Jauk Juggernaut Lokason

Vampire from an alternate realm within Earth: RavenBlack City.

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a character in “The Vampires of RavenBlack City”, as played by Jauk



Jauk is a 388 year old vampire who hails from RavenBlack City(1). Her long, slender frame has few curves, though enough to give her a bit of femininity to be proud of. While naturally she has black hair and eyes, the vampiress currently wears green contacts and bleaches her shoulder length hair to a prestine white that complements her milky skin.

She tends to dress in little clothing aside from a bright smile, though not for a need to show off, but for mobility. She's quite physcial and enjoys rough housing when she's not climbing trees or mucking around in a bit of earth. She also loves a good sense of humor and playing. While her greatest strength, being able to make others laugh and horsing around can also be her greatest weakness. Being serious and responsible is not her strong suit.

Jauk is a part of a long lineage(2) of vampires starting with Damacus Agrippa at the head who is married to and sire of her own sire, ophelia Lokason. Her own sire has given her 19 vampire siblings, all of which call RavenBlack City home along with their own childer.

The RavenBlack City Necropolis(3) is the name of the newspaper she works for. Writing news, editorials and creating funny bits for entertainment gives her great joy, though sometimes it can be a little stressful and irksome.

Currently the vampiress is in a relationship with another vampire named Archontohs, who is also her brother under ophelia, though it means little to vampires.

While not entirely great at it Jauk has recently taken on a large amount of responsiblity in being a part of a new team meant to revive her city. She hopes her outgoing and friendly nature will work in her favor to lure in new citizens as she travels about.

(1)RavenBlack City: A stand alone realm which consists of a 100 by 100 block space on it's own plane of existence. Entrance and departure from the city can be done through teleportation or specialized transportation.
(2)Jauk is sire to no other vampires. Her lineage runs as follows: ophelia and the master vampire Damacus. Her close siblings include: including: Kreacher, Lady Ophy, Dark Devereaux, vamps, Vaelen, Victor, Archontohs, Kyra Niteblade, Promethius, obsidian, RavenesQue, Jaida, Reyna, Mandolin, Louvain, Vulgarvamp, Malice, Morgana1800, and Marlo.
(3)The RBC Necropolis: http://rbnecropolis.com/index.php

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