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Aerian Elcarus

For Hire Mercenary

0 · 276 views · located in Elaria

a character in “The Vampire Legends”, as played by Gothicsyn


Aerian was born to Kane and Ascondia shortly before the demise of Elvera, and Kane's untimely disappearance, she was brought up and lived with her Uncle Hades Elcarus.

Though she grew strong and possessed many of the qualities her father held, such as a deep control of the elements, Aerian perfected her technique with the Ice Elemental, under the tutorage and guidance of Hades she eventually set out toward Dentarius in search of her father.

Aerian arrived to much confusion in Dentarius and soon arrived at the Elcarus Mansion though a run in with an Elf left her blinded and confused a to whom she was, a strange sense of knowing filled her as she awoke to find Kane sat against the window. Aerian fought to regain her memory before finally been re-united with her father.

She now resides in Dentarius aiding the villagers as a healer, she found an even greater sense in healing than she ever found in the magic of destruction. Though many say she will never join hearts with another many have said otherwise and many are willing to bet that one day her essence will flow through that of a daughter of her own. Many say she remains close to her father and that she would indeed die trying to protect the one man who gave so much to ensure she survived. Her sacrifices have proved that no matter what family in the Elcarus line is always at the forefront of their honour. For without family truly you are nothing but a mere shell, an empty being without want nor purpose.

Don't mistake her subtle nature for immaturity for the moment you believe she is ripe for the taking she will turn on you in a vicious and dangerous nature a dark side lies within Aerian that can take apart even the most battle braved men. She is above all half vampire and can move with deadly silence and accuracy never misjudge nor upset this woman, it will be ones undoing. Aerian is proud to be the daughter of the legendary Kane Elcarus and will take down anyone who dares to inflict dishonour upon her family.

So begins...

Aerian Elcarus's Story


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Character Portrait: Aerian Elcarus
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Urgh …. I HATE SNOW, dammit why do I get myself into these things? I was sent to retrieve some amulet for the queen but this, I never asked for this I mean come on, this is insane!!

I mean come on this is crazy!! Who knows what’s down here and what’s worse is I’m pretty sure my powers are on the fritz again … Dad told me this would happen, but this is just damn inconvenient or I’m just getting too old for all this. Still I’m getting paid quite well for this so it’ll be kinda worth it, If I ever find that damn temple down here.

I suppose I should be grateful Dad choose to educate me in weapon play before he headed home, wonder if he made it? Wonder how the mansion is after the war? That dragon hit the mansion pretty hard, Uncle Krystals magic would only have held for so long but those were some damn powerful dragons, didn’t think they still existed. It was sad leaving the town burning like that ….

We had no choice though, the portal got almost everybody out of Dentarius though, so that’s good. Damn Longar hit us out of nowhere, after we signed the treaty too, sneaky bastards they were. I only hope they are burning in the depths of Uncle Hades hell dimension.

Now there’s somewhere you should be afraid to go. That place is freaking creepy!! Bit like this place only, not so cold.

Still if this map is right I should be OK but why are my abilities out? The rock formations maybe? Maybe I should have read those history books of Dads to understand. I know he said there are environments that affect how we can use them, I never saw him struggle though, he always had access to them.

I only hope my healing abilities aren’t out or I really am screwed down here, why did I have to come alone again? … Oh yea I’m an Elcarus … ya Elcarus I may be, invincible I’m not, I’m a teen girl for god sakes, well …. no but …. well … oh never mind not like anyone will EVER read this. Why am I even keeping a diary anyways?

Ah to hell with it on I go to find this damn Ice Palace, retrieve the amulet and get the hell out of here.

Nevermind … Found it!

So all I have to do now is get in, err anyone see a door? Hahaha so here we go.

~~Aerian Elcarus~~
~~Elari Ice Caverns~~


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Character Portrait: Aerian Elcarus
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OK Cool I found it, it’s kind of really shiny which is mega awesome, I just hope the risk is worth the reward or someone may loose this thing just as fast as they get it back. Strange thing is I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something similar to this before, which means I either stole it before or I have one screwed up memory.

It was tucked away inside a little chest, only took a few seconds to breach the lock though, Uncle Heart was an awesome teacher, he is the one who taught me how to pick locks.

I wonder what happened to him, he kinda just disappeared after the family came home the last time, Uncle Heart was always in trouble though, he had such a way with the ladies, it was kinda cute. (He isn’t my real Uncle, but he is Dads best friend and I’ve known him since I was tiny, which either makes that entire statement wrong, or creepy) He used to anger Uncle Haunted so bad, but that was just him, you know. And besides what’s wrong with providing a little happiness?

So right next up, now I gotta get out of here, and when you take into consideration I killed everything alive on the way in, shouldn’t be so damned hard for me to get out? I only hope the 2,000 gold price tag I put on this job is enough. Of course the problem with that statement is I'm and Elcarus and that automatically makes straight forward, impossible for us.

But it does bug me, where have I seen this damn thing before seriously?


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Character Portrait: Aerian Elcarus
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Sweet, I made it back to the palace relatively unhindered, a few shifty looking guys threatening me but it seems bare ones teeth and they go scampering back to the darkness they emerged from. My father indeed taught me well.

Really do hate the trip upto that place, all hills and the like, think I’d have invested in a horse by now eh?

Queen Azeerah seemed pleased I’d retrieved that amulet, I still sense there are things more than they are telling me, swear that thing kept talking to me as I made my way back. Still it’s not for me now, my job is done and my reward is collected. A whole 3,000 gold coins, wonder why it was such a price, not many contracts carry such a price I can tell you. But I really do prefer these kind of contracts to others I … partake in.

Still the money I have made should go quite a ways into getting that wizard to open the damn portal for me, if I had the nerve I’d do it myself but those things are so unstable I’d probably end up in Alaria or some similar hell world.

I have a small payment to collect from the Nederins and then hopefully can go see the wizard and finally go home. Been so long since I’ve been there, wonder if the mansion is even still there?

So many questions and even fewer answers, hopefully all in good time now.