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Snow VanArk

The eyes see what the mind knows.

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a character in “The Variant Code”, as played by Mackamp







Omnilingualism. Snow has a deep understanding for the musicality and tone of different languages, making it easy for her to speak, write, understand and communicate in any language; including computer codes, sign language (even lip-reading), slang and backwards speech. Snow has the rare gift to communicate with animals, but only the domestic variety. Her forte is reading body language. She is attune to the slightest of nuances and can predict what a person's next move will be. New languages often times will feel unfamiliar to her, at first, and are a little harder to understand, almost as if listening to your native language in an unfamiliar accent. Without fail Snow picks up on the specific accent of whatever language she is speaking and when she goes back to her native tongue she continues that accent, like it has become second nature to her. Snow has to be within earshot of the speaker or eyesight of the language in order to speak or read it.


If a word’s meaning is unfamiliar to her in her own native language, she will not be able to understand it in another language. Often times Snow is unaware of a change in language or that she simply forgot to switch back to her native language; not only that, but, Snow will speak with an accent that is not part of native language, this leads to many awkward moments in her life and the fact that it is hard for her to conceal that she is a Variant. The vast amount of energy that Snow puts out as an Omnilingualist, creates a dire need for her to consume oodles of calories. If she is not properly fuel she unable to use her abilities.


Snow's understated beauty makes head turn, but atlas, she is oblivious to all the attention. Snow is compassionate, soft spoken and gentle. She has a sassy side to her, she reveals to only those in her inner circle. She makes friends easily and is devoted to making Nessmond a place that she would be proud to call home. He alignment is Lawful Good.


Snow loves books; the way the leather bond books smell, the yellow tinted edges of the paper thin pages and the way the book feels in her hands. Snow's great-grandma loved and adored books as well; for her 40th birthday her devoted husband lavished with an elaborate library. Snow has inherited the library and lives and works there. Living and breathing every aspect of work, is her joy and helps to keep her gift strong.


Generations of VanArks experience the life of being underprivileged, impoverished and destitution. After the Civil War, farms were devastated, the soil robbed of it's nutrients and farms abandon. Upon returning from the front lines, Jack VanArk, Snow's 3rd great-grandfather assessed his farm and realized that his farming days were over. Jack made a decision to sell everything he could live without and invested his last dime into the tobacco industry. Everyone thought that he was crazy, until his first cropped grossed enough to get his farm out of hock, and for him to buy the neighboring farm lands (at a fair price). So the legacy continued forward to today...... in Snow's world money is of no concern.

So begins...

Snow VanArk's Story


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#, as written by Mackamp

The blazing red exit sign cut through the placid dim lights of the library. Snow savored these intimate times, when the patrons had all gone home. It was then she could safely unleash her gift, whether she was watching a video on Indonesia dialect or thumbing through the urban dictionary looking for new slang (not that she needs to do any of that, but she feels like it keeps her fresh). The library was her solace, her life-line and her home.

Tonight there would be no studying, just her usual walk to the best burger joint in towne. She could already taste the guacamole and the sweet potato fries. She wrapped her blue wool coat around her petite waist, topping it with her cashmere scarf and red leather gloves. Snow knew these streets like the books in her library; every storefront, every lamp-post, every dark alley....she had no fear of this town she grew up in. There was a time when her grandmother wanted to send her to finishing school, but her parents feared that her gift would get discovered.

As Snow wandered toward the restaurant, she noticed the medic vehicle and the dissipating crowd of onlookers. She was interested,but had learn that emotion could get her in trouble; so she scanned the onlookers (from a distance) one more time; she observed discomfort, morbid curiosity and disguise. Snow knew she did not want to be a part of this, yet a feisty red-head girl caught her eye. She was glaring at a man who had a sinister look about him. Snow could tell from his stance that he was ready to pounce on her, but the red-head stormed off. β€œ I guess the showdown is over, I just can't figured out who won.”The music from the bar drifted into the street bringing Snow back to β€œreal life”. She decided she was not needed here and continued on to the restaurant.