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this rp has been heavily inspired by games such as wow, skyrim, dragon age and other rpgs as well as dnd, lotr, and other high fantasy medias.


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Sandbox Fantasy World is a part of The Valleys of War.

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- [0] "Nomad, that knows no words, but reads body language quite well"
Hilda Vaulke [0] "The light of hope burns eternal."
Nomad [0] "Nomad, that knows no words, but reads body language quite well"
Moonlight Driftwood [0] "All the world's a stage, don't ruin the play by looking behind the curtain"
Poe Ecro [0] 17 year old human
Scott Donovan [0] A cocky guy scared of loud noises
Bellemere [0] "To vow for the silence, is to swear on the grave." - A Silent Sister saying
Gaveth [0] "Why is everyone looking at me like that? What's wrong with my cooking?"
Skelly, the wandering skeleton [0] Quite unusual, for a skeleton
Dranten [0] To die or not to die...? What a stupid question!

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Makana Valhai ascends towards [].
Makana Valhai descends into Ebozon Woods.