strands of web, far too distracted by footprints ahead of her, a clue perhaps? "What have we here.." Makana spoke out loud to herself quite triumphantly, crouching before the footprint. All the whilst a with large arachnid crept down from the tall trees above, and made its way to its prey, venom dripping hungrily from its fangs to a very unsuspecting orc.


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Character Portrait: Makana Valhai Character Portrait: Moonlight Driftwood Character Portrait: Ein Crowley
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Sepokku
Rumors carry from city to city, albeit slowly, and after some time word of a horror in the Woods had even made its way to Ein. No one asked her directly, of course, her nature as a retired adventurer is kept well-hidden from those who would pry. However the constant attacks have led to a shortage of herbs and natural medicinal supplements, which Ein had to hear about the last time she was out picking flowers.

Thus she was lost deep in the Ebezon Woods, picking loose strands of cobweb out of her hair, searching for some kind of proverbial snipe that had been terrorizing people traveling through the Woods, but hasn't been identified or seen. Her eyes glowed with the light of transmutation, a simple spell that would allow her to see in darker environments, but not in total darkness. Not unlike a cat's eyes, though marginally more susceptible to bright lights, retinal control isn't something one simply finesses into existence.

At the back of her mind was the scratchy odd thought that hunting in dark forests for monsters that preyed on people wasn't her life anymore, but she squashed the annoyance just as soon as it started to rise. The cobwebs were getting thicker, and something graceful with far too many legs to be friendly was descending from the treetops.

Torchlight flickered in the distance, drawing the creature to it like a moth to a flame. The creature and its prey were too far, she wouldn't make it in time without expending some major juice. Something she couldn't afford just yet, so instead Ein simply lifted her free hands to her lips and let out a low piercing whistle.

The Forest was entirely too moldy this time of the season, Driftwood quietly pouted to herself from her perch at the top of a tree. Even the cobwebs became sparse up here, the newly sprouted branches too light to support the massive spiders that called this place home. Up here, Ebozon was as much hers as it was the Monsters, a fact that the Drow girl readily took advantage of as she stole from tree to tree.

People had become more active in the woods, rumor of a "Grokk" bringing fortune-seekers from around the countryside were disturbing the local inhabitants. Not that Moonlight minded, general chaos made her job much easier, especially when victims of the creatures attacks were often left damned near comatose. She just wished the person she'd been hired to tail would show up already. This forest stunk, and when high noon rolled around, she had to get too close to the forest floor for her comfort. The sooner she could leave, the better.

A whistle shook Driftwood from her thoughts, her eyes darting about wildly to see if anything else took interest in the noise. Wind howled through the forest, and in the distance a torch-flame flickered. The whistle had come from that direction, the same direction as an angry Female spider descending on what might be her next meal. Drawing her bow, Moonlight thought to herself how odd it was that people are always drawn to the sound of out of place noises in the night, and it was about to get very noisy.

Letting out a calming breath, Moonlight notched an arrow, took aim, and fired it directly at one of the spider's beady eyes. That was all the assistance she could offer right now, and as soon as the arrow was loosed, the Drow vanished back into the Woods.


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Character Portrait: Makana Valhai Character Portrait: Moonlight Driftwood Character Portrait: Ein Crowley
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0.00 INK

Makana's confident and thrilled vibe, was drastically interrupted by a loud whistling sound. Dread and alarm instantly replaced the prior, as the half orc whipped around, only to see an arrow whirl past, straight into the beast's eyes.

The arachnid let out an uncomfortably sounding shriek as it fumbled back. Adrenaline rushed through her body as she readied her axe into a more battle ready stance, and darted forward, plunging her axe at the beast. "HAAA!" She cried out as the blow managed to strike at the beast's head, disabling more of its sight.

Her battle cry echoed through the previously quiet forest. Probably not a very stealthy move as another spider jumped down from above, landing directly on her. It's pincers frantically biting at Makana in attempts to paralyse her. Luckily her axe was held strongly between herself and the creature. Unfortunately her torch was released due to being startled. It was good that the other spider as still trying to recollect itself after the second blow, as well as being startled by the fire of her torch.

But now the half orc was in a bit of a pickle. If she could manage to briefly hold on with one hand, and grab her other axe attached by her side, then she could strike again. It was a gamble, and she didn't have much time. It wouldn't be long before the other spider would try and finish her off. Think and decide quickly.

Makana Valhai arrives, coming from Sandbox Fantasy World.


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Aza wiped the blood off her dagger, sheathing her precious tool before kicking the body of her most recent victim into the ditch beside the road. Poor soul must’ve been heading to Bleakmouth. No one in their right mind would venture into these woods unless they were going there.
She shook her head pityingly and started off at a jog down the path, going to Bleakmouth herself. The cloak she had stolen off her victim rustled about her shoulders as she thought wryly; Well, unless they’re trying to kill someone, I suppose.
After all, Azawakh wasn’t the only one who had taken advantage of the warring kingdoms to make a profit.