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The Vice-Versus

The Vice-Versus


The Arcadian Brigade against the Palace.

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The beautous land of Arcadia. The countryside is lined with huge farms worth millions, miles of orchards, and hundreds of vineyards. Dragons and Peaguses' rules the air, their beautiful bodies gliding through the blue sky. The Loch Ness Monster and the Mighty Kraken rule the seas of Arcadia, the Arcadian people have to sacrifice two ships each year to satisfy the monsters. On land, many beasts inhabit the land, but humans rule the land. Many beasts roam the lands, helping the humans and the humans helping the beasts in return. Everyone and everything in Arcadia live in harmony. The one that rules all is King Edoran and the Tudors. King Edoran took the throne at twelve after his father died of a heart attack. He had an advisor, but made many decisions on his own. When he turned seventeen, he married the only Ticohri princess, Danisa who was thirteen at the time. When she became twenty, she had her first son, Johnathan. King Edoran was a beloved King, a father, son, and brother to all. Danisa had her second child Maxwell a year later. Edoran's brother James's wife Renee had a son named James. James, Johnathan, and Maxwell became very good friends, and the two Tudors thought of James as their own brother. Two years later, Danisa had a daughter named Catrin. Everyone in Arcadia loved her and she was the "Little Princess". She was almost always seen with one of her brothers. She became especially close with Johnathan, after James and Maxwell. Her advisor, Sir Eden, taught her swordsmanship in private. their tudors taught all four of them history of Arcadia and the Tudors, etiquette, archery, and horseback riding. Catrin developed a crush on her archery teacher, Edward. Their Father taught them to be kind and to consider all of the Arcadians family. Catrin was even allowed to play with some Acadian citizens's daughters and sons. The Tudor boys played with the knights' sons and lords' sons. Their father ruled for twenty-three years. He allied with four kingdoms who used to be vicious rivals. He devloped a closer ally with Ticohri when he married their princess. He lowered the taxes and the money given to nobility. He was brutally murdered when Catrin was only seven. Though everyone in the kingdom but Richard's side of the Tudors do not know who really did it. Richard.

Even from the beginning, Richard was jealous of his brother from the beginning. By the time Catrin was born, he was sick of being "just a royal". King Edoran had a ball for Catrin's seventh birthday. When he went to his room to retire, Richard was there waiting. He brutally stabbed his brother five times in front of a lady of Queen Danisa. The lady was stabbed twice. Richard came running into the ball, telling everyone an assassin had killed King Edoran and a lady of Danisa. Queen Danisa died of grief a few days later, and their funerals was put as two. Catrin walked behind her father and mother's coffins, in between her two brothers and James on the side of Maxwell. Johnathan was throned at nine, but Richard became regent. Richard made most of his decisions, Johnathan spending most of his time with his sister Catrin. Richard became even more horribly corrupt and power-driven as regent. He raised the taxes and the money given to nobility. The citizens grew to hate and distrust the regent, and felt sorry for Johnathan. He didn't have any say in his ruling. Richard knew he needed Catrin. She was the "Little Princess" and everyone loved her. Richard considered moving her to the line of Queen, but knew she had rebellious views and would want to make her own decisions. Many of her ladies had rebellious view such as she. When Catrin turned thirteen, her brother had been on the throne for six years. Richard made terrible decisions and an ally of theirs lost faith in the country. This year, Richard's wife Louisa took James into the City of Thieves, where no noble would dare go lest he be killed. Johnathan started to make his own decisions, which anger his uncle. Richard started physically punishing Johnathan when he was rebellious. His sister was very concerned for him, and almost never left his side. Richard made that impossible. She started to really hate her uncle, and her ladies always had to calm her down.

When she turned fifteen, she slipped out of the castle with Maxwell and a palace guard loyal to her. She went searching for the leader of a rebel group she'd heard of, the Arcadian Brigade. Their leader, Fang, was very notorious and imfamous. The Arcadian Brigade stole money from nobles and those loyal to Richard and gave it to the peasants in the City of Thieves. It was only called the City of Thieves because the people were thieves, but they didn't steal inside the city. It was where rebel groups found refuge and merchants could find easy money making items for rebels. The inn keepers held meetings in the back room, and any and every creature was welcome. Catrin wanted that. She found the leader, and he promised to protect her from her uncle and in return she would help them with rebel needs. They intergrated Catrin into the rebel group, everyone okay with the princess except for Fang's second-in-command, a female who thought the princess was weak. She has a frienemy relationship with the princess, but when it counts she will protect the princess. Some of the new Brigade members have a crush on the princess or the second-in-command. The Thieves are a very diverse group, age limit starting at twelve and ending at around fifty. There are archers, swordsmen, riders, hand-to-hand fighters, long-range fighters, lancers, mages, healers, assassins, and axe men. In the capital city, Johnathan was still King and Richard has a looser grip consider his desperate search to find Johnathan's sister. He is usually found sitting on the edge of the porch of his room, staring out on the land he controlled. The knights were worried about their King, because they noticed the bruises and the horrible reasons for it. They knew it was Richard because they saw it. While Catrin fought with the rebels to get Richard off the throne, Johnathan stayed in the castle like a good little obedient boy and get punished for going against Richard

Are you going to join the Brigade, or stay loyal to the King?


Cities and Other Areas:

Corona: The capital city of Arcadia. It is filled with human nobles who have a strong disliking for other species and the palace. Not many creatures other than humans live in Corona, and it is mostly focused on the palace. The capital is huge, and is where most of the military is placed. There is small crime and that is from the theives from the Arcadian Brigade stealing for the poor.

City of Thieves: The second city of Arcadia. It is filled with many diverse creatures and everyone is really intergrated with one another. Many creatures live in the City of Thieves, and it is very populated. It is better than the capital, and is where riders find their mounts. There is some crime but not much since they do not pay taxes and do not put taxes on their goods.

The Forests: An area that takes up much of Arcadia. Most mounts are born in this area, raised by the Angels Waterfall. It is a very quiet place, and many thieves and other come to contemplate their thoughts, as does Johnathan.


Classes: (A person can only have two classes)
Hand-to-hand fighters
Long-range fighters
Axe men

Characters: (*-I can give you help on these characters **- Always open)
Johnathan RPGLoVeR213
Fang RPGLoVeR213
Maxwell Reserved for pieluver
Catrin's guard
**Arcadian Brigade's Members
**Merchants in City of Thieves
**Peasants in Corona and City of Thieves
Penelope, Johnathan's love interest
Character Sheet:
Appearance: (Include an image and small description of at least three sentences)

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Character Portrait: Johnny Tudor
Character Portrait: Aito "Ruby" Daisuke
Character Portrait: Penelope Xarr


Character Portrait: Penelope Xarr
Penelope Xarr

"Love hurts."

Character Portrait: Aito "Ruby" Daisuke
Aito "Ruby" Daisuke

"I know i'll avenge them.. But why does my heart ache so?"

Character Portrait: Johnny Tudor
Johnny Tudor

"Catrin, why?"


Character Portrait: Johnny Tudor
Johnny Tudor

"Catrin, why?"

Character Portrait: Aito "Ruby" Daisuke
Aito "Ruby" Daisuke

"I know i'll avenge them.. But why does my heart ache so?"

Character Portrait: Penelope Xarr
Penelope Xarr

"Love hurts."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Johnny Tudor
Johnny Tudor

"Catrin, why?"

Character Portrait: Penelope Xarr
Penelope Xarr

"Love hurts."

Character Portrait: Aito "Ruby" Daisuke
Aito "Ruby" Daisuke

"I know i'll avenge them.. But why does my heart ache so?"

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Re: [OOC] The Vice-Versus

We need more people. T^T

Re: [OOC] The Vice-Versus

My apologies dear. I didn't mean for that to take me this long. But if I have completely screwed something that you invisioned up please tell me and I will fix it on the double.

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I just realised, i uploaded a pic of me shirtless to the RP. D:... Good thing you cant see from the shoulders down. It's too hot. T_T

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Sorry.. I'm not really good.. At all when it comes to RPing someone i didn't create. Even if it's a personality i created. I like picking backstories and whatnot. :3

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yeah, but i'd prefer you do. but if it's good, i will accept it

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Stupid question, in this RP.. We don't have to play as one of the pre selected characters, right? I don't want to have spent AGES making that character (An hour almost.) to have it rejected.

Re: [OOC] The Vice-Versus

johnny was a fiancee named Harlana, Penelope is her lady that hates Harlana and Richard. Cleans up Johnny if things get bloody

Re: [OOC] The Vice-Versus

I would love to play Penelope but I was wondering if you have certain characteristics you want for her?

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