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Rosaline Karrington


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a character in “The Vampire Academy”, as played by Horseygirl




Full Name: :
Rosaline Elizabeth Karrington

Nicknames: :

Age: :

Face Claim: :
Candice Swanepoel

Gender: :

Species: :

Lineage: :
She is considered a 'purebred royal'

Guardian: :
Face Claim: Kate Beckinsale



Eye colour: :
Sky blue

Hair colour: :
Platinum blonde

Height: :

Weight: :

Brief description: :
Rosie isn't always very happy with her appearance. Girls often take one look at her and think 'slut' or 'snob'. She has the typical cheerleader platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes and rather small build. Her hair is a light shade of blonde, and reaches almost to her elbows in loose beachy waves. But her eyes are often what people notice first- they are an electric, icy blue colour that are intensified by her long dark lashes that rim them. Her skin is a pale ivory colour, that really can't tan because she doesn't often go out in the sun, like most Moroi.
She's a little thing, standing at barely 5'3" and weighing a mere 108lbs. She thin and lean, yet curvy. She is very lithe, and is naturally very flexible and agile.

{Friendly}{Down To Earth}{Charming}{Kind}{Playful}{Moral}


Personality: :
Especially when meeting new people, Rosie is expected to act like a true royal. She is very polite and friendly to everyone she meets. She's quick to flash them a smile, and always seems to know just the right thing to say. She loves witty banter and can come off at a little flirty, but usually it's unintentionally. Usually. It's easy to feel relaxed around her, and she has a way of making people smile or laugh without at all damaging her regal appearance. She is always very polite, even to those who are of a lower status or considered 'below' her. She would never make anyone feel like they are worth any less than her. Rosie is charming, and holds her head high when she feels she needs to keep up the family name. She isn't being 'fake' or 'snobby', it's just what she has been raised to do and it's what is expected of her. In fact, even when she is regal Rosaline Karrington she is a hell of a lot less stuffy and more outgoing than many of the royals.
But once she loosens up and is more comfortable with you, she is very playful. She loves to tease her friends and push their buttons. She'll often playfully flirt with her male friends or even males that she knows well enough to be comfortable with. Behind closed doors she will playfight, mess with others, and always seems to make people smile. But she always knows not to go too far- she knows everyone's limits and is very careful not to cross any of them. She is quite comfortable with most of the students in her school, and generally would feel no shame shooting them a wink or teasing them. But it's all in good fun, and she always means well.
But what most people are quick to notice about her is her morality. She always tries to do the right thing for everyone. She is very empathetic, and can't stand to see anyone hurt. She is quick to put herself on the line, if it means helping out someone else. Even if that other person is a perfect stranger- or, dareIsay, a Dhampir. In fact, even though it is frowned upon, she is friends with many of them. This often gets her in trouble with her family, and she is treated very harshly for so much as socializing with them. She can not, will not, stand to see anyone being judged or bullied because of who they are. If she sees someone being looked down upon or being treated cruelly, she will take them under her wind immediately. No questions asked. She seems to have something nice to say about everyone, and has a way of making everyone feel special.
But deep down, Rosie just wants to make people happy. She fears that she is going to disappoint her family, or make a wrong move and make the whole family look bad. She tries so hard to keep up the family name and do everything her family asks, but really she just wants to make her parents happy. She so afraid that she'll make her family unhappy. The pressure gets to her sometimes, and she just tries to shove it down and ignore it. She doesn't want to be any trouble. She hates that her parents disapprove of the dhampirs, and wishes she could show them that some of them are amazing people.

▲Helping others
▲Making people smile
▲Feeling free
▼Feeling isolated
▼Not being able to help
▼Getting special treatment
▼Feeling judged/seeing someone get judged
▼Dull people
▼Seeing someone in pain
▼Feeling pressured to be perfect

Element: :

  • She can't say no to people (F)
  • She has a soft spot for Dhampirs (W)
  • She is very naive (F)
  • She can't stand to see anything in pain (W)

Family History:


So begins...

Rosaline Karrington's Story


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New school years don't exactly go well with Zathina, she hates all the boring classes the Academy forces her to take, and all the new freshman. It's not really the freshman that get to her, it's what the freshman catch on at the school. Honestly, if they didn't believe every fucking rumor they heard, she'd be fine with them. Though that wasn't how it worked, school is never fair, and the people in school are far worse.
Think of it as this, Zathina's life- as well as everyone around her- would be simple and stress free if everyone trusted and got along with each other, unfortunately that's never how school works, or how the world works for that matter.
Zathina peeked through one eye, looking at her alarm clock as she lay flat on her bed. 6:59pm is what it read, which meant in one minute it would go off. She closed her eyes and desired that one minute. When it went off she heard her sister rustle in her bed, Zathina then pushed her self up from the bed and turned the alarm off. She walked over to her sister's bed and poked her neck. “Get upppp... Get upppppp. Time to get ready for Vampire Academy.” She said laughing mentally to herself, she was making fun of St. Vladimir's by saying it was a school full of vampires, then again it kind of was... Just depends on what your definition of a vampire is.
Zathina went to pick out her outfit for the day, which was what everyone else had to wear. For girls it was either a black skirt or black pants, a white or black shirt and the normal St. Vladimir's jacket, that was all black with the school crest on the chest and the color red down the front where the buttons were. Zathina didn't really mind the school uniform, mainly because she looked fine in it. Her body curved perfectly in the uniform, where as when she was in middle school it looked like shit.
Zathina was the first to be in the bathroom she shared with her sister, she did what normal girls do in the morning: pee, brush their hair and teeth, throw some make up on and call it good. Well, most girls who don't really give a shit what they look like, there are those few girls who spend hours in the bathroom, sorry to say, but she was not one of them.
When she exited the bathroom her little sister was already up and dressed. Zathina was a little surprised she nodded as she spoke to her sister. “That was fast, is someone excited to go back to school? What did you not enjoy your iphone 5 and facebook? Because I sure as hell did.” She told her sister before smiling and walking back to her bed, she stood there staring at the tangled up blankets and sheets, deciding on whether she wanted to make her bed or not, being neat wasn't exactly an everyday thing for her. Why? Oh well, because she's lazy. She shrugged at her bed and put on the St. Vladimir's jacket, pulling her long brown hair out from the back before trying to button it. She would need to get a new one soon, this one made it look as if her huge boobs were going to pop right out the front. Hopefully they wouldn't, she had a pretty tight white tank top on. She looked at herself in her sister's full body mirrior and fingered her hair, her hair was naturally wavy, and when it was like that it appeared to be light brown, however when it was curled to perfection (Something she allowed Rose to do every once in a while) all of her highlights were hidden in the curls so her hair appeared dark brown. She honestly thought it was pretty impressive. She had no idea her highlights could be hidden.
She smiled to herself as she sat back on the bed and waited for her sister to get ready, she turned her head to the clock and frowned. 7:15pm, She could have slept longer...

Katarina was still getting used to this whole new sleep schedule that the moroi and dhampirs had. School was from 8pm-4:30am. She wondered how they could do it, then again they weren't human like her. Being an alchemist was something that has been passed down in her family, so being around these fanged creatures wasn't new to her, however this was the first year she was assigned to protect the royals at school. Their had been a bunch of rumors that the Strigoi were moving clans closer and closer to the school every weekend. She was expecting something big to go down, and would honestly be disappointed if something didn't happen.
Katarina woke up to her alarm clock with a minor headache, she peered over at the still asleep Wren, the two were the only ones at the school at the moment, the others were back in a small human town not too fair from the academy. That's where one of the Alchemists stations were located. Wren was a little bit more luckier then Katarina. She didn't have to get up whenever Katarina did, she got to sleep as late as she wanted, unless she was given an assignment. So to be honest, Katarina didn't know if Wren had to get up or not.
Katarina had a enough time to take a bath and relax before a long night of babysitting. She enjoyed every second of her bath, letting her muscles relax as she unwind from the horrible weekend she had trying to prepare for the school year.


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Issabella sighed rather audibly as she looked out the window towards the campus. It was the beginning of a new year, and that meant new irritating students. While she didn't have anything against students that were new in general, there were always those certain students that always got under her skin for one reason or another due to the way they reacted to the school or the others at school. She sat back down at the her desk and proceeded to finish off a book she had been reading. Izzy had a habit of waking up early, and thus, she was already set to walk out the door. Her hair was braided to the side, which she did every once in a while, although usually it was down and unkept looking. Unlike most of the girls who wore skirts, she sported the black pants and top, along with the jacket. She thought the skirts were hideous and wanted nothing to do with them. Why they had to wear this attire in the first place was stupid, she remembered in her early years being sent back to her dorm everyday to change out of her own clothes as she'd refused to wear theirs.

Issabella closed her book and frowned. It was a bit of a let down, but at least it had given her something to do. She tapped her fingers a few times, eventually losing herself in thought. Rumors were going around that the stirgoi were getting closer and closer to the school, and she was pretty sure they were not just rumors. She was almost sure, if not excited, about them appearing at the school. She'd always believed the moroi should fight along the dhampirs, and that they were greatly limiting themselves by not allowing them to do so. In turn, they were making many of the moroi weak, and spoiling them with these stupid things they called guardians. As she was a royal, she had one of the first picks of guardians, and she had chosen Teague. He wasn't the nicest person, and a lot of people didn't like him, but she didn't want nice. She wanted a guardian that wouldn't bullshit her or treat her like a child, a guardian that she could learn from. Teague was known around campus for how good of a fighter he was and how fast her could supposedly kill a stirgoi. Even when questioned about her decision, she always stood by it.

She was actually fond of Teague, and thought a lot of people just misunderstood him, he was extremely rough around the edges, but he was not a terrible person. She wasn't sure if he was aware of it, likely he was, but she had been sneaking off more and more frequently to practice with her magic and to both excessive and try and mimic anything and everything she had seen from the dhampirs. Her sleep schedule was now non existent, and she had been pulling many all nighters and had been awake a lot of times when she shouldn't. Only a couple days ago did her skin get over the terrible burn she got from the sun, forcing herself to train in it. Aurora was a dhampir on campus she was also fond of, and often spent her time with. Aurora was someone who supported moroi fighting, and unknown to the school, she would often help the moroi with combat techniques or any questions they had. Aurora was the one she had learned parkour from, though mostly because she just though it looked incredibly fun.

Izzy told herself that if the stirgoi ever appeared on campus, she was going to fight. She would stand along side Teague, and fight with him. She would not hide like the other moroi with her tail between her legs behind her guardian. And anyone who did so, probably deserved to die. She thought of her cousin for a brief moment. The school had her on such a high pedestal, it was a miracle that she stayed still as she was. She loved her cousin of course, she was a good person, but she always feared for her safety and well being as she always seemed very sheltered. She always thought the worse when she imagined situations with the stirgoi and her cousin. But she needed the pedestal pulled out from under her, and to be thrown into reality sometime soon. Izzy stood up and grabbed her things, heading towards the door.