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Len Delacroix


0 · 234 views · located in Midgard

a character in “The Vestiges of the Sky”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


Len Delacroix

Theme Song: Thrice- Music Box

Role: Vega’s Brother (Human)
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Lee-Lee
Date of Birth: 1/1/1992
Age: 18
Nationality: American

Appearance: Len is a rather skinny, tall man. He normally wears glasses because of a accident that happend away from his sister at the time, having a slight scar on his neck also from the accident. Though he looks fairly weak because of his small figure, he in a way, will beat you down. He's fairly stronge, unlike people think.

His hair is down to his shoulders, and sometimes he puts his hair sparking behide him, giving him a 'cool' look in his mind anyway. Other then that, he puts his hair in a small ponytail. He gets teased for having his hair that way at times, yet he just says "Your just jelouse," and normally, they back off. He has many scars over his body, around 10 if you try to count.

When he smiles, it tends to light up his face when wearing contacts. He always seems to have a friendly look on his face, and almost never looks mad. He has a burn from Vega across his chest as well, though he never let her know he had such a large impact.

Preferred Clothing:

Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 150Lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Aqua

Personality: Even though Len is a bossy, stubborn older brother sometimes to Vega, he always seems to want the best for her, nothing less. Of course, they usually have their brother and sister spats, but after a few days he'd get over it and sometimes quicker. He never is able to stay mad at his little sister, always saying her cuteness is too cute, as silly as it may sound.

To thoses he doesn't know well, he seems a bit distiant and far off, not really trying to make friends at the moment in time. You just have to keep pushing at him if you truely want to be his friend. He tends to be rude when angry, and is very over protective of people he likes. He tends to end up being a joker rather then a big brother to Vega and as well as others he knows.

He sometimes can't keep a serious face on, a smile always twitching on his face to his friends and family. He tends to also be a bit overly sensative to people who try to harm Vega or joke about it. He cusses quite easily, and tends to storm out words like "Fuck!" or, "God damn it all!". He just can't really help it at times, making it easy for him to make a fool out of himself.

The Moon
Gothic/Lolity things
Things going his way
Vega and her being safe
Friends, or atleast, the ones he has

People who think their better then him
The thought of Vega dating
A girl named Rin saying "Holy crap! Len's going to kill me like in the videos!"("Youtube is so bad from her brain..."~Len)
Vega and Rin being hurt

Getting kittens down from trees

Spiders... I shoud look up the term later

Len is able to sense others if the people who want to harm him or anyone he knows. He tends to freak out and scream words at the person though, picking up who ever is by him that he might be with and running. He's also pretty skilled in boxing and has cat-like grace, being able to land on his feet in most cases.

Personal History: Almost all Len's life, he's tried to be the best at everything he does. He never truely was happy at home though, untill Vega became close to Len. He never thought anyone would be proud of him untill she came around and began to hang out with him, the "Bossy Monkey" big brother. Vega and Len's parents never felt Len did enough or that he was doing things well, or atleast, to Len it was that way. It changed though, when Len was put in charge of his father's company. Len never felt to proud, and he finally shifted from hating his parents into loving them. Of course, he still loved Vega more.

He had a wonderful childhood with Vega, and never felt life could get better for him. He believed that things would stay like that forever, and it did for quite sometime, and Len was increddibly happy. He knew one day, he'd go off on his own though, and might have to learn that life won't always be a bed of roses. So, he learned quickly by getting another part time job at a restrant until Len felt okay with knowing you have to a work a little to get something.

Len watched as Vega grew, knowing things were going to change quickly from what one of his friends, Rin, told him. He couldn't think that such a tiny little girl, would have such a huge impact on him and the family. Yet, he knew he'd need to accept this, going on with life and Vega as if things would be normal. And, untill she was twelve and he was fourteen, things were normal.

Image Len quickly began to notice his little sister changing as thngs would heat up and she was emotional. Even though after so many tests, he knew it was the time Rin predicted. He wanted to tell Vega he knew what was wrong, what was going on, yet he... He couldn't. It felt impossible for him to tell his little sister who should of grown up normally, she was going to have to possibly safe the world.

So, he didn't.

Though, he knew, she had found out, when her homework lit on fire from what he told her. So, he let his secret slip as soon as his parents left the room after all three, him and them ran in to see if she was okay. He told her that he knew she'd find out, and that he accepted her. So, he gave her a hug to even prove he'd accept her.

He sat back the rest of the time, watching his little sister show their parents her talents, and them being so surprised, yet accepting. Though, they didn't believe Len at first when he told them it was no prank. Once they were proved that it was 100% no prank, he gave them the biggest grin and pointed his finger yelling "I TOLD YOU SO!". Yet, after the outburst, he was sorta sent to his room without dinner. He smiled at her sister for a long time after she got out until finally she got majorly freaked out with his hugs.

Though, soon, there was a accident with Vega's school. Len was in the school at the time as well, going to pick Vega up early and buy her lots of icecream, when he was shot in the chest abount 4 times. He barely survived that day, yet forced himself to be alife for Vega, and only for her. Later, after waking up, he was told Vega has almost been hurt and her powers had spinned out of control. It of course, was around 2 weeks later when he heard of this because of being in a short term coma, scaring everyone he knew.

After everything, he and Vega began to start home schooling. He never noticed people were following his family though, untill they came to them and orders for their parents to hand over Vega. Len, was the first to yet and object, only to be punched hard by one of the men. Then, what came next again, had hurt the family. Vega's powers had lost control, scareing the man and also hurting the family.

Though Len was seriously hurt, he didn't tell his parents until Vega was alseep. They sent him to the hospital to be looked at and had to lie to Vega saying he was getting a checkup.

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So begins...

Len Delacroix's Story