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This is a list of quests that can be found in The Valleys of War.

0 characters · bounty: 1 INK
Quest #1569: Bandit job

Guards recently stumbled upon a more organized group of bandits, that wreck havoc on the roads. Anyone interested in aiding the law, come to the guard's watch. There will be reward.

0 characters · bounty: 3 INK
Quest #1568: Colourful Unwanted Activity

A fountain in a local park/garden is turning people’s tongues/hair/skin various colours as a precocious fey has taken up residence nearby.

0 characters · bounty: 15 INK
Quest #1567: Mirror Mirror- oh no.

After exploring some ancient elven temples, one of your party members becomes trapped inside a "Mirror of Life Trapping". After freeing your party member, a score of horrible creatures are also released.

0 characters · bounty: 10 INK
Quest #1566: Stop the Grokk!

A rat catcher stumbles into the street and collapses. His body is covered in vicious bites. The terrified man can only speak a single, “Grokk”.

0 characters · bounty: 5 INK
Quest #1565: Doll Wreak Havoc

Tiny dolls made of wheat sheaves are attacking the village at night. They're made by the children of the town, being taught how to construct them by a night hag who disguises herself as a fairy godmother. These children are competely unaware of the true horror of their creations.