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Inue Tooralei

"I am only apart of this world,an insignificant part that you could never imagine."

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a character in “The Video.”, as played by -Elda_Luna-03




Inue Tooralei


Appears to be in early twenties.
In reality, almost 5 billion years old.






105 lbs

Human or God:



Part of "Truth." or society?:

Society by choice.



Inue is of quite simple, but beautiful features.
Small, rosy lips, a tiny little nose, a sharply angled jaw line with a sweetly heart-shaped face.
Her eyes are large and deep red and quite expressive, giving away the simplest of feelings or thoughts. Looking into her eyes is to look into the billions of years of love, pain, wisdom and care that she has had with this world, Earth.
Her build is small, but athletic. Being as thin as she is, it's hard for her to maintain high muscle mass, but she makes up for it in agility.
She keeps up a fair complexion our of fear of 'burning' her skin. Not that she avoids sunlight, but rather she monitors how much she gets per day.
As for her hair, like most female Gods, she keeps hers rather long. Not too long, of course though, that would get in the way of daily activities. But at a mid-length that accentuates the light pink hue it has.
This being, Inue tries to fit in amongst humans by wearing the clothes that the see most appealing. Whatever century it may be, she does her best to not over dress or under dress any of her 'subjects'.


Inue is unique in her abilities.
Along with the group of Gods that she banded with to create Earth, it was her sole duty to create. But not how you would think.
Inue's strong point is mental projections. She would simply imagine what she thought things should look like, after going over ideas with the others, and project them into the open space she was given. With the help of the others, they were able to create this vast planet with all of it's natural wonders and beings.
This being, she is also able to project into one's mind. Dreams, hallucinations, thoughts and feelings are all under her command.



Inue is sweet and kind, loving and caring for everything and everyone. She does her best to care for and please those around her, but also knows when to not be so generous.
Out of her years of existing, Inue has learned the deep, dark depths of the human soul and knows quite well how to defend herself against such unpleasantries.
Even so, her faith in humanity is high.
Knowing that some part of her has been put into every soul, she feels it possible that some day, humans will find that good in them and learn to care for one another, just as Gods have for each other.

Inue takes joy in going out and socializing with those around her, traveling great lengths to meet all sorts of new souls and personalities.
Her love for man kind is quite great and almost overrides any negative emotions she may indeed have.

Inue's existence began around 5 billion years or so.
Being young and innocent then, Inue was constantly playing around and pulling pranks on the other Gods around.
But this grew tiresome and boring after thousands of years.
So she went to the others.
She began to ask if there was more to their life than what they had, and none seemed to have quite a definite answer.
It was then that one God stood up before the others, declaring that a group of five would come together to create a new world.
This enticed and peaked Inue's interest and she immediately volunteered to be part of the project.

So it began.
The five Gods conversed, dreamed and planned out what this world would look like. The terrain it would have, the weather, the plants and waters and fiery forms it would have.

Inue began to project.
Other Gods came together to make these projections reality.
Soon enough, Earth came into existence.

With this, the Gods were delighted at their new playground and enjoyed it for thousands of years.
Until they grew bored again.

And with this mindset, the Gods created more.
New living beings were made. Given the ability to grow and reproduce on their own. And the Gods relished in these life forms.
Making sure that their new project didn't kill itself off or die, the Gods came down to Earth and watched over and protected these life forms.
And for years, that was enough.
But again, they grew bored.

As millenniums passed, the Gods pondered making beings in their own image.
They all turned to Inue, questioning her on the possibility.
Thinking hard on it, Inue soon thought of a brilliant idea for a being.

The first Homonidae were created.
The Gods were beyond ecstatic.

With these new beings, the Gods began to play on Earth more often, becoming more involved with these new beings.
And soon enough, the beings began to evolve-change in ways the Gods did not think they could.

As time continued to pass, their creations became more like them. And this thrilled the Gods.

Until it came to the point that these creations, these now called 'human beings' began to outsmart the Gods.

Some decided to abandon ship, to 'abort' their project and start anew.
But Inue chose to stay.

And so, as humans began to grow and develop quickly and drastically on their own, Inue stayed a part of them, watching over her new home and children until she or they existed no longer.

Unfortunately, this has come back to bite her.

Walking the streets of Tokyo, taking in the sweet sights around her, Inue happened to stumble upon a small child who seemed in need of help.
As she crouched down and began to ask the child what was wrong, the child began to laugh quietly, confusing her. Standing up and taking a few steps back, Inue was quickly ambushed and knocked out.

As she awoke, she found herself tied to a metal chair, gagged and placed in front of a camera.

From behind her, she could hear the faint sounds of people conversing. About her. And her kind.



Inue's intentions have always been pure. She is a self chosen guardian for Earth and the beings upon it.

So begins...

Inue Tooralei's Story