Leith Elvan

"Of course I don't understand. Why do you think I'm here?"

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Leith Elvan's Story


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#, as written by YuumanN
"The Vampire Codes"
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#, as written by YuumanN

At this point in history, there was no question as to what were the reasons why the University of Diversity located in Iowa had become, from one day to another, the center of attention and main topic for big and small talk not only in the city or even the entire country, but rather numerous, separated parts of the world. Having in mind it had been a pioneering institution in its anti-segregation policies, there was also probably no further need for explanation as to why the University of Diversity had starred in such a heavy and long-lasting controversial topic as the role of vampires in modern society.

Can the same education plan apply to both humans and vampires? Is early exposure between the two races truly capable, let alone appropriate, of normalizing relationships between the two? Is the University's diversity program merely a marketing tactic to broaden audience? Are there even enough completed social studies for a project of this nature to meet success? What are the consequences if it proves ineffective? For a while, titles in many debating programs and talking shows were very similar to those and, as per usual, they never came to a definite conclusion. But time seems to march on nonetheless and, other than in the surroundings of the facility, the issue was dropped in a matter of months only to go back to the same starting point. Nowadays, most of the world seemed to ignore the existence of vampires altogether, something they could now afford to do since they all conveniently gathered in one single location. Which revealed, as was suspected, what the real root of the problem was: people just didn't want to care until it was time to worry.

While he understood, respected and even agreed with a big part of these principles that had given ground to the code of the University of Diversity, Leith Elvan couldn't care less about them at that very moment.

For you see, there were other reasons why the university had earned a reputation of being eccentric and odd. The building was old and had met renovations only in key locations to keep it from falling down or saving some face for outsiders, making it look like nothing short of a Frankenstein-like creation. Furthermore, whatever it had been before its transformation, the campus was enormous. Rather than comparing it in size to other universities, it was a lot easier to say that it was a town by itself. This would usually be a good thing, if it wasn't for the fact that, whatever it had been at the time of its construction, the architects obviously didn't put much effort into properly organizing it, and it was extremely difficult for most people to find their way around the place. For newcomers, the first weeks were stressful and chaotic. For Leith, who had a habit of getting lost with remarkable ease in just about any new place he visited, this was pretty much a nightmare brought to reality.

That was also the reason why, after two hours of trying to find the room of Mr. Wilham, one of his teachers, there were only two words that could accurately describe how he felt at that moment: utterly frustrated.

As he had agreed with his parents, the only way for him to study in this new college, was that he helped with the expenses of studying far from home by working in a part-time job. Surprisingly enough, finding the job turned out to be the easy part, but he needed to have permission from at least three tutors to verify he could handle the extra effort from an outside responsibility. By doing some investigation, he had heard that Gary Wilham didn't even ask any questions when handing out permissions and signatures. What Leith didn't research or even bother suspecting was that his office had been placed in the weirdest possible place imaginable which made the matter at hand quite important and urgent for him.

His shirt was now completely unbuttoned and the sleeves had been rolled up, revealing a black, long-armed t-shirt he was wearing underneath it. Together with a frown completely locked on his face, a hunched over posture and his dragging feet, it was quite obvious to any bystander that he had been walking for far longer than he would be willing to admit. Then again, there was absolutely nobody in the vicinity to make that judgment.

*Mumble, mumble, mumble*...”, he couldn't help but let out another rumble of resignation as he finally came to the realization that, wherever it was that he had ended up in, it certainly wasn't his intended destination.

If you asked him, Leith wouldn't even be able to tell you how it happened, but somehow, after taking directions from the fourth person, he had stumbled upon a zone he was unfamiliar with, and it didn't exactly inspire much trust in him. There was nobody around besides him, it had absolutely no renovations and barely any light entered through the windows. Furthermore, whatever the many rooms that were connected to the corridor certainly didn't look like studying classes nor did they look like they had met any usage for a long while. He suspected he had stumbled into an annexed building, but without a map, it was rather hard to be sure of anything.

For some reason, he suddenly remembered to have read somewhere that, in order to escape a labyrinth, one should always go to the right when given the option and, despite being perfectly aware that it was a bogus myth, he was willing to try anything after having all else fail. Hell, he had already given up on trying to fin Mr. Wilham's room anyway.

“Sometimes I hate my life”, heaving a sigh in surrender, Leith stopped on his tracks, his head held lower than ever. Already trying to think about an alternative for how to keep his job AND college studies in coexistence.

He was about to resume his march of shame when suddenly, before he had the time to even decide which direction to take, a sound startled him. He looked around trying to find the source to no avail until a second much more noticeable sound, reached his ears and gave him a guess of what it could possibly be: voices. They were low and sudden, but they seemed to be closeby, coming from one of the rooms next to him. Figuring that whoever they were, they would probably have a much better idea of where he was than him, Leith decided to open the door and try to, for the fifth time now, get directions.

At least until a sudden cold breeze passed by him.

Even though he knew that nothing very dangerous could be found anywhere inside the entire University (quite the subjective judgment, depending on each person's views on vampires), the menacing aura of his surroundings made him uneasy. His posture had normalized, the stern expression on his face had softened with a shade of distrust and curiosity and his hand seemed to slow down as it reached for the handle of the door.

Why was it that suddenly, every single movement he made, minuscule as they were, seemed so important?

Brushing aside any further thought, he opened the door with a lot more violence than he intended.