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Christelle Fitzroy

~ Tell me what you want then leave i have no time to be dealing with nuisnaces

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a character in “The Vestiges of the Sky”, as played by HiddenNymph


Christelle Fitzroy

Role: Tenebrae – Girl three
Gender: Female
Nickname(s):Elle, Stella, Chris it depends on the person
Date of Birth: 17 December 1993

Appearance: Christelle stands at an average height of 5foot 6inches making her neither small nor tall, her hair is such a dark brown that it appears black. Ever since she was little she always loved to grow her hair long as it pleased her grandmother to brush it making her happy. As she grew older she cut in bangs(fringe) and keeps it down so that it sways with her movement. (Caucasians cannot have black hair lol)
She has a mature figure featuring curves that mirror her beauty; however her oval eyes and narrow nose are accompanied by a stale expression. Along with her long dark hair her stern mouth and serious tone give her a look that keeps most people away.
She has four piercings in her right ear and she normally wears a chain earring connected to two of the piercings. In her left she simple has two on her earlobe.
On her left cheek is a visible scar as thin as a scratch but it is still noticeable since she doesn’t wear makeup. If you caught a glance at her arms and back you will also notice more of these scars scattered over these body parts. See history for info.
Preferred Clothing: She prefers to wear high necked and long sleeved clothing, she can normally be found in jumpsuits as they cover nearly all of her skin with a thick leather jacket. Black is also her preferred colour as she knows it makes her seem dark on first appearances.

Height: 5foot 6inches
Weight: ? I never know weight sizes!!!
Hair Color:Such a dark brown it looks black
Eye Color:Tender moss green with a darkened hint of tree-bark brown making them hazel, their colour changing from green to brown depending on the light.


Christelle used to be happy enjoying the company of others just like any other person, she used to be understanding and enjoyed making others smile she was even kind like her mother putting others first before herself. Due to her normal childhood at school she may have even stayed this way until she lost her mother and was taken to live with her father. For the first few years with her father she was a little shy being in a new environment but was still herself, however when she showed them her powers and was locked away for five years alone her personality changed completely. (See history)

Now, Christelle is almost silent to strangers, she has no room for trust anymore. She feels that she can’t rely on anyone other than herself if she is going to survive as it’s up to her to sort out her own problems. She doesn’t show any liking towards others and is difficult to talk to as she shuts everyone out deeming her life only her business and no-one else’s.

She can be sarcastic and laughs at other people’s opinions if she deems them stupid since she is very intelligent. She naturally has a cold demure and an uninviting expression keeping most people away from her and preventing idiots from hitting on her. However that doesn’t always stop the drunkards, but when they do hit on her they don’t know what hit them back. All alone in a dark basement for five years she had learned how to fight teaching herself to have agility and quick reactions, so when an idiot hits on her she grabs their chin with her right hand and easily holds them steady as she kicks them in the balls.
This has added to her reputation of being a woman not to mess with, yet she still has confident people apart of the underworld(criminals) asking for her business on tracking people. (See history.)

Christelle uses logic to make up her mind when in sticky situations; she thinks everything through and doesn’t rush into things making her have a naturally calm nature. What’s comes first to her foremost is staying alive to see another day not what any other outcome could be, she certainly wouldn’t give up her life for someone else she is sure of it. Mainly because she has never been close to anyone other than her mother, she doesn’t know what it is like to have people to rely on and thus no-one she is willing to give up her life for.

She also strangely enough developed an interest for motorcycles, she loves the thrill it gives her heart when riding and the easier travel it provides compared to her shadow walking since it physically tires her eventually.

Christelle comes off has a harsh calculating person involved with criminals, however small sparks of the girl she used to be sometimes peer through. If she sees a hurt animal she will stop to help without answering questions, and if a person ever see’s her room they will find a butterfly cage on her desk with a rare Diana Fritillary inside her favourite creature.

If she ever did care for someone it would be very difficult for her to show it now, especially through the pain and torment she has suffered, scars decorating her body. She hates those scars, they forever remind her of those five terrible years, shouting at her “demon, monster, Satan child” all the insults she was given from her religious stepmother Julia and priests not to mention Joey her stepfather. Free from her entrapment, she still thinks that maybe she is a monster. That she has shadow powers because she harbours bad luck for the people around her and thus should keep to herself. Every day she torturers herself mentally working with criminals because she thinks she is no better than them.

  • Butterflies
  • Red wine
  • Animals
  • Strawberries – she adores them and even smiles with a small blush when she sees them or is given one.
  • Wearing clothing that hides her scars
  • Pretty clothing - can’t wear them because people would see her scars.
  • Motorcycles – she has a Suzuki Motorcycle
  • Spicy foods
  • Animals injured
  • People seeing her scars in case they judge her by them, though she can’t hide the one on her cheek.
  • Getting a scratch on her Suzuki Motorcycle
  • Seeing blood – it brings back memories of when she was tortured and her mother being beaten by Joey.
  • People that don’t respect her
  • Drunken idiots
  • When people cry – doesn’t care or doesn’t know how to comfort a person
  • Herself. – she hates herself to a point as she believes she is bad luck.

  • Art- carving figures from wood to pass time.
  • She also gives people fortunes with cards, a skill she picked up and earns extra cash from in bars.

  • Hemophobia – Blood
  • Seeing her father and his wife again
  • Being trapped within darkness again
  • Being trapped in general

Power: Tenebrae

Shadow walk:
Christelle is able to step into a shadow and disappear into its mass only to appear through another. This is her form of travel as she can appear from any shadow large enough for her to fit through. However to do this takes a toll as it physically hurts to have her body brake up into particles within the shadows to reform in another and tires her after so many trips. She is able to bring more than one person with her shadow walking but they must hold onto her or they would be lost amongst the shadows

Strangely Christelle has a way of finding any person she desires, all they have to do is step into a shadow. This is also difficult to do however, and takes a great amount of concentration as there are millions of shadows within the world. If a target is close she can find them much easier than if they were far away.
Of course if they are not even in a shadow they cannot be tracked.

Shadow whip:
She has been practicing this lately; she can literally pick up a shadow with her hand and creating a ‘whip’ out of it. It is difficult to control and she needs better practice with using whips but when it hits a person, it will not hurt them physically on the body since it is only a shadow. However, it will instead effect an enemy emotionally pulling them into a darkness within their own mind so that they doubt everything causing extreme pain to their heads both psychology and physically.


Personal History:

Christelle’s life began shrouded with ill luck, for she was an illegitimate child. Her father, Alan Fitzroy was married to a woman called Julia verso, both were very religious however they married young rushing into things. It was because of this that when Alan noticed Serena Calicos for the first time he was bewitched by her beauty and kindness. His affair with Serena resulted in Christelle’s birth much to the dismay of Julia. Julia despised Serena, and Alan being a religious man felt he should not break his marriage and he loved Julia so he broke of his affair with Serena. Alan had offered to take care of Christelle as he was a rich man however Serena had refused allowing their short fling to end quickly as she disappeared from his life.
Serena Calicos raised Christelle on her own for three years, she struggled finding work and daycares along with paying for bills. She only barely scraped by. When Christelle was three however Serena had met a man named Joey Rushmore, an Englishman. She married him quickly and his income helped support Christelle and her mother extremely well. They lived together peacefully until Christelle was five, that was when Joey began to show his true colours, he had a bad drinking problem and used most of the income to feed his cravings. The house became a mess with bottles and he was violent with Serena, Christelle would often sit in the living room crying as she saw her loving mother beaten.
It was during one of these moments as her mother was beaten and Christelle was six that she wished she was somewhere else, that her and her mother could just disappear.
That was when her powers activated.
Her mother clinging onto to her as Joey shouted at them Christelle suddenly found herself falling through the floor her mother doing the same as she staying clinging onto Christelle. Both of them fell out of a shadow from a lamppost outside the house, Christelle was confused, frightened and so was her mother. But they both knew it had been Christelle that had done something for when they landed she touched a shadow by accident and her hand fell through before she pulled it back out.
Joey had come to a window to see where they went when he saw Christelle’s hand disappear; he was scared of what he saw just as Serena was. Drunk he shouted what first thing that came to him, “Monster!” throwing objects at the pair making Serena grab Christelle and run away from him. Repeating the phrase sent shivers through Christelle though she didn’t really understand.
From there her mother filed a divorce from Joey and lived on her own again, she specifically told Christelle never to mention her powers to anyone else so she didn’t. However at home Serena did encourage Christelle to practice them, she loved travelling through the shadows but soon learnt of the consequences and the strain on her body.
Christelle went to school like any normal child, she smiled played with other kids and no-one would have guessed what powers she had. All was peaceful until Christelle turned nine; Serena had been diagnosed with cancer and her passing was quick however before she did pass, she called up Alan Fitzroy to take care of Christelle. Christelle had never met her father so didn’t know what to expect when he came.
Alan seemed like a nice man, he was cheerful in meeting her holding her hand on the plane they took as he wanted to bring Christelle to his home in Paris. When they got there and Christelle met Julia for the first time she hesitated, Julia’s distaste for her was obvious; she scowled at Christelle and ignored her. Julia was unable to have children so Christelle’s presence was a reminder of that fact.
However as they lived together for longer periods of time Julia began to soften towards her, when Christelle was twelve she felt confident enough in telling the pair about her powers. When she showed them her shadow walk though, they both stared at her in shock; it was then that Julia began calling her “child of the devil. Monster, demon” and many more insults acquainted with the devil. Julia was highly religious woman and seeing Christelle posses’ shadows only told her one thing. Alan was reluctant to feel the same but he was also religious and his wife was overpowering. Christelle was locked away in their basement where there was no light so no shadows for her to escape in. Ignoring her screams and crying Julia and Alan called in priests to exorcise her but nothing happened. Julia grew frustrated with that Christelle couldn’t be purged, some priests physically harmed Christelle in order to ‘heal’ her giving her scratch like scars all over her body as they whipped her in rituals.
Alone in utter darkness going through the torture Christelle began to question who she was, she was an illegitimate child, controlled shadows, almost darkness itself, her mother had been abandoned by the man she loved when she was born, abused by Joey, then killed by cancer. Now she had caused distress to her father, maybe she was an omen, perhaps she was a monster like Joey had said.
Whatever the truth, she had to get out of the hell she was currently in. After five years of being in the lonely basement locked off from society at 17 she took what chance she had needed, when the door opened for Alan to feed her she rushed by him knocking him down and stepping into light. Seeing light for the first time made her falter however and gave Alan time to grab her wrist, yet he chose to drag her outside inside of back in the basement to her surprise.
Pushing into an alley near their house where plenty of shadows lied, he told her to run, to go to New Ithaca that it was a good town. Christelle didn’t question it and did as he said shadow walking to the city.

Julia was angry but was glad to be rid of the ‘demon’. Reaching New Ithaca she was nervous to be on her own, unsure on how to live or make money she resulted to dirty methods using her powers to provide people with information. She quickly became known as a woman that could find anyone and was paid for her knowledge. It was Christelle’s only way of living she didn’t have any other skills and has been living like that for the past year in New Ithaca.



Sample Post: Aziel bared his teeth trying to hold back when she slapped his hand away, the girls panic mutterings were like annoying screeches to his ears as she flew away from his touch.

The moment her skin left his hand he felt the burning longing deep within his throat and rash desire in the pit of his stomach which he knew could only be settled by one thing. The hunger was beginning to grow painful, the wince in his lips as they twitched reacted to it as a point.

"You'll what? Scratch me death? ha" his voice was a little unsteady, he had to feed before it became impossible for him to not kill her. "Human, I shall touch you all I want to, as long as you exist, you are mine from the moment I taste your blood on my lips"

As the girl straightened up her back against the wall Aziel moved forward blocking her escape as he put his hands on the wall beside head.
It was perfect where she was for him, she couldn't move away now and if she struggled less then he had a better chance of releasing her without killing her.
Feeling her blood pump through her body Aziel's hand returned to her neck before grabbing her chin and moving her head to the side revealing the nape of her neck more, the skin was soft, tender and untouched and he was glad she had short hair since it wouldn't get in the way.

Lowering his voice as he lowered his mouth he whispered "don't move, it'll hurt less" in all honesty he didn't know if it would hurt less or not, nor did her care, she was just his meal after all.
Then, the human probably knowing what was coming, he bite down into her skin as her blood rushed into his mouth. Everything around him suddenly became silent as he seemed to become intoxicated with a taste like nothing before, her blood, this girl, she.... her blood was like a drug to him, more so than any other humans he had tasted before.. It was going to be hell to stop.
Could he do it?

So begins...

Christelle Fitzroy's Story